Webmail: Managing Shared Folders

Redtail Webmail affords users the ability to share mailbox folders, address books, and calendars with other users. After delegating access, you have the ability to manage the sharing you have established within your webmail client.

You can view and manage your shared items from within Preferences. folder. To access the Sharing preferences, you will click on the Preferences Tab then select Sharing from the Preferences navigation pane to the left.

On this page you can do the following:

  • View folders that are shared with you, including those you have not accepted
  • View folders that you have shared with others, and take action such as edit, revoke or resend
  • Share folders with others

Below, we will take a look at each one of these sections:


Folders shared with me but not yet accepted

In this section, folders that have been shared with you but for which you have not yet accepted the share are listed. You toggle between two views:

  • Show folders shared with me through a distribution list. This option is selected by default. If folders are shared with you through a distribution list, the fields are populated with shared item information.
  • Show folders shared with me by the following user. When you select this option, you can search on an email address of a user that has shared an item with you. You can view information from one user at a time.

To accept the shares, simply select Accept under Actions for the share you wish to accept. 


Folders Shared with me that I have accepted

This section displays the folders for which you have previously accepted the share request. Each share will be listed and will include a description of the shared folder, including your role, type of folder and with whom the folder is shared, including the distribution list name.

Folders shared by me

In this section, your shared folders are listed, showing the address of the users you shared your folder with, the location of the shared item, the type of item shared (Mail, Address book, or Calendar), and the role you assigned to the user.

You can edit the share properties, revoke permissions to your share or resend the invitation.

To make revoke or edit permissions for a share listed within this section:

Within the Actions column, you will see the following Actions: Edit, Revoke, Resend.

If you wish to remove permissions and sharing as a whole, Select Revoke. If you want to temporarily remove permissions, you can select Edit and change the role to None. By selecting Edit, you can also change the role as well. 

Another action available is Resend which allows you to resend the Accept Share email notice to the user you shared the item with. 

Users also have the ability to edit access to a shared folder by right-clicking on a mail folder, address book, calendar, or task folder and selecting Edit Properties.

This will open the Folder Properties dialog box.


In the Sharing for this folder section on the dialog, the shares for the selected folder are listed. Along with the respective actions of Edit, Revoke, and Resend. 

If you select Revoke, it removes the share and it will disappear from the section.

If you select Edit to change permissions, The Share Properties dialog box will appear. There will be able to change the role assigned to the share.  You can change the role to None to temporarily revoke status.

Select whether a message describing the change should be sent:

Click OK to preserve any changes.


This will take you back to the Folder Properties dialog box where you will see the updated role in the Sharing for this folder section. Simply close it by selection OK and your changes are complete. 


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