CRM Release Notes

Note: not all CRM Release Notes will be published here, as many updates will not necessarily be "visible" to Redtail subscribers or relevant to how you interact with the UI. Instead we will focus upon providing short descriptions here of Release Notes that are notable in regard to what you see or how you interact with Redtail CRM.

2022.8.22.0 8/22/2022


*Added: If you have the Orion integration enabled within your CRM, Orion Portfolio View is now accessible on your Today page as well as at the client level on individual contact record's Accounts page. Learn more here.


2022.4.28.0 4/28/2022


*Added: If you find that you consistently apply the same filters to one of Redtail’s Standard Reports to meet the unique needs of your office, you now have the ability to save those filter options for quicker access to the report data you’re looking for. Learn more here.


2021.7.15.0 7/15/2021

Contact Record

*Added: Preferred gender pronouns can now be added in the Basic Information area within Redtail Contact Records. More information is available here.


2021.6.28.0 6/28/2021


*Added: A “filter events” box has been added to the Redtail Calendar that will allow you to quickly and easily search the subject, description, linked contacts, and location fields for all items on your current view of your Calendar. A blog post with more details is available here. 


2021.6.7.0 6/07/2021


*Updated: The Schwab Advisor Center® integration has been updated. You can now initiate the Digital Account Opening process in Schwab from within Redtail CRM. Also, Schwab Alerts are now accessible within Redtail. A blog post going over the details is available here. Documentation on these integration updates is available here.


*Added: Prior to this update, Redtail subscribers had to submit requests through our support team in order to have any deleted Workflow Templates restored to their database. Now, we’ve introduced this capability within your database, so you can accomplish Workflow Template restoration in a matter of seconds. A blog post going over the details is available here. Documentation on restoring your Workflow Templates is available here.


2021.5.14.0 5/14/2021


*Updated: The process for creating and editing Workflow Templates has been streamlined to reduce clicks and keep everything relevant on one page. A blog post going over the details is available here. Updated documentation on creating your Workflow Templates is available here.


2021.2.22.0 2/22/2021


*Updated: The Last Activity Report now includes each activity's Start and End Times in addition to the Completed Date.

User Experience / User Interface

*Updated: When attempting to add a new database user with a username that is already in use by another Redtail user, you'll now receive a message stating "Username not available." The previous message left some users confused as to why they couldn't select a particular username.


2021.2.10.0 2/10/2021

Workflows - more details on each of the below are available here.

*Added: The  Workflow Options accessible to you from a Workflow's actions menu on your main Workflows page as well as from a contact's top level Workflows page are now also accessible from the Details page for an individual workflow process.

*Added: When you are viewing Tasks for a Workflow, if you hover your cursor over an individual task you will now see a popup with the task's Description (if applicable).

*Added: You now have the ability to color code completed workflows and completed workflow tasks on your main Calendar.


8.19.20 – v.2.75.0 

Login and Subscription Pages

*Updated: We’ve subtly changed the layout/design of the login and subscription pages within Redtail CRM. 


*Fixed: We resolved an issue where those using Internet Explorer 11 as their browser were unable to export/generate standard report PDFs. 

User Interface / User Experience

*Fixed: Some users were receiving an error when attempting to print a note from the Notes dashboard. This has been resolved. 

*Fixed: Some users were receiving an error message when attempting to click any of the Contact “Go to . . .” options from a Quicklist page. This should no longer be an issue.


8.05.20 – v2.74.0

For more details on many of last night's updates, see today's blog post, Release Note Focus: Favorite Reports? Check! And that’s just the beginning of this week’s updates!


*Added: Under your General Options in Preferences, you can now select which Contacts screen displays by default when you click “Contacts” from your navigation menu. Your options are Favorites, Contacts A-Z, Advanced Search, Quicklists, Tag Groups, Recently Added, Recently Viewed, Top, and Recycle Bin.


*Updated: When you select the Reports option from your navigation menu in Redtail, you’ll now see one page, broken down by Report type, with links to all of your Standard Reports. 

*Added: In June of this year, we added the ability to designate contacts within your database as “Favorites”. Now, we’ve introduced the same capability for Reports. Additionally, when you designate a Report as a Favorite, it will display at the top of your main Reports page, in a new Report type section, called “Favorites”. 

*Added: We’ve added “Favorite” as a field you can include for your Custom Export Templates (in the Basic Information section at the top of the Custom Export Builder). If you include that field, whenever you export contacts from one of your contact lists using that Custom Export, only those contacts that are marked as “Favorites” for your username will be included in the export. 

*Added: We’ve added “CRS Sent Date” and “CRS Signed Date” to your Custom Export Builder as well. You’ll find those in the Account General Information section of the Builder. 

Contact Record

*Added: If a contact has a Physical Address marked as Primary, you’ll now also see a “Local Time” field at the top of their Contact Card. This was added to assist users with scheduling calendar items for those contacts in time zones other than the user.

*Updated: For deleted contact records that had Departments indicated prior to deletion, if you restore those records from the Recycle Bin those Departments will now be restored as well.

*Fixed: Some users were experiencing issues with contact photo alignment in Google Chrome. This has been resolved.

*Fixed: Some users were reporting errors when attempting to combine contacts. Research determined this was occurring when one or more of the attempted combinees had a review schedule occurrence of “Monthly on the . . .”. This has been addressed.

*Fixed: Contact photos (where applicable) were not displaying for those records on the Favorites list as they do on other contact list pages. This has been updated.


7.22.20 – v.2.73.0 

Bulk Actions

*Added: You can now update the Reg BI/CRS fields in bulk from the Accounts by Contact report under the Account Options menu.

*Added: We’ve added “Remove Role Assignment” as a Bulk Contact Option in order to simplify/clarify the role removal process. 


*Fixed: Users were unable to complete activities from the Calendar area if those activities were repeating and included automation triggers for workflows. These could be completed from a contact’s record, but not from the Calendar itself. This issue has been resolved.


7.13.20 – v2.72.0 


*Added: As part of our ongoing efforts to assist advisors with their efforts to comply with Reg BI requirements, we've added the ability to link documents to notes within Redtail CRM (and that linkage will be visible in Note Views and Document Views). Documents linked to notes will also be linked to contacts and/or accounts linked to the note. 

Added: Again, to help assist with Reg BI requirements, you can now link more than one account to a note. 


*Added: Since we’ve added the ability to link documents to notes, we’re also added a Document by Notes report to Redtail CRM. 

*Updated: The Notes by Contact report now has a column to indicate any documents linked to displayed notes.

User Experience / User Interface

*Fixed: A contact’s primary physical address, email address, and phone number were displaying when hovering over a contact name on the Contacts A-Z page, but not in Advanced Search results or on the Quicklist or Tag Group results page. This is fixed. 

*Fixed: A contact’s job title and employer were displaying beneath each contact’s name on the Contacts A-Z page, but not in Advanced Search results or on the Quicklist or Tag Group results page. This is fixed. 

*Updated: You can now bulk delete seminar attendees from your Manage Attendees page.


6.24.20 - v2.71.0

*Added: You can now designate contacts as “Favorites”. Learn more about how to do this here.

*Added: You now have the ability to exclude opportunities without a close date indicated from your filtered results.

*Fixed: We’ve resolved a 500 error occurring for some users when attempting to export the Top Contacts by Referred by Report.

User Experience / User Interface
*Fixed: For Activities on your Today page, a dynamic refresh occurs every five minutes to check for new activities to display. A bug had arisen where the “New” flag was no longer appearing to indicate new activities created for the current user by another user in the database since the last refresh. That issue has been fixed.


6.10.20 – v2.70.0 


*Updated: We’ve updated how “Contact” and “Linked Contact” verbiage is used in Membership relationships, in order that the record from which you are viewing a Membership relationship drives who is the contact and who is the linked contact. 

Reg BI

*Added: We’ve added CRS Form Date Sent and CRS Form Date Signed fields at the Account level within Redtail CRM. These fields also have their own columns on the Client Summary Fiduciary Report. You can read more about these additions here. 


*Added: The Deleted Activities Report now allows you to filter by the Deleted On Date(s).


5.27.20 – v2.69.0 

User Experience / User Interface 

*Updated: When viewing a Tag Group’s members page (sending them to Search), those members will now display alphabetically by default. 

*Updated: If a User Defined Field’s value for a contact is lengthy, you can now click an ellipsis at the end of what is displayed in order that you might display all text for the value on their Contact Overview page. 

*Added: Activities that are linked to a Workflow via an Automation will now display a message alerting you to that linkage, as well as a clickable link to view the Workflow. 

*Updated: Asset Type is now a visible column when viewing Account Assets for one of your client’s accounts.


5.13.20 – v2.68.0 


*Added: You can now add custom Account Asset Types and Account Tax Qualified Types to your database. 


*Updated: Redtail has long offered the preference option for an Alert Sound to coincide with the visual alerts that pop up in your CRM for upcoming activities. Today, we introduced quite a few new audible options to choose from that you can check out in your Notification Option Preferences. 

Database Lists

*Added: When deleting a list item from one of your Database Lists (e.g., Contact Categories, Account Types, Activity Types, etc.), you now have the option to apply a new list value for all contact records to which the soon-to-be-deleted list item was previously applied. 


*Fixed: We’ve resolved an error some users were reporting when attempting to access the Account Renewals Reminder Report. 


*Added: When using the Search contacts box (next to the Redtail logo on the top left of every screen of Redtail CRM), you’ll now see options that match what you’ve typed in the Search box displayed in a dropdown menu. This allows you one-click access directly to their contact record. 

