Webmail: Creating a Contact Group

Redtail Webmail includes a feature that allows users to create a Contact Group. The feature allows you to create contact lists that contain multiple mailing addresses. When you select a group contact name, everyone whose address is included in the group list is automatically added to the address field of the message. You can select address from your company directory (GAL) and from your address books, and you can type in addresses as well. 

Note: Addresses added from existing contacts within your Contacts are not dynamically linked to their respective record. Any changes to the address on the contact record will not be reciprocated within the contact group.

The steps to create a Contact Group within Redtail Webmail are outlined below:

First you would want to log into the webmail client. If you need assistance accessing the webmail client, click here.

After you have logged into Redtail Webmail, you will want to open the Contacts tab located across the top. It is located directly next to the Mail tab.

To create a Contact Group within the default Contacts address book, click the New Contact drop-down and select Contact Group within the menu:


The New Contact Group form will then be displayed.

If you want to create the group list in an address book other than Contacts, before you start, select the address book from within the navigation pane to the left. After selecting the correct address book, click the New Contact drop-down and select Contact Group within the Contacts. The New Contact Group form will then be displayed.

In the Group Name: field, type the name of the group list you wish to create.

Within the Add Members to this Group section located to the right, the Global Address List will be the default value for the in: field. If you wish to add contacts from another address book, you will select the drop-down arrow next to Global Address List and select the correct address book. This will display the contacts of the chosen address book in the section below the in: field. 

To add members to this group, in the Find: field, type a name and then select whether to search in the GAL or another address book. You can also enter @ within the Find: field to pull back a list of all email addresses within the chosen address book. Click Search to perform the query.

Names that match your search query are listed in the box below the in: field. Select the name/addresses to be added then click Add. The names/addresses are added to the Group Members: list on the right adjacent to the box from which you selected them.

Note: You can hold the Ctrl and Shift keys to highlight multiple names to add to expedite the process. Holding the Ctrl key allows you to select non-consecutive names and the Shift key allows you to select multiple consecutive names within the list. 

You can also add email addresses that are not stored by typing the addresses within the Or enter Addresses below (comma separated) box located below the box where stored contacts are displayed. Typed addresses can be separated by a comma (,), semicolon (;) or you can strike Return to start the address on a new line. After entering the desired addresses you wish to be added, click Add.

Once you have added all the desired addresses as members to the Contact Group, click  within the toolbar across the top. The new group contact is added to your address book and will be denoted with the icon shown here:

To delete addresses from a Contact Group, just double-click the contact group to open and edit. Select the  next to the contact(s) within the Members: box you wish to remove then save your changes. 


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