Webmail: Mobile Self Care Features

Users who opt to utilize an ActiveSync account to access their email on their mobile devices have access to some added features of this particular type of account.

Within Redtail's webmail client you can access these features under Preference>Mobile Devices. This section lists a user's mobile devices that have an ActiveSync account established.




Users can directly manage the following device functions from here:

  • Perform a remote wipe of a device. If a mobile device is lost, stolen, or no longer being used, users can initiate a remote wipe from their webmail account to erase all data from the mobile device. A user can select the device to wipe and click Wipe All Data from the Device. The next time the device requests to synchronize to the server, the wipe command is initiated. The device is returned to its original factory settings. Once the wipe is complete, the status of the device will show as wipe completed. Note: Users can cancel a device wipe any time before the device connects with the server.
  • Suspend a sync that has been initiated from the mobile device and resume the sync to the device. Note: This is a good troubleshooting step for when your device is not sychronizing data.
  • Delete a device from the list. If a device is deleted from the list and attempts to sync after that, the server forces the device to re-fetch the policy on the next sync of the device.

Note: This list can include devices that do not have the ability to support the mobile policy rules. Wiping a device does not work.

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