User Experience / User Interface

*Added: We’ve added a page within your CRM that gives you easy access to all of our Help resources. Quick links to these individual resources were previously accessible under the “?” icon in your navigation menu – but, you can now access a Help Center page explaining each of the resources a little further by clicking the “?” icon or via a link in the same menu where you access Manage Your Account, Manage Your Integrations, etc.


4.29.20 - v2.67.0

User Interface / User Experience

*Updated: Annual Client Review Reminders can now be set to repeat on a specific date, rather than having to select a day of the week for the reoccurrence.

*Updated: Monthly Repeating Activities scheduled for the 29th-31st will show up on the last day of a given month, if that month doesn’t have the designated date. As an example, a monthly repeating activity set to repeat on the 31st would be set to June 30th, since June does not have 31 days. This same logic will apply to Client Reviews as well. You will now have an option to select Last Day of the Month when creating these, but for existing activities that had the 31st, or another date beyond the actual last day of a given month, the activity will show up on the last day of the month.  

*Added: When multiple activities are linked to a Note, you now have the option to select which activity to view when clicking the “linked activities” option, rather than being directed to the first one automatically.

*Fixed: If a user had multiple permissions in regard to a contact (for example as both an individual user and as part of a team), that contact’s Notes were duplicated on the Notes by Contact Report for that user. This is resolved.

*Added: If no integrations are active within your database, you’ll now see a link to your Manage Integrations page when clicking the Integrations icon from your top right navigation menu in the CRM.

*Fixed: Activity Management “Default to Create All Day Events” Preference was not being honored when on the Activities page within a Contact Record, using either the Add Activity button or the Quick Add option. This is fixed.


*Added: You now have an option to Combine Contacts from your Duplicate Contact Names Report. Previously, you had to send data from this report to Search in order to use the Combine Contact function available there.

*Fixed: The Account and Contact UDF Reports as well as all of the Account Reports were producing errors when users attempted to send contacts to search from the reports. This has been addressed. 


*Added: You now have an option to skip weekends and holidays when establishing Workflow Target Dates and Step Task Due Dates. 


4.01.20 – v2.65.0


*Added: Your Accounts Dashboard now includes a section for Total Held Away assets. Note: the total for this area is calculated independently of your AUM, i.e., Held Away assets are not included in the AUM for your database. 


*Added: fpPathfinder’s integration with Redtail is now available. 

*Added: BackNine Insurance’s integration with Redtail is now available. 

*Added: Avantax’s integration with Redtail is now available. 


*Added: You now have the ability to take direct action on Reminders from your Reminders Dashboard: link an Activity, a Note, or a Workflow to any of your Reminders. 


*Fixed: When clicking the Send to Search option from the Birthday Reminders Report, users were receiving a 500 error. This is fixed. 

User Interface / User Experience

*Added: The Help menu within Redtail CRM now provides one-click access to our Blog and to our Upcoming Webinar schedule.


3.18.20 – v2.63.0 


*Fixed: We’ve resolved an issue that was throwing time off by one hour for activities added to databases on the first Sunday in November or the second Sunday in March (the Sundays following Daylight Savings Time switches). We addressed a similar issue with Activities rolled over after the recent time change. 


*Fixed: We knocked out an error that users were experiencing when attempting to access the Activities Assigned By You To Others report.


3.04.20 - v2.62.0 

User Interface / User Experience 

*Updated: Your CRM header links (Quick Add, Integrations, etc.) now display pulldown menus rather than popping up modals for your subsequent selections.

*Updated: Client Anniversary Reminders will now be included on the Reminders tab of your Dashboard. 


*Added: My Workflow Tasks, accessible from your Dashboard, now offer you the ability to send Linked Contacts from a Workflow directly to your Search page (where you can report on or take other bulk actions with those linked contacts).

*Updated: The Export option on your Workflows page will now take into account selected workflows, rather than exporting all. Previously, the selection of workflows on this page was only used in conjunction with the Bulk Delete option.


3.03.20 - v2.0.31 (Retriever Cloud updates)

*Added: Within your integration settings for Retriever Cloud, you can now indicate whether or not Completed Activities should be included in the sync.

*Added: In your Integration Settings for Retriever Cloud, you can now choose whether you want to sync contacts, activities, or both to Outlook/Google. Previously, you had to sync both in order to use Retriever Cloud.

*Added: You now have an option in your Integration Settings for Retriever Cloud that will allow you to sync activities to Outlook/Google with your selected reminder time.

*Added: You now have an option in your Integration Settings for Retriever Cloud that will allow you to select the Types of Activities that you want to sync to Outlook/Google.

*Added: You now have an option in your Integration Settings for Retriever Cloud that will allow you to enable/disable whether or not deletions made in Outlook/Google sync over to Redtail.

*Fixed: If an Attendee is removed from an Activity, that Activity will now be removed from their Outlook or Google Calendar. Similarly, if a contact is removed from a Tag Group that is used for the Retriever Cloud sync to Outlook/Google, that contact will be removed from Outlook/Google.

*Updated: We’ve adjusted the way Business contacts are synced to/from Outlook to simplify the process for users of the sync tool.


2.19.20 - v2.60.0  


*Fixed: Email notifications weren’t being sent in some cases for activities created as a result of Automation triggers. This is resolved. 


*Fixed: The Account Renewals Reminder Report was producing an error when users attempted to access it in some cases. This has been addressed.

User Experience / User Interface 

*Added: You can now open Activities from the Calendar in a new tab by using Ctrl-click on Windows machines or Command-click on Macs.

*Updated: When attempting to delete a shared Phone Number or Address from a spouse’s record in Redtail CRM, you’ll now see a warning message to set expectations of how this will affect that data in the record from which it is being shared.


2.06.20 - v2.59.0 


*Fixed: Based upon your user preferences, email notifications will now be sent when an activity’s date/time are updated via the drag ‘n’ drop method on the Calendar.

*Fixed: For recurring activities with linked contacts, the linked contacts were not displaying on the Activity Details page for future instances of the recurring activity in some cases. Those future instances of the activity were displaying within the individual contact records on their Activities page. This has been resolved. 


*Added: The Contacts by RMD Report can now be filtered based upon the contact age of 72, to account for new requirements under the SECURE Act. More information on this is available here.

*Updated: Closed accounts are now excluded from the Contacts by RMD Report.

*Fixed: We’ve resolved an issue affecting some users with the No Contact Report, where the “Days Since Last Contact” column was displaying a value of “Never”, regardless of filters selected.

*Fixed: The Workflow Task Report, when filtered to only show completed tasks, was not displaying those tasks for some users. This is fixed. 

User Experience / User Interface: 

*Updated: When clicking the “Extend Timeout” option to remain logged in after a period away from active CRM use, data previously entered during that session on the current page will be saved.

*Added: You can now sort contacts in the Recycle Bin by the various column headers. Also, the “Select All” option in the Recycle Bin functions the same as it does on your Advanced Search page, allowing you to select everyone in the Recycle Bin, rather than just those currently displayed on the page.

*Updated: The Team Notify option has been removed when creating a Bulk Activity. This doesn’t change the way anything works, as notifications were not being sent for Bulk Activity creation previously.

*Added: On your Workflow Templates page, you now have an option to filter by Workflow Template Name.

*Fixed: We’ve resolved some issues with activity rollovers and UTC time.


1.22.20 - v2.58.0 


*Added: When creating follow-up activities from a new note entry, you can now select an Activity Template to apply to the follow-up activity.

Custom Exports

*Fixed: Custom exports that included the Portfolio Value and/or the Family Portfolio Value fields were resulting in duplicate lines of data in many cases. We’ve resolved this issue.


*Fixed: Activity creation set to trigger Zapier Zaps was not doing so when the activity was created within the Redtail mobile app. This has been fixed.


*Fixed: Opportunity descriptions that included special characters or formatting were sometimes displaying HTML coding within the opportunity itself. This has been addressed.


*Fixed: Recently we added a Preference to allow users to decide whether CRM Document Storage or Imaging was the default screen when viewing a contact’s Documents area. If users selected Imaging as their Preference, that choice was not reflected when accessing a contact’s Documents area from the Go To - Documents option of their Actions menu from the Contacts A-Z page or in search results. This preference selection will now be honored in those circumstances.


*Fixed: The Last Note Report was failing to run when processed as a job rather than in real time. It should now run as expected, regardless of which method is used.

*Fixed: Some users were reporting errors when attempting to sort the Accounts by RMD Report by contact name. This sorting issue has been sorted out.

*Updated: When viewing a report and applying a filter or filters, those applied filters will still be in place if you return to the Filter Options box from the report to make further refinements.

*Fixed: We’ve resolved an issue that sometimes prevented filtering of the Documents by Contact Report by contact. Additionally, the Send to Search function from this report was sometimes producing an error, which we have resolved.


*Fixed: Advanced searches where “Website” was selected as the Type were in some cases returning errors, as were searches for Social Media fields. These should now run properly.


*Added: Seminar Descriptions can now be formatted using HTML.

*Fixed: When viewing seminar attendees, and then filtering that data by attendee status and sending to search, the filter was ignored, i.e., all attendees were sent to search. The Search option now honors filtered data.



1.08.20 - v2.57.0 

AUM Permissions

Added: The AUM reflected on the CRM Dashboard now takes into account permissioning applied to contacts. In other words, if a user doesn't have permissions to view a contact, the AUM they see on the CRM Dashboard will not reflect that contact's AUM as a part of the total AUM.

Additionally, the value for accounts marked as Held Away will not be included in AUM figures.


