Webmail: Setting Up an Out of Office Message

Going to be away from the office for a few days? Setting up an Out of Office Message within Redtail Webmail to let those who contact you via email know you're away is a quick and easy task. An Out of Office Message automatically replies to people who send you messages when you are out of the office.

You also have the ability to setup an internal Out of Office Message if you want people who send you email that share the same domain as you to receive a different reply message than your outside contacts. 

The auto-reply message is sent to each recipient only once in a seven day period regardless of how many messages that person sends during that period.

Below are the steps that will walk you through the process of setting up an Out of Office Message:

Go to the Preferences Tab and select Out of Office within the navigation pane on the left.

Check Send auto-reply message.

In the Auto Reply Message: text box, type the response to send while you are out of the office.

If you want this message enabled for a specific time frame, select Send auto-replies during the following time period: and enter the Start: and End: dates to send the auto-reply message.

If you do not specify a specific time frame, auto-replies are sent until you select Do not send auto replies.

If you want to send a different message to users outside of your domain, check Send different auto-reply message to external senders: in the External Senders: section.

Select the type of external users to receive the second message. The default is anyone outside my domain. If you want contacts listed in your address books to receive the first message, in the drop-down menu select anyone outside my domain except those in address book.

Click Save.

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