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Within Redtail Webmail, a user can request a read receipt on a message that he/she composes to have a return receipt message sent back to them when the message is opened by the intended recipient(s). To request a read receipt, a user would follow the steps outlined below:

Open a composition window to compose a new message. There are several ways to compose a new message in Redtail Webmail: 

Click the New Message Button on the Mail toolbar

Within an email message, right-click on an email address and select New Email or in the Inbox or another folder or Address Book, right-click on an email address in the list and select New Email.

Or simply use the New Email shortcut by pressing the letters n and m [nm]

Now that you opened a new message, you will want to select the Options drop-down menu within the composition window. Within the menu, you will select the Request Read Receipt option.



In order for a read receipt to be generated when the recipient reads the message, the recipient must have their Read Receipt Mail Preferences setup to generate a read receipt. Those preferences can be set by following the steps below: 

Select the Preferences tab. Then select Mail from within the Preferences navigation pane on the left.

After selecting Mail, the Mail settings will populate within the pane to the right of the navigation pane. You will scroll down to the Receiving Messages section and locate the Read Receipt settings:


Within the Read Receipt settings, you can choose from the following options:

Never send a read receipt. - This is the default. When a message is received with a return read receipt request, the request is ignored. The recipient is not aware of the request.

Always send a read receipt message. - A return read receipt message is automatically sent when the message flagged for return read receipt is opened.

Ask me.  - Recipients are asked if they want to send the return receipt.


Please Note:

A return read receipt message is not sent if a recipient selects more than one message and right-clicks and selects Mark As Read.

The return read receipt flag is may not always work for messages that are sent to users on systems other than Redtail's hosted email platform.


After selecting how you wish for read receipts to be handled, select  to preserve the changes. 

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