12.16.19 - v2.56.0 

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Added: Initial setup of MFA must be performed by the database owner, as before. Now, however, non-database owners can access and manage their MFA settings from a link available in the menu that appears when they click on their name in the upper right hand corner of their CRM:




12.04.19 - v2.54.0

*Added: The columns you’ve previously elected to display on pages where lists of Contacts are visible will now be your default preference for those pages (unless you manually change which columns display on subsequent visits).

*Fixed: An unexpected error could sometimes occur when attempting to add a database user with more than one character in the middle initial field. This is resolved. 

*Added: As documents linked to activities will now display on contact records that are linked to the activity, Linked Activities is now available as an option from the Actions menu for Documents displayed on contact records. 

*Fixed: We’ve resolved an error that was affecting some users when they attempted to access a contact’s Memberships page. 

*Added: When sending internal or broadcast emails that include attachments, and electing to “Save Copy as Note”, the saved Note will now indicate an attachment was included and display the file name. 


*Added: Reports will now display a count of all results included in your current report view.

*Fixed: We addressed an issue where Custom Exports would sometimes display “ext.” after phone numbers included in an export, if those phone numbers had blank values for the extension field within the CRM.

*Fixed: We resolved a filtering issue with the export you can generate from the No Contact Report.

*Fixed: Some users reported a 500 error when attempting to export their Workflow Tasks. This has been resolved.

*Fixed: Some users were reporting errors when running the Accounts by Linked report and selecting all available records. This has been resolved as well.

*Fixed: We’ve addressed a filtering issue affecting some users with the Contacts by RMD Report.

*Fixed: We resolved an issue where the Birthday Reminders Report was sorting by year only, rather than including month and day in the sort as well.

*Fixed: We resolved an issue that could occur when filtering the Notes by Contact report and the Contacts by Reports by Contact Name.

*Fixed: The Workflow Task Report was getting stuck in “processing” mode for some users after they had attempted to filter by a specific date range. This is fixed.

*Fixed: The Account Renewals Reminder report was producing errors for some users. We’ve got this resolved. 


*Fixed: After clicking on an individual Status from a Seminar Attendees pie chart, and being taken to a view filtered to that Status, using the filter to select a different Status was returning 0 results. This is now filtering appropriately. 

User Experience / User Interface

*Added: You can now copy and paste images from your clipboard into all text editor boxes within Redtail, with the exception of Note Comments.

*Updated: Preferences for Calendar Actions have been updated to match how those actions are ordered under your Calendar’s Actions menu.

*Fixed: We knocked out a time zone issue that affected some users when rolling over an All Day activity created by a user whose CRM is set to Central time by a user in a CRM set to Pacific time.

*Fixed: We’ve cleared up an issue that was causing the message “Will not receive activity notifications” to display under an Activity Attendee whose activity notification preferences had been left at their default settings (which is to receive notifications).

*Updated: The “Past Due and Next 12 Months” filter was missing from the Activity Dashboard and from the Activity section on Contact Records. It’s been added.

*Fixed: Activity notifications were not including Linked Contact’s names if a contact had permissions applied, even if the notification recipient has permissions for the contact. This is fixed. 


*Added: A tooltip has been added to display contacts’ primary Contact Card info when hovering over linked contacts from the My Workflow Tasks page. 

*Fixed: In some cases, when adding a new Workflow (from a template) to a Seminar, the workflow’s owner, description and category were not auto-populating. This has been addressed.


11.06.19 - V2.53.0

Calendar / Activities 

*Added: You now have additional options within your Preferences for how early activity alerts show up in your CRM.

Contact Record

*Added: Historical Contact Card information can now be hidden with an option to display it as needed. This addition is particularly relevant for users of Redtail’s Email Archiving, as historical emails for old email addresses will continue to display in Email History, even when those old email addresses are hidden from the Contact Card.

*Fixed: The Important Information popup action window remained on screen after making an edit that included a hyperlink. This has been resolved.


*Fixed: We addressed a display issue for Opportunity Descriptions that could occur when said Description included a table with data, surrounded by leading and following text.


*Added: Data from the Projected and Actual Revenue fields is now included on your Opportunity  reports and exports.

*Fixed: We’ve resolved an issue where HTML characters were sometimes displaying in Opportunity page exports.

*Fixed: We’ve addressed a default sorting issue for the Birthday Reminders Report.


*Added: You can now update an individual contact’s Seminar Attendee Status for a given seminar from that contact record’s Seminars page, rather than going to the actual Seminars page to do so.

*Updated: If a seminar’s name is too long to display in the Seminar Headers area, a tooltip is now available to make that information easily accessible.

*Updated: The Seminars details page has been reorganized for better flow and usability.

*Updated: The “Search attendees” box for Seminars was case-sensitive. We’ve updated this so that case is not considered for search results.

*Fixed: Seminars that included Descriptions were displaying the HTML for line breaks on the main Seminars page. This has been cleaned up.


10.23.19 - v2.52.0 

Calendar / Activities 

*Added: Users can now customize the default Duration and the default Category for activities within their Preferences.

*Added: Calendar tooltips will now display the Start and End Times for Activities.

*Added: “Past Due and Today” is now available as a filter on a Contact’s Activities page and the Activity Dashboard page.

*Added: The list of Users on the Calendar’s Users menu is now searchable.

*Updated: When searching for Attendees to add to an Activity, your cursor will now reside in the Search input field, to reduce clicks.

*Added: When adding an Activity as a Bulk Action, the option to select an Activity Template is now present.

*Added: On the Create Activity modal, the Attendees selection dropdown now offers a Search option. This capability has also been added when reassigning an Activity from the Bulk Actions menu.

*Added: When adding an Activity from the Bulk Actions menu, the ability to select multiple Attendees from the Attendees dropdown menu is now available. 

Deceased Contacts

*Added: A banner notification will now display at the top of client records that have a Date of Death entered in their Contact Details.

*Added: Linked spouses in a contact’s Basic Information section now display an indication that they are deceased, if those linked spouses have a Date of Death entered on their record. 


*Added: Documents linked to Activities are now also linked to the Document Storage Area for contacts linked to those Activities.

*Added: Users can now choose whether the Documents area of Contact Records defaults to CRM Document Storage or Redtail Imaging Documents within their Preferences.

*Updated: We’ve reduced the number of clicks required to access accounts available for linking to a document from a Contact’s Documents page. 


*Added: Users can now customize the default Category for Notes within their Preferences.

*Added: Notes that originate as a Linked Note for an Activity can now be created from Note Templates (just as other Notes can).

*Added: The ability to navigate to an Activity from any Linked Notes of the Activity has been added. 


*Fixed: Some characters were displaying as HTML in the Activities by Contact Export. This has been resolved, as has a similar issue with the Opportunities by Contact Report and UDF fields included in Custom Exports. We’ve also fixed a separate issue that would sometimes result in the Activities by Contact Report throwing a 500 error.

*Fixed: We knocked out a 500 error that was resulting for some users when they attempted to run a Notes Report from within a Contact Record.

*Fixed: PDFs and Exports for the Notes by Contact Report weren’t always pulling the correct contact name in those instances where Mail Merge notes were a part of the export/report. This is fixed. 


*Added: On the Contact record’s Seminars area, the contact’s Attendee Status for each Seminar to which they are linked is now displayed. 


*Fixed: We’ve resolved an issue with how updated Timeline entries were affecting previous Timeline entries in some cases. 

User Interface 

*Added: You now have the ability to move popup modals around the screen in order to see what’s behind them if necessary. 

*Added: You can now choose default filters for your Reminders Dashboard. 

*Updated: The Redtail logo in the CRM’s header now takes those clicking it back to the page they have designated as their default login page within Preferences. Previously, it took all clickers to the Today page. 

*Fixed: We’ve eliminated a 500 error that sometimes occurred when attempting to delete a User Defined Field from a database’s Lists when many of that database’s contacts had the UDF attached to their record. 

*Updated: For clarity, we’ve updated the error message that displays when a user is attempting to change their password and enters their current password incorrectly. 

*Fixed: We’ve resolved an issue for Firefox users where website addresses weren’t always displaying on the Contact Card for records with a Contact Type of Business, Association, Trust or Union.

*Fixed: We’ve corrected an issue that prevented switch-in database users from successfully sending out Broadcast Emails. 

*Fixed: We resolved a Workflow Template issue that could result in workflow tasks not displaying on the Today page or the Workflow Tasks page.


10/16/19 - V2.51.0  


*Updated: We’ve changed the way data sorting occurs throughout the CRM, so that when you have sortable reports or tables that run beyond one page the sorting applies to all data across pages.

*Fixed: We’ve also resolved a number of sorting/selection bugs throughout the CRM, which will correct on-page, export, and PDF display of data.

*Fixed: The Export for the Contacts with No Upcoming Activities Report was only including the column headers. This has been corrected. 


*Added: Room member names now display at the end of Speak audit emails.


09.18.19 - V2.50.0 


*Added: You now have an option to view a Work Week view of your Calendar. 

*Added: You can now control, via your Calendar Preferences, which day of the week your Calendar begins on. 


*Updated: Note Type filters applied on a contact’s Notes page are now applied to the Notes Report pdf accessible from a contact’s Common Tasks reports menu. 

*Updated: Accounts displayed on a contact’s Personal Profile pdf are now grouped by Account Status and ordered by Account Number. 

*Updated: Title columns for the Priority and Importance columns on Activity Reports have been changed to “!” and “#”. 

*Fixed: We addressed a 500 error that sometimes occurred when attempting to run Notes Reports where some of the included Notes had Comments that were added by switch-in database users. 

