Webmail: Adding a Forwarding Address

Within Redtail Webmail, each account holder has the ability to identify an email address to forward email correspondence to as well as the option to choose to retain the message in your mailbox or automatically delete the message when forwarded. Below you will find the steps you would take to set this up:

First you would want to log into the webmail client. If you need assistance accessing Redtail Webmail, click here.

After you have logged into Redtail Webmail, you will want to open the Preferences tab located across the top. Within the navigation pane that appears to the left, select the Mail option to access the preferences for this option.

After selecting the Mail, you will see the Mail settings appear within the viewing pane to the right of the navigation pane. Scroll down to the Receiving Messages section and locate the Message Arrival:, Forward a copy to: field. Within the text box to the left of the field, enter the desired forwarding address.

Note: If you wish to forward to multiple addresses, separate the addresses with a comma (,). Example: emal@domain.com,email2@domain.com

If you want to automatically delete the email from your account after it is forwarded, enable Don't keep a local copy of messages by selecting the box next to this option.



Once you have configured the desired forwarding, you will click  in the upper left corner of the viewing pane to preserve your changes.




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