What is Project Tailwag?

Project Tailwag, the latest version of Redtail CRM, was released in January of 2015. It represents a complete redesign of Redtail CRM's UI (user interface) and was built with user experience, performance and speed in mind. While Project Tailwag includes all functionalities that were available in the previous version of Redtail (Leapfrog), you'll find many improvements across the platform as well as some new functionalities and integrations exclusive to Tailwag.

Two of the biggest changes in terms of the UI itself are:

  1. we've incorporated responsive design, i.e., Tailwag will work well across mobile platforms, as advisors are so often accessing their data while on the road. You'll be happy to know that when accessing Redtail CRM on your mobile phone or tablet that the interface will self-adjust based upon the size of the screen from which you access it.
  2. we've eliminated right-click functionalities, which means all of the actions that you have available when in a desktop environment will also be accessible to you when on a mobile device. These types of functionalities are now available from the Actions menus you'll see throughout Tailwag.

Some of the changes in terms of features and functionalities include:

  1. Activity enhancements, including the abilities to a) assign an activity to more than one database user and b) attach an activity to more than one contact record.
  2. Timelines within your contact records, to provide you with a quick visual reference as to your recent interactions with clients.
  3. Note enhancements, including formatting, pinning and the ability to comment upon existing notes.
  4. User Defined Field enhancements, including the introduction of List Box, True/False and Yes/No as possible Field types as well as UDFs for Accounts.
  5. Contact Card enhancements, including the ability to enter international phone numbers and addresses and the ability to assign Custom Titles to the Contact Card fields.
  6. Workflow enhancements, including the ability to attach in-progress Workflows to additional contacts. Note: Checklists are no longer a separate setup process, but are now simply a one-step Workflow with as many tasks as are necessary to complete that step.
  7. Automations. This new functionality will allow you to create Action Items based upon Triggers and Conditions, in order to streamline further many of the common processes within your office.
  8. Morningstar integration.
  9. Evernote integration.
  10. Twitter integration.

While this is by no means a comprehensive list of all the updates and enhancements, the above represents many of the most commonly requested items from Redtail users. If you have additional questions please don't hesitate to address them to our support team at 800.206.5030 or

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