*Fixed: We’ve wiped out a 500 error that could result in some cases where a Custom Export included Family Portfolio Value / Portfolio Value and fields from an Account’s General Information area. 

*Fixed: We’ve updated the column displays for contact’s Account Beneficiary Reports. 

*Fixed: Some users were reporting a 500 error when selecting the PDF option for the Wedding Anniversary Reminder report. We’ve fixed this. 

*Updated: The Product field has been added to the Account Reports accessible from the Options menu on a client’s Accounts page.

User Experience / User Interface

*Updated: The Activity Type and Category field placement on Activity Templates has been reversed to match how these fields display on activities elsewhere in the CRM. 

*Fixed: The Servicing and Writing Advisor filters were not updating the Advanced Search page (to display columns for that data) when checked. These should function as expected now. 

*Fixed: When adding the first membership entry for a contact record, the page now dynamically (automatically) displays this addition, without the need for a page refesh. 

*Fixed: We’ve updated how sorting by trade date is handled on Account Transactions. 

*Fixed: When attempting to update attendees for an Activity Template, some users were reporting those changes would not stick. This has been resolved. 

*Fixed: A 500 error that resulted from not completing all necessary fields for a repeating activity prior to saving has been updated to alert users to what is needed to allow them to save the activity. 

*Fixed: Seminar Attendee Statuses that included an ampersand (&) in their name wouldn’t filter properly on a seminar’s Manage Attendees page. This has been fixed.


09.04.19 - v2.48.0 


*Fixed: When sending emails that included attachments internally via the CRM, in some cases those attachments were not included along with the rest of the email. This has been addressed.


*Fixed: We resolved an issue on Custom Exports that included Phone Numbers, where if any of the included phone numbers had extensions with a "null" value they would not pull in the export.

*Fixed: Some of the Contact reports were resulting in 500 errors for users. We've got those issues stamped out.

*Fixed: An issue with filtering on the No Contact Report was resulting in 500 errors. It no longer will.


08.21.19 - v2.46.0 


*Added: You can now set up Activity Templates in your CRM to choose from whenever you’re creating a new Activity. Read more details here

*Added: When selecting the “Reassign” option for an Activity from your Dashboard or from an Activity Report, you can now select multiple database users to reassign the activity to. 

*Added: We’ve added Calendar Preference options to indicate whether or not your Calendar should display 1) All Day Events and/or 2) Holidays, by default. 


*Added: You can now set up Note Templates in your CRM to choose from whenever you’re creating a new Note. Read more details here

*Fixed: In some cases, formatting (line breaks) applied to Note comments was not being preserved when later viewing or printing those Notes along with their comments. This has been addressed. 

*Fixed: We resolved an issue where the attempted addition of images to a note (via a pasted screenshot or an image link) was, in some cases, preventing the note from saving correctly. 

*Fixed: We stamped out an issue where some completed Notes were displaying HTML in the interface. 


*Added: The Subject of an activity displayed in the Documents by Activity Report is now a link to the Activity Details page for that activity. 

*Fixed: Contacts with a Date of Death entered for their record are now excluded from the Accounts by RMD report. 

*Fixed: We knocked out an issue where the Portfolio Detail Report accessible from within a Contact Record wasn’t pulling holdings for Linked Accounts. Also for this report: we resolved an issue that could produce a 500 error if you had a value entered for Price or Shares within an Asset for one of the included accounts but had nothing entered for the other field. 

* Fixed: We cleared up a 500 error that could occur when attempting to click on an attachment’s link when viewing Email History. 

*Fixed: We’ve taken care of an error that could arise when attempting to delete a recurring activity from the Activities by Contact report. 

User Interface / User Experience: 

*Added: You can now restore database user teams that were previously deleted from your database. 

*Updated: Phone numbers that appear in mouseover tooltips will now consistently display dashes, as expected. 

*Updated: We’ve resolved some inconsistencies in different areas of the database in terms of how we were labeling the date a contact was added to your CRM. 

*Fixed: We’ve updated how the balance for Universal Life accounts in Redtail are calculated, using Assets, if any present, or the Cash Value, if not. 

*Fixed: In some cases, when attempting to create a new contact by adding them as an additional linked contact to a note, that new record was not being created. We’ve fixed this. 

*Fixed: When deleting a linked contact from an Activity, if they had no other open activities attached to their record, the date for this activity they were deleted from would display as their Next Activity date. We got this fixed.


08.07.19 - v.2.45.0 


*Added: You can now add multiple database users as Attendees for an Activity at the same time (rather than only one-at-a-time).

*Fixed: Images added to the Description field for Activities were not saving in some cases. This is resolved.

*Fixed: We’ve addressed some issues that could arise when making edits to single instances of a repeating activity and then later editing the entire series.

*Fixed: When using the Print Calendar function, if the subject line of an activity included an ampersand (&), HTML was displaying in the place of the ampersand in that pdf. Also, when printing a Month View of the Calendar, the second page wasn’t being included in some instances. Additionally, if activities included in a Print View contained quotation marks in the Activity subject or elsewhere in the Activities’ fields, this could cause the Calendar to print blank. Each of these issues has been resolved.

*Fixed: For repeating activities, the “Reschedule” option, when accessed from an instance of the activity’s dropdown Actions menu, was not behaving as expected. It should behave exactly as expected now. 


*Added: Integration with MyBlocks, from Envestnet MoneyGuide, is now available in Redtail CRM.

*Updated: The integration with Orion has been updated to include a two-way sync of contact data between linked households in the two platforms.

*Added: Integration with financial planning tool Advisor Controls is now available in Redtail CRM.

*Added: Integration with Axiom’s AI Labs is now available in Redtail CRM.

*Fixed: The SEI Wealth Platform integration has been updated to ensure that contact records in Redtail with a Type of Business, Association, Trust, or Union display the SEI icon in the same manner as do Individual Type records (as this icon allows users to access the main SEI page for that record from Redtail). 


*Updated: Contacts with a Date of Death entered on their record are now excluded from RMD Reports.

*Updated: Joint Owners are now reflected in Beneficiary Report pdfs (where applicable).

*Fixed: Custom Exports that included Family Name or Professional Contact fields where users incorporated ampersands (&) were displaying HTML characters in the ampersand’s place. No longer!

*Fixed: Custom Exports that included Phone Numbers with extensions were not pulling the extensions as part of the export. Now they will.

*Fixed: The Workflow Checklist report was displaying HTML in the workflow description and the workflow task description in some cases. This is resolved.

*Fixed: A 500 error could occur when some of the Notes included in a Notes Report were added by a user from another database, i.e., a switch-in user. These errors should no longer occur.

*Fixed: The Opportunities by Contact report was displaying HTML in the Description field in some cases. This has been cleaned up.

*Fixed: We’ve resolved an issue that was causing a 500 error when attempting to view the Accounts by Type report or the Accounts by Type pie chart.

*Fixed: The Activities by Contact pdf report was cutting off words where the page break occurs. This is fixed.

*Fixed: We’ve resolved a display issue with the Contacts by State report.

*Fixed: We’ve also resolved issues that could occur when running Primary Address Exports or Reports for contact records with a Type of Business, Association, Trust or Union.

*Updated: The Personal Profile Form wasn’t pulling nicknames for contacts. Now it will.

*Updated: The Personal Profile Form should always print Accounts data on a new page, even when a contact is unmarried and has no additional family member information reflected on the initial page of the form. This has been adjusted to enforce that.

*Updated: The Personal Profile Form has been updated to match date formatting for Anniversary Date and Date of Birth.

*Updated: The Personal Profile Form was not displaying the full Tax ID number, even in those instances where users set the preference for the contact to “Show ID”. It should display the full number now in those cases.

*Updated: We’ve updated the contact name display for Notes reports generated from a contact record to eliminate confusion about notes that were created with multiple linked contacts.

*Updated: The Product field was missing from Account Report pdfs in some cases. It should now be included in these. 

User Experience / User Interface

*Fixed:  Copying and Pasting from an Email into a Note in Redtail was returning an error in those cases where the original email contained Rich Text Formatting or HTML. This has been addressed.

*Fixed: Emails sent using Redtail’s internal email client that included BCC’d and CC’d email addresses were not displaying those addresses in the header portion of the Note (in those cases where the user elected the option to save copies of those emails as a Note.) Those addresses will now display in the Note as expected.

*Fixed: When bulk adding User Defined Fields (UDFs), if a contact already has a specific UDF attached to their record, and they are included in this bulk operation, the value specified for the UDF will now override the previous value associated with that UDF on their record.

*Fixed: When using the Send to Search option while viewing a Seminar Attendees list, all attendees were being included in the Send rather than just those in a filtered list of attendees. This is fixed.

*Fixed: The “Past Due” and “Upcoming” links at the bottom of the Activities section on the Today page were not functioning correctly for Chrome users on Macs. This is resolved.

*Fixed: Documents attached to Completed Activities couldn’t be accessed unless users un-completed the activity first. This has been addressed.

*Fixed: If you attempted to use the Print option for a Note that you accessed directly from a Note notification email (and you were already logged into your database), you could receive a 500 error. You can print away now in this circumstance.

*Fixed: If there was more than one contact attached to a workflow and you clicked on the number of contacts for the workflow from the “Workflow tasks to do today” area, you’d sometimes receive an internal error. We’ve resolved that.

*Fixed: The tooltip displaying contact information was not appearing as expected when hovering over contact names in the Things to do Today area of the dashboard. This is fixed.


07.23.2019 - v2.44.0


*Added: Mobile Assistant users can now create Opportunities in Redtail from Mobile Assistant messages.

*Added: CopyTalk users can now create Opportunities in Redtail from CopyTalk messages.

*Added: A Search option has been added to your Manage Integrations page.


*Added: When using the “Copy to a contact” Action from a client Note, any Family Members of the contact will display prior to non-Family members in the “Pick a contact” box when you begin typing letters that match their name.


*Updated: You can now filter by more than one State on the Contacts by State Report.

*Fixed: We’ve resolved an error that could occur for some users when attempting to run the Outlook Export.

*Fixed: If a Workflow name included a comma, data after that comma in the name was shifting over to the next column in the csv Export available for the Workflow. This has been fixed.

*Fixed: We’ve resolved a time zone display issue that was popping up in some cases for Custom Exports that included Next Activity as one of the included fields.

User Interface / User Experience

*Updated: You can now view the timestamp and creator for Linked Notes on an Activity via a mouseover rather than having to click on the Linked Note to view those details.

*Updated: We’ve removed the “Add Button” from the Mail Merge Templates header (as that option added an additional click to what could be handled by simply using the “add files” button in the upload queue box to the right of your existing Mail Merge Templates).

*Updated: The box for enabling birthday reminders is no longer active when a contact has a Date of Death entered on their record. That option, in fact, wouldn’t enable the reminder with a DoD present, but this change was made to alleviate the concern one might incidentally or accidentally make that mistake.

*Fixed: We’ve resolved an issue that wouldn’t allow users to edit the name of a document in CRM Doc Storage where the edited name was already in use within the contact record.

*Fixed: Phone numbers with the Type of “Other” that were marked as Primary on a record were not being displayed in the tooltip one sees when hovering over a contact in search results. Now they will, just as other Phone Types marked Primary do.

*Fixed: Accounts marked Discretionary were not displaying the Discretionary flag in the CRM areas that include an Account Flags column. They now will.

*Fixed: When creating a Broadcast Email Template, you will now be required to provide a name for the template prior to saving to prevent the error that would result otherwise.


*Added: When creating (or editing) a Workflow Template, you can now indicate that the database user attaching the template at a later date will be the default owner and/or assignee for workflow tasks.

*Updated: When viewing a Workflow Template, you can now click its name to access the modal allowing you to edit its name, owner, target date and/or description.

*Fixed: When viewing Workflows in a contact record and hovering over a task with a long description, words in the description were being truncated in the tooltip, making reading difficult. This has been addressed.

*Updated: When attempting to link a Seminar to a Workflow, Completed Workflows will no longer show in the selection box of workflows to choose from.


07.01.2019 - v2.43.0

*Added: Days of the week now remain in place at the top of your Calendar when scrolling down the page. 

*Added: Standard Account reports now offer a ton of filtering options, including Contact Name, Account Number, Company, Product, Type, Manager, Model, Status, Tax Qualified Type, Source, Agent, Agent Number and more.
*Updated: All exportable PDFs were given a significant overhaul. You should see improvements across the board for these.
*Updated: All PDF reports generated from Redtail now honor formatting of bulleted/numbered lists.
*Added: All CSV Exports now include separate columns for a contact’s First and Last Names.
*Updated: Non-admin users will now have access to the Dropbox Files for PDFs and CSVs they’ve generated themselves. This change will not have any effect on other files in this area, i.e., non-admin users won’t have access to other files here.
*Fixed: We resolved an issue where the Unlinked Accounts export wouldn’t include all accounts subsequent to an account that included a comma in its title.
*Fixed: We resolved an error that could arise when generating a custom export if special characters were used in the template name for that export.
*Added: Phone Number extensions (if present) are now included in PDFs, CSVs and Custom Exports that include Phone Numbers.
*Fixed: Phone Numbers with a Type of “Other” were not being included in Phone Number csv exports generated from a contact record. They are now.

*Added: A Search box option has been added to the Seminar Attendees screen in order that you might narrow down a large list of Attendees more easily. 

User Experience / User Interface
*Added: Tables copied and pasted from Word or Excel into Redtail Notes will now retain their WYSIWYG formatting. We’ve addressed a number of other text formatting issues within Notes as well.
*Added: Note Drafts are now available for Activity Linked Notes, just as they are with regular Notes.
*Added: The Account Registration field now appears for accounts on a client’s Accounts page, in order that you might more easily differentiate between accounts.
*Added: On a contact’s Memberships page, Linked Contacts’ Status and Category now display on screen.
*Updated: When you are assigned activities by other database users, Activities on your Today’s Overview will now dynamically update (refresh) to include those new activities.
*Updated: When hovering over the Owner or Insured tags for an account, a tooltip now displays the Owner/Insured name.
*Fixed: Follow-up Activities from Notes now include all Linked Contacts on the Note as Linked Contacts for the Activity.
*Fixed: You’ll now receive a message notifying you to “uncomplete” a completed activity when you attempt to edit it. This will prevent you from losing work due to an error (such as when you attempt to add a linked Note to an activity and then receive an error message when attempting to save that change).
*Fixed: In some cases, emails sent using the internal email client within Redtail CRM would insert extra space within signature lines. This has been resolved.
*Fixed: When editing a “Family Account” from within a contact record it does not belong to, you’ll receive an alert to notify you that your changes will be reflected in the Account Holder’s record, as well as any other family members’ records with whom it is shared.
*Fixed: When editing a “Family Document” from within a contact record it does not belong to, you’ll receive an alert to notify you that your changes will be reflected in the record where the document was originally uploaded, as well as any other family members’ records with whom it is shared.
*Fixed: We’ve resolved an error that could occur when attempting to type in an End Date for a repeating activity rather than using the Date Picker to choose your End Date.
*Fixed: Universal Life accounts were not displaying cash value as the balance for the account or in AUM. This has been resolved.
*Fixed: We got to the bottom of an issue that was preventing “Sort by Importance” from sorting properly on the Today’s Overview page in the Activities section.
*Fixed: Dragging and dropping a completed activity on your calendar could cause issues with its completion status. You’ll now receive a message to uncomplete the activity prior to making any edits (as a drag and drop edits its date/time).
*Fixed: If the Location field for an Activity was too long, it would push other columns off the side of the page on the Today’s Overview page. This is fixed.
*Updated: Verbiage on the User Rights update screen has been updated in regard to report access.
*Fixed: We’ve addressed some column mislabeling issues in the Contact by State csv export.

*Added: You’ll now find a “Back to Templates” link at the top of the page whenever you’re inside an existing Workflow Template. This will allow you to easily return to the main Workflow Templates page without having to use your browser’s back button.
*Added: The Completed On Date and the Category are now included in the Workflow Report PDF and Export.
*Fixed: When adding a Workflow Template and selecting a Team, the teams list now displays in alphabetical order.


06.12.2019 - v2.42.0


*Added: On the No Contact Report, you can now see the exact number of days since the last contact with one of your clients, rather than being limited to seeing a date range only.

*Added: The Wedding Anniversary Reminder Report now includes the number of years a couple has been married in the csv export and pdf reports that are available.

*Added: When viewing your “Workflow tasks to do today” area in the CRM, you now have a link to view all Workflow Tasks (including those past due).

*Added: On your Accounts by Contact Report, you now have filtering options that will allow you to filter by manually entered accounts, feed-linked accounts or both.


*Fixed: The tooltip for Workflow Tasks was sometimes sticking, requiring a page refresh to make them disappear. This has been resolved.

*Fixed: Some users were receiving a 500 error when attempting to filter the Workflow Report for Completed Workflows and then generate a pdf of those filtered results. The pdf should generate now with no issues.

*Fixed: Workflow Step Notes weren’t displaying in Workflow Notifications in all cases where applicable. Now they will display as expected.


*Updated: Copytalk messages, and any Notes or Activities created from them within Redtail, now display the timestamp of when they were created in Copytalk, rather than of when they were sent to Redtail.

*Updated: The United Capital integration is now available to all users, rather than just those advisors whose Broker Dealer is United Capital.


*Added: Spouses’ full names, including nicknames, will now display in the Basic Information header for Contact Records.

*Added: A Keyword count and a Tag Group count (meaning how many of each have been selected) will now display within each Contact Record on their Overview in those areas and in the Know Your Client area of their record. 

*Updated: The text editor for Opportunity Descriptions has been updated to match the text editors throughout Redtail CRM so that you can include text formatting for those Descriptions as you can elsewhere.

*Fixed: Notes/activities that included underlining as part of their formatting weren’t retaining the underlining in all cases once saved. This is fixed.

*Fixed: In some instances, running Family Name labels from Advanced Search would include labels for spouses as well. This is no longer an issue.

*Fixed: When a database only had one Team Notice entered, the Team Notice area would still flash to indicate it was cycling between notices. No flashes will occur now in those cases.

*Updated: If a Team Notice included a hyperlink, said hyperlink would not function as a hyperlink until users clicked the “Show More” option within the notice. This has been updated to act as a link as expected.

*Fixed: Newly created or updated Important Information for a Contact Record now displays on page without requiring a manual screen refresh.

*Fixed: When closing a Family Member’s Contact Details accessed from the Family page, the Edit screen would flash briefly. Now it won’t.

*Fixed: We’ve resolved date issues that could arise when database users assigned all-day activities to database users in a different time zone.


05/22/2019 - v.2.39.0


  • Added: You can now delete accounts in bulk from the Accounts by Contact Report. The delete option is available under the Account Options menu:
  • Added: You can now change account data points in bulk from this report as well. Data points that can be bulk updated are Company, Product, Type, Manager, Model/Strategy, Status, Tax Qualified?, Tax Qualified Type, Discretionary?, Managed?, and Held Away?.
  • Added: Similar to the Combine Contacts function, you now have the ability to combine accounts (from the Accounts by Contact Report), the need for which might arise if you’ve manually entered an account that is now feeding over via an account aggregator integration:
  • Added: You now have the ability to filter a contact’s Document Storage area by Document Type and/or Document Category. Also, you can now view Family Documents in a contact’s CRM Document Storage area:
  • Added: You now have the ability to restore deleted accounts within your CRM from your new Deleted Accounts Report:
  • Added: Seminars on your Calendar now display Attendees and Notes in the tooltip that arises when you hover your cursor over them:
  • Added: You can now link a Note to more than one contact during the Note creation process.
  • Added: We’ve added a Deleted Activity report to the CRM, as well as the ability to restore deleted activities within your CRM from that report, either individually or in bulk.
  • Fixed: When attempting to move an account or a note from one contact record to another, you must now select that second contact prior to continuing. This resolves a bug that could occur otherwise.
  • Fixed: Previously, if you deleted a contact from your database and later restored them, they would not be re-linked to activities they were linked to at the time of their deletion from your database. Now that re-linking will occur.

Retriever Cloud:

  • Fixed: Editing addresses in Outlook was, in some cases, removing Address 2 lines in Redtail. We’ve resolved this.
  • Fixed: We’ve addressed an error that could occur in regard to timing/ordering when using the Reset button for Retriever Cloud.
  • Private Activities in Office 365 now sync to Redtail with a Privacy Option of “Just Me”.
  • Instances of a repeating activity that fall within the date range of activities being synced to Office 365 will now be included in the sync, regardless of whether or not the Start Date for the activity series falls outside of the sync range.


05/01/2019 - v.2.36.0

New Features:

*Added: A Contacts with No Upcoming Activities report, which will allow you to run a report for contacts that don't have any scheduled activities within a selected date range:


Quality of Life Improvements:

*Updated: When creating a Mail Merge that isn’t from a Mail Merge template, you can now select a Note Category for the Mail Merge note that will be created. In Mail Merges run from templates, the Note Category comes from the original template:

*Updated: Similarly, when creating a Broadcast Email that isn’t from a Broadcast Email template, you can now select a Note Category for the Broadcast Email note that will be created:

*Updated: When a Workflow Summary is saved as a Note, the Workflow Template’s Category will match the Note Category.

*Updated: In Preferences for Activity Management, we changed the verbiage of “Default to All Day Events” to “Default to Create All Day Events” for clarity, and changed its position within these preferences in order to remove any impression that it might relate in some way to the Calendar Actions menu:

*Updated: When viewing family members on a contact’s Family page, you’ll now see an icon present on each spouse and/or dependent’s ID card there that will allow you to view/edit their Contact Details.

Bug Fixes:

*Fixed: On the Account Details edit page, editing the General Info was updating the Asset Rebalance Date to display “False” when that field had not been edited. This is resolved.

*Fixed: For Custom Exports that included the Account Number field, plus either the Application Date, Cash Value, Effective Date, Annual Premium, Account Face Value, Account Issue Date, or Account UDF Values, there was an issue with those post-Account Number fields each displaying in the export with the value of the first instance of that field in the export. This is no longer an issue.


03/20/2019 - v2.33.0


* Added:  When sending emails from within Redtail, you’ll now receive a popup message notifying you if you’ve neglected to include a Subject line for the email, which will allow you to resolve that prior to sending the email:

* Added:  You can now assign Roles (Advisor, Associate Advisor, CSA) for a client during the contact creation process:

* Added: Primary Contact information now displays in the Miscellaneous Info area on a contact’s Know Your Client page, matching up with what is displayed in the Know Your Client section of the contact’s Overview page:

* Updated:  The Report Filters popups now stay open even when you click outside of them, so that you won’t lose any filters you’ve chosen and have to reselect prior to applying the filtering:

* Added:  User Defined Fields with a Field Type of “Number” will now support decimals in their Field Values:

* Updated:  The Remote Support link in Redtail CRM’s Help Menu now points to rather than

Bug Fixes: 

* Fixed: We’ve made some adjustments to how a repeating activity’s End Date field is handled in order to prevent users from inadvertently setting the activity’s end date prior to its beginning.

* Fixed: In the Appointments section of the Licensing area for a contact, you can now perform column sorting operations to sort the data by your preferred view.

* Fixed: When attempting to edit a Workflow Task’s Due Date from the Today page, the date picker popup was not displaying. This is resolved.

* Fixed: If you attempted to run a custom export that included the Portfolio Value field and any of the Account General Information fields, but did not include the Account Number field, you would receive a 500 error. The same issue occurred when attempting to run a custom export including the Portfolio Value and Issue Date fields, without selecting the Account Number field. These are no longer issues.

* Fixed: When adding Licensing information for a contact, date pickers were not included in the date fields in those popups. This has been addressed.

* Fixed: We’ve resolved a Custom Export issue involving deleted spouses’ DL numbers.

* Fixed: This was a rare issue, but, if two employers have the same name in your database, with one entered in ALL CAPS and the other entered in proper case, no matter which one you chose when adding an employer to a record the first one listed would always be the one applied to the contact. This shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

* Fixed: In some cases, when Broadcast Emails included the SpouseNicknameFirstname or SpouseFirstname merge fields, the emails would get hung up in processing. No longer!

* Fixed: We’ve updated how Workflow Task Description popups display, so that users won’t face issues with them being cut off at the bottom of a browser window.

* Fixed: Again, a rare issue, but if you were to hover over a Team Notice at the moment it was beginning to transition to the next Team Notice, sometimes it would cause the notice to stick, necessitating a page refresh to continue as normal. This is fixed.

* Fixed: In some cases, the Client Summary Report could display accounts with a status of “Closed”, even after filtering to display only Open accounts. Your display will now reflect your filters accurately in those cases.

* Fixed: We’ve added character limitations for how email subject lines display for emails on the email archive tab to prevent columns in the archive from being pushed offscreen.

* Fixed: When attempting to link an existing workflow to an opportunity, completed workflows were also showing up in the existing workflow list. They no longer do.

* Fixed: When electing to create a follow-up activity from a Note, the date was defaulting to the following day. This has been updated to default to the day of creation.

* Fixed: For activities that were created in Redtail via Zapier, where subsequent Automations that were triggered by the activity called for a Workflow’s activation, Linked Contacts for the activity were not coming over. This is fixed.

* Fixed: When adding a new Workflow for a contact from a Workflow Template, the system would not allow you to override the existing owner (the owner specified in the template). Now you can.

* Fixed: When adding a Workflow to a contact with a Role listed as the Owner, no Owner was being listed for that Workflow. The appropriate Owner should now be displayed, based upon whether or not they are indicated as serving the chosen Role for that contact.

* Fixed:  In some cases, if you used the arrow and Enter keys on your keyboard to select a Linked Contact for an Activity rather than selecting the contact with your mouse, a duplicate contact could be created. This is resolved.

*Fixed: On Custom Exports that included the Next Activity Date field, for any dates after the year 2029 the date was displaying with a “19” in the place of the “20”. The correct century will now display.

* Fixed: If you try to apply a new Keyword in bulk that already exists in your database, you’ll now see a message to let you know it already exists. The same goes for Tag Groups.

* Fixed: When using the “Save and Complete and New” option from an Activity, the new Activity was defaulting to an All-Day Event, even when a user’s preferences indicated that activities shouldn’t default to all-day. Now, individual user preferences are honored in these situations.

* Fixed: We’ve resolved an issue where some stocks were displaying a $0 value on the Market News page.


03/13/2019 - v2.32.0

For this update, we've completely overhauled the Combine Contacts feature!

More data will now be combined than ever before, including Status, Category, Family, and Know Your Client information! Combining Contacts will also compare and merge data when it's appropriate in order to help prevent duplicates. The combine feature will still create a new record and mark the records combined into it as deleted, as it does today, so that they can be accessed for reference via the Recycle Bin.
Combine will now always process as a background job, and you will be notified via email when the Combine has finished.


Phone Numbers
Physical Addresses
Internet Addresses
Activities (both Completed and Open)
Account Activity associations
Account Details
Contact UDFs
Primary Contact Info
Professional Contacts
Misc. Personal Info
Health Info
Assets & Liabilities
Know Your Client  (Important Info, Keywords, Personal Interests, Identifications, Employment Info, Banking Info)
Roles (Advisor, Associate Advisor, CSA)
Contact Permissions
Tag Groups
Orion contact integration mappings
SEI contact integration mappings
LPL contact integration mappings
Sharefile integration folder links


Contact Photos
Broadcast Email History
Riskalyze, Pocket Risk and FinaMetrica Scores
Speak Rooms

Some important things to note:

There is no way to change the order when combining contacts. For all contacts being merged into the Primary Contact, the first merge contact in the list of contacts-to-merge is the next-most-important record, i.e., their information is second in priority in terms of what data will be preserved where there is no conflict with the Primary Contact, and so on down the line of contacts to be merged.
If a record that is being deleted has a Speak Client Room, be aware that restoring that contact will not restore their Speak room.
Should the Primary Contact not have any family relationships established within your database, the Primary Contact will assume the family position of Contact B, if any is indicated. If not, they’d assume the family position of Contact C, if any indicated, and on down the line.
Business Records:
When combining business records with other business records, employees will transfer.

