Webmail: Creating Saved Searches

Within Redtail Webmail, you can create Advanced Searches and save them for quick use in the future. Advanced Searches use lots of different criteria to define the parameters of your search.  As an example, below is a quick look at how you'd set up a Saved Search allowing you to quickly access your Unread Emails.

The first step to begin establishing a Saved Search is to click the magnifying glass  within the Search box in the upper-right of Redtail Webmail. You'll then see the Search tab appear across the top accompanied by the Advanced Search pane on the left.


This area is where you can choose the parameters you would like to use to define your search variables — for our example, a Saved Search to pull up Unread Emails, we'll click the Status dropdown and choose the unread option:



After choosing unread, all messages in each folder that have an unread status will display in the viewing panes to the right. If you wish to drill down some more and select a specific folder like Inbox, simply select the Folder dropdown from the Advanced Search pane and select Inbox from the list.   

After selecting the Inbox folder, the results displayed to the right will update to reflect only unread emails within that specific folder. To save this search, select Save in the far right of the tool bar across the top. 


You'll then see a Save Search dialog, where you can name the Saved Search and choose a location within your Folders to make it accessible with one click.  In our example, I'm naming the search "Unread Emails" and I'm going to save it within the Searches section of the Mail folders pane within the Mail tab:


Note: you can save it as a sub-folder to any folder as well. 


Click OK after naming and choosing a location.  You'll then see the folder is accessible from wherever you saved it in your Webmail's folder structure:


And that's all there is to creating a Saved Search for your Unread Email.

During this example, you probably noticed that there are really quite a lot of criteria you can work with there, so if you frequently find yourself searching within Redtail Webmail, you might explore your options here to see if you can set up Saved Searches for those types of emails you're generally looking for.

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