Webmail: Managing Junk Folder

Redtail Webmail utilizes a powerful spam filter to determine whether messages from specific addresses or domains should be added to your junk folder or not.  Most filtering of unsolicited automated mail is handled by the spam filter before those mail messages reach your Inbox.

If you find a message in your Inbox that is spam, you can highlight it and click the Spam icon on the toolbar or you can right-click on the message and select the Mark as Spam option from the right-click menu. As a result, the mail is moved to your Junk folder. This action helps to train the filter specifically for your account.




Sometimes a message can be marked as spam and placed within the junk folder that is not really spam. You should check your Junk folder periodically to ensure that you are not missing any messages. To move messages that should not be marked as spam from your Junk folder, simply right-click on the message and select the Mark as Not Spam option from the right click menu.


To empty the Junk folder, right-click the folder and choose the Empty Junk option from the right-click menu. In addition, the contents of the folder are automatically purged after an administration-configured number of days.


In addition to Redtail's spam filtering, you can set up your mail preferences to identify specific addresses you would like blocked  from or allowed into your Inbox. These steps are outlined below:

Select the Preferences tab then select Mail from the navigation pane on the left.

Within the Mail preferences that appear to the right of the navigation pane, scroll down to the Spam Mail Options section.

Enter complete email addresses or the domain (example: @domain.com) in the appropriate boxes, either Block messages from or Allow messages from, then select Add.  You can enter up to 100 addresses for each.

Note: When adding a domain, you will add as @domain.com. The domain must be accompanied with the @ or it will not work.

  • In the Block messages from area, specify email addresses from certain senders that should always be treated as spam.
  • In the Allow messages from area, specify email addresses of people you trust so that their messages are not sent to your Junk folder. Messages from these email addresses are never blocked. You do not need to add all your trusted addresses to this list.  Add addresses to this list that for some reason end up in your Junk folder when you don't consider them Spam, such as newsletters you subscribe to.


Click  in the upper left corner to preserver your changes.

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