Webmail: Changing Password

If for any reason you want to reset the password for your Redtail-hosted email password, you have this ability to reset it within Redtail Webmail. Below we will show you how:

Log in to Redtail Webmail. If you need assistance accessing webmail, click here.

Once you are logged in, select the Preferences Tab. On the Preferences Tab, you should be defaulted to General preferences within the the Preferences navigation pane on the left. The first set of options will be Sign in Options. There you will want to locate and select the  button.


After selecting Change Password, a box will appear prompting you to enter the Old Password (which would be your current password), the New Password you would like it to be reset to and a confirmation of your new password.  You will enter the requested information and then select Change password.


After selecting Change password, you will be notified that the password has been changed and prompted to close the window.



The changing of the password will require it be updated within any mail client and/or mobile devices in which you have the same account setup.

If you do not know your current password, you will need to Contact Redtail Email Support to request they reset your password. A security check with the Primary Account holder maybe required. Contact information can be found below:

email: support@redtailtechnology.com

phone: 800.206.5030 select Option 3 for Support and then Option 3 for Email Support.

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