When combining individual records with a business record, items that don't pertain to business records will be removed. If a spouse exists for the individual record that is being removed, that spouse will become their own Family Head.
If you'd like more detailed information on the process for combining contacts, you can find that here.


02/27/2019 - v2.31.0

Bulk Actions

* Added: When using the “Assign Keyword” feature as a bulk option from your Advanced Search page, you can now create new Keywords from that screen, rather than being limited to selecting from Keywords that already exist in your database.
* Fixed: When using the Add Activity in Bulk option (from the Advanced Search page), users couldn’t edit the Start/End times for the activity. This is fixed.

Contact Records

* Fixed: On Business, Association, Trust and Union type contact records, the date picker wasn’t present for the Client Since Date and Client Termination Date fields in the Contact Details area. It’s present now.


* Updated: On the Attendees page for a Seminar, clicking anywhere on a given attendee’s row will check off their selection box, making the “Attendee Options” button available.
* Fixed: When creating a seminar from within a contact record and electing to add a new workflow from the Linked Workflows area of that Seminar, the Workflow was not attaching to the initial contact record, as expected. This has been addressed.

User Experience / User Interface

* Updated: When you select a Type for one of your accounts that is, by its nature, tax qualified, the “Tax Qualified” box will now automatically be checked off.
* Fixed: When selecting the “Create Follow-up Activity” option during the Note creation process, the resulting activity would default to be an All-Day activity, even when a user had indicated in their Activity Management Preferences that activities should not default to All-Day. This has been resolved.
* Fixed: On the No Contact Report, attempting to use the Activity Type and Activity Category filters at the same time was producing a 500 error for some users. Both filters can be used now without causing any issues.
* Fixed: After applying any filters on your Opportunities page, if you elected to run the PDF Report the resulting PDF would display your Opportunities without the filters you’d applied. Now this PDF Report pulls in the data with your filters reflected.
* Fixed: The Contacts by RMD Report was continuing to display clients even after any tax qualified accounts that they had previously held were deleted from the CRM. This is fixed.
* Fixed: When adding a Workflow to an Opportunity, the Workflow Template’s Description was not being maintained with that instance of the workflow. This has been addressed.
* Fixed: When an Activity has associated Linked Accounts and Linked Notes, the Linked Accounts were only linked to the first Linked Note. Now they will be linked to all Linked Notes for the Activity.
* Fixed: We’ve resolved an error that could occur when users set a contact’s “Client Review Repeats” field to “Never” if the contact already had the “Client Review Repeat Ends” field set to a date.


02/07/2019 - v2.29.0


* Added: On an Activity’s Details page, in the Actions area, you’ll now see an option that reads “Save & Complete & New”. This will allow you to accomplish three things with one click: 1) save any changes you just made to an Activity, 2) complete that Activity, and 3) be taken to the Activity Details page for a brand new Activity, for which you can then fill in the details:


* Added: When creating an Activity where some of the Linked Attendees have potential Calendar conflicts with that new Activity, you’ll now receive a warning message, with the options to 1) make changes to the Activity prior to creating it or, 2) go ahead and create it as is:


* Fixed: When creating a follow up activity from a note, it was triggering an alert message (about calendar conflict), even if the activity was an all day event and assigned to someone else. This is no longer an issue.

* Fixed: Alert notifications (accessible from the bell icon in the navigation menu on the upper right corner of your CRM) for recurring Activities were displaying the date for the initial occurrence of the Activity, rather than for each individual occurrence’s date. Each instance’s date will now display correctly when accessing that area.


* Added: From your Calendar’s Actions menu, you can now elect the option to “Show Holidays” on your Redtail Calendar. You can also choose the background color to use for holidays:


Contact Records

* Added: When creating a new contact with a Type of Business, Association, Union or Trust, you can now add Keywords for them from the contact creation screen.

* Fixed: When creating a new contact with a Type of Business, Association, Union or Trust and attempting to add an additional phone number (beyond the first one entered), the country code option was disappearing. Now this option is still available in those instances, as expected, allowing you to enter a phone number with the country code of your choice.

Redtail Email Lists

* Updated: The Signup Form for our email lists (Redtail Newsletter, Release Notes, Announcements, etc.) has changed. If you’d like to ensure that you are currently subscribed to all Redtail emails you’re interested in receiving, you can access that signup form from the Help menu in Redtail CRM (accessible by clicking the “?” in the navigation menu on the upper right corner of your CRM):



* Fixed: The Categories Filter on the Account Rider Reminders Report was not filtering as expected. We’ve addressed this issue, with a very stern voice, and the filter has fallen right into line.


* Fixed: Some users were experiencing an issue when viewing a Workflow’s Details page, where if they were in different time zones they’d sometimes see conflicting due dates. This is resolved.


1/03/2019 - v2.24.0 - v2.27.0

Contact Record

* Fixed: Some users were reporting 500 errors when attempting to view linked Imaging Documents from a Contact Record. Those views should be clear now!

* Fixed: The “Past Due Activities” link at the top of contacts’ Overview pages was linking to yesterday’s activities, rather than all past due activities. This has been corrected.

* Updated: When adding an Owner for an Account, you now have the option to create a new Contact Record, if a matching contact doesn’t exist within your database.


*Fixed: There was a problem with viewing Email that had no subject field within the CRM. You can see it now!


* Added: You can now add Keywords for a contact during the contact creation process.


* Added: Note notification emails now have a link that will take recipients directly to that Note within the CRM (as long as they are already logged into the CRM).


* Fixed: The Client Since Anniversaries Reminder Report was not pulling in Contact Records with a Type of Business. Now it is!

* Updated: Account UDFs and Contact UDFs are now sorted alphabetically in the Template Builder for Custom Exports.

* Fixed: On the Contacts by RMD Report, age was estimated incorrectly for those with December birthdays. A correct estimation is now in place.

* Fixed: In the Default Settings export, a comma now displays after the City in the Address 3 column.


* Added: “Employer” has been added as a field that will be searched when using the “Search Contacts” box in the header of your CRM. So, if you search for “Employer X” using that box, every contact in your database with “Employer X” listed as their employer will be returned in your results.

Tag Groups

* Added: You can now remove contacts from a Tag Group in bulk via your Contact Options on the Advanced Search page.

* Added: You can also now add a contact to a Tag Group during the contact creation process.

Team Notices

* Added: The speed at which Team Notices on your Dashboard rotate has been slowed slightly and you can now pause a notice by hovering your cursor over it.

User Defined Fields

* Fixed: When editing or creating a new Account UDF with a list value, attempting to use the plus sign to add a new value was sending users back to the database list rather than allowing them to add a new list value. This has been resolved.

User Experience / User Interface

* Fixed: Clicking cancel after selecting “Create Activity” from CopyTalk and Mobile Assistant modals was still creating Activity. That’s no longer an issue.

* Updated: When clicking anywhere on a row within the Recently Viewed modal (Contacts, Tag Groups or Quicklists tab), you’ll now be taken to the intended page.

* Fixed: In some cases, Broadcast Emails were saving as Notes within recipient’s Contact Records, even when the box to “Save Copy as Note” was not checked off. This should no longer occur.

* Fixed: When adding a Workflow via the Quick Add method, the Owner for the Workflow was not populating from the template. The Owner will now be added as a part of this process.

* Updated: You can now filter your Workflow Templates by Category and/or Status.

* Fixed: Notes linked to activities were, in some cases, displaying an incorrect linked contact number on the contacts’ Notes pages.

* Fixed: When your cursor is in the percentage box for a Beneficiary, the default percentage is now removed before you begin typing.

* Fixed: When choosing “Add to Seminar” as a Bulk Action from the Advanced Search page, Seminars with a “Prior” status were included as options for selection. This has been cleaned up.

* Updated: You can now filter your Email Templates within the CRM by Category.


11/14/2018 - v2.23.0


* Added: The Opportunity Tracker now “remembers” your selected filters when you return to the Opportunity Tracker after adding or editing an opportunity.

* Fixed: We’ve resolved an issue where some users were receiving a 500 error when attempting to export Opportunities from the Contact Record view.

* Fixed: When generating a PDF from the Opportunity Tracker or for a contact from their Opportunities page, only Open Opportunities were being included in that PDF, regardless of the Stage Filters applied by the user prior to generation of the report. The generated PDF will now reflect your filters when you run it.

* Updated: The filtering method for your Opportunity Tracker and your Opportunities by Contact Report has been updated to make that process both more intuitive and more consistent.

* Added: Opportunities can now be filtered by whom they are assigned to. Also, the Assigned To field will now be included in the PDF you can generate for the Opportunity Tracker and Opportunity Reports, as well as Excel files you can generate regarding opportunities.

* Fixed: When going to an Opportunity that is linked to a contact record, and then Quick Adding a Workflow, the linked contact from the Opportunity was not being attached to that new Workflow. This is resolved.

* Updated: The Opportunity Tracker will now display open opportunities with a Close Date in the current year (or later) by default, with options to display earlier open opportunities as well. Opportunities w/o a Close Date will also display by default.

* Updated: Opportunities assigned a Stage of Closed Lost or Closed Won now show up by default when viewing a contact’s opportunities, rather than requiring users to filter to view those Stages.

User Experience / User Interface

* Fixed: On the Calendar, we’ve resolved some inconsistencies with how activity borders were displaying.

* Fixed: We’ve resolved an issue within the Contact Record where, when viewing a repeating activity for the contact, the masthead and navigation options for that contact were not on display as expected.

* Fixed: We’ve made updates so that when you edit an activity, regardless of where you access that Activity Details page from, you’ll see the notification across the top of the page after saving your changes to let you know that your edits were successful.


10/25/2018 - v2.21.0 

Contact Records

* Added: When adding a new Contact Record, if the First and Last Name fields (or the Name field for non-individual Types) match those of an existing record that you have access to in your database, you'll see a warning message across the top of the screen to alert you to the possible duplication. You can then go ahead and save the record (if they are not the same individual) or avoid creating a duplicate if they are. Who doesn't love alerts and options?

Broadcast Email

* Updated: Your Broadcast Email history now allows you to view more than just the past 30 days of your Broadcast Emails. This also resolves another issue where, in some cases, users were unable to retrieve a list of all processed and/or failed deliveries from the Manage Broadcast Emails page, as well as a 500 error that sometimes occurred when attempting to access that page.


* Updated: The First Name of a Contact’s spouse is now included in the export file you can create for upload to SendOutCards. We’ve also made an update to the Anniversary, Birthday and Country columns’ headers on the export to prevent any manual updates that may have been needed on your end.


* Updated: The ability to copy or move Notes that originated from Activities, Workflows or Mail Merges has been added. You could already do this with straight-up Note entries, but now it is possible with these other Note types as well.

* Added: You now have the ability to create Follow-up Activities from existing Notes (rather than strictly during the creation of a Note).

Recycle Bin

* Added: Your Recycle Bin now features a Deleted By column, so you can easily see who deleted a Contact Record, should the need arise.


* Fixed: We’ve adjusted the way the “Days in Past” and “Days in Advance” Filters were working on the Client Review Reminders Report to stipulate that the date on which you apply the filter(s) is excluded from the number of days for which you are filtering.

* Added: You can now export Membership information in Excel format at the individual or bulk level. This report will include Type, Linked Contact, Contact Is, and Linked Contact Is fields. While this might be useful in many situations, three of the common reasons we’ve seen for this request is to allow easier reporting on 401(k) clients, referrals and networking groups.

* Added: The No Contact Report and the Fiduciary No Contact Report now allow Activity Type and Category filtering and Note Type and Category filtering.


10/10/2018 - v2.20.0 


* Fixed: When selecting an individual Activity to reschedule it, the time of the original Activity was not being preserved, but rather setting the Activity’s Start Time to the current time, requiring you to reselect your desired Start and End Times. This is resolved.

* Fixed: From an Activity’s Details page, clicking on a contact’s spouse’s name would not take you to the spouse’s Contact Record. Now it will.

Bulk Actions

* Fixed: If you had your Activity Management Preference for “Default to All Day Events” set to “Yes”, this preference was not automatically checking off the “All Day?” box for Bulk Activity creation. It was a one-click fix for a multi-Activity issue, but it will be click-free bliss going forward.

* Updated: When creating Bulk Activities, the default Importance setting is now “Normal” rather than “High”.

Contact Records

* Updated: The box that indicates whether or not an Email Address is the “Primary Address” will now be checked off by default when adding the first email address for a contact. It’s a simple matter to uncheck it, or to edit a different email address later to be the one marked primary, but, since Broadcast Emails require an email address marked as primary, it seemed the most sensible option to treat solo email addresses as primary addresses by default.

Custom Exports

* Added: Strategic Allocation Model fields (Time Horizon, Objective and Risk Tolerance) at the Contact level can now be included in Custom Exports.

Email Archiving

* Fixed: For switch-in database users, their email admin rights from their home database were not carrying over into those they switched into. This has been addressed.

Manage Database Users and Teams

* Added: On your Manage Database Teams page, you can now see a popup of all Team Members for a given Team by hovering your cursor over that Team’s name. Also, you now have the option to remove all members from a Team at once.

* Updated: Previously, disabled database users still displayed on any User Teams within the database to which they had been attached. You will no longer see them in those cases once they have been disabled.

Personal Profile Form

* Fixed: User Preferences in regard to hiding/showing a contact’s Tax ID number will now carry over to children that are included on that form.

User Experience / User Interface

* Updated: Your navigation, header, and contact option buttons all remain in place at the top of the page now when scrolling through your Contacts A-Z page.

* Added: When viewing a Contact’s Activities page, you’ll now see a number to indicate the total number of activities on display for your current filters for that contact.

* Updated: The Account UDF list will now dynamically refresh to reflect items alphabetically when you’ve made an edit to a UDF that changes that alphabetical order. Previously, it required refreshing the screen, or leaving it and coming back to it.

* Updated: When viewing the Type dropdown menu options from your Advanced Search page, you should note that the option previously reading "Personal Profile" now reads "Know Your Client" in order to align more closely with the verbiage within your database.


9/26/2018 - v2.19.0

Contact Record

* Fixed: Email Address fields now accept the ñ character in the local-part of the address (before the @ symbol and domain).

Recycle Bin

* Added: When searching your Recycle Bin, a message will display to let you know when no contacts meet the parameters of your search (in order that you might be confident your search has completed).

Speak Module

* Updated: Verbiage throughout the Speak Module has been updated so that anywhere it previously referenced “chat” or “chat room” it will now reference “conversations” instead.

User Interface / User Experience

* Updated: Clicking on the Calendar in order to close Calendar dropdown menus (Users, Types, etc.) should no longer cause a Create Activity modal to unintentionally pop up.


* Updated: The verbiage has been changed for one of the fields on the Add Workflow Template modal. The word “Due” has been changed to “Set Target Date.” We've also added an “On” option, in addition to Before/After, when setting Workflow Step due dates.

* Updated: When viewing your Workflow Tasks page, Linked Contacts are now clickable hyperlinks (when you have multiple linked contacts, that is - individual linked contacts were already hyperlinks).


9/12/18 – v2.18.0


* Fixed: If you’d completed all instances of a repeating activity from any instance of it other than the initial activity, you might receive a 500 error when later attempting to open one of those completed activities. This should no longer occur.

* Updated: When typing in the Location field for an Activity, previously entered locations will now display as options for selection. Or, if the location you’re entering is a new one, you can add it and it will display in the list going forward.


* Updated: Your navigation buttons and Date at the top of the Calendar (for Daily or Weekly views) now remain visible when scrolling.


* Added: Workflow Step Notes can now be accessed from the Workflow Summary Note’s Actions menu on your Dashboard under Recently Added Notes, and in the Notes area within Contact Records.


* Fixed: If a Quicklist contained “And” and “Or” operations, when a user attempted to clone that Quicklist, the “And” operation(s) were stripped from the cloned Quicklist., i.e., it didn’t end up being a clone of the original Quicklist, seeing as how it was “andless”. Cloning for these types of Quicklists should now result in actual clones of the original, “ands” and all.

Recycle Bin

* Added: The Recycle Bin is now searchable. Contacts in your Recycle Bin were already alphabetized to make finding a specific contact, when necessary, a quick process, but, if your Recycle Bin is always overflowing and spilling out onto the floor, you’ll find this search capability makes finding a specific contact in there an even quicker process.


* Added: Custom Exports can now include additional Know Your Client information, such as Height, Weight, Is Smoker? (T/F), Medical Conditions, Estimated Net Worth, Total Assets, Non-liquid Assets, Liabilities, Liquid Assets, Net Worth and Liquid Net Worth. Account UDFs can also now be included in Custom Exports.

Switch-in Users

* Fixed: Switch-in Users were seeing Email Archiving data from their home database, rather than for the database they had switched into (or, as the no-preposition-at-the-end-of-a-sentence crowd likes to say, “rather than for the database into which they had switched”). This has been resolved, granting these users the same email viewing rights they possess within their home database.

User Experience / User Interface

* Fixed: When a link was present in the Description for a Workflow Task, this was causing the Workflow Task to stretch out on the Calendar. We understand the importance of stretching, even do it ourselves from time to time – but this was not the place. It’s no longer an issue.

* Updated: User and Team Permissions for Contacts are now applied from within a modal to match the process for permission application for Opportunities.

* Updated: When typing in the Referred By field for a Contact, previously entered referrers will now display as options for selection. Or, if the referrer you’re entering is a new one, you can add it and it will display in the list going forward.


* Fixed: When Workflows were triggered by Automations, Workflow notifications were not being sent to the user to whom the tasks in the first step were assigned. They’ll be sent in these instances now.


v2.16.0 - 8/29/2018 

Custom Exports

* Fixed: If your database had a hyphen in a Profession Name, e.g., “Attorney-Business” or “Teacher-Painter” or “Doctor-Potter”, running a Custom Export that included that field would produce a 500 error. Some professions simply can't be dehyphenated and this should no longer cause any problems.

Document Storage

*Fixed: Some users were receiving 500 errors when attempting to download documents they had stored within Document Storage. Downloads should proceed smoothly now.

Email History

*Added: The default filter when viewing your Email History is now set to the last domain you viewed. This is controlled via cookies and will remain in place unless you clear cookies, at which point you might have to select the domain again.

Speak Module

* Added: Database Owners now have the ability to search and filter through ALL of the chat conversations of their databases as needed in a Report, and to then export to CSV for auditing purposes.

* Added: If a text message you attempt to send via Speak fails to deliver, you’ll now receive a clearer indication to alert you to that failed send.

* Fixed: We’ve resolved an issue where if you attempted to delete a Contact’s Phone Number that was associated with a Speak Room that had been disbanded you would receive an error message.


v2.15.0 – 8/01/2018

Advanced Search

* Fixed: When a search returned more than 50 results, hovering your cursor over contacts beyond those first 50 wouldn’t produce the tooltip you’re accustomed to seeing if/when hovering over one of the first 50. Wait, you did know about those tooltips, right?

Redtail Email

* Updated: When