Webmail: Restore Deleted Items

Before you empty the trash folder within Redtail Webmail, you can recover files from the Trash folder by dragging and dropping them into another folder. If the Recover Deleted Items option displays when you right-click the Trash folder, you have the ability to recover items you deleted from any of your Trash folders. Users can now self-restore previously deleted email messages from their email Trash folders. Items deleted from Trash can be recovered within 7 days of deleting them from the Trash. After 7 days, the items are permanently deleted. The below steps will walk you through using this feature:


To access this feature, right-click on the email Trash folder within the folder pane on the left or select the carat () to the right of the folder name and select Recover Deleted Items.


Note: This feature may need to be enabled for some accounts

After selecting Recover Deleted Items from the right-click menu, the Recover Deleted Items dialog box will appear. Here you will select one or more emails to recover. To select multiple in a row, you can select the first message the hold Shift and click the last message. This will highlight all messages in between the first and last. To select non-consecutive emails, select the first message then hold down the Ctrl key and click the remainder of the messages you wish to restore. After selecting the messages, the Recover To icon will appear in the upper-left corner of the dialog box.  



Next you will be prompted to select the folder you wish to restore the emails to within the Choose Folder dialog box. Select the destination folder followed by OK

Note: you may need to expand the carat (Webmail_Restore_Deleted_5.png) next to a folder down to view sub-folders. You can also select New to create a new folder if you wish. 



After you select OK, you will see a notification appear at the top stating that the message(s) has been restored. 


After you have restored all desired messages, simply select Close in the lower right of the Recover Deleted Items dialog box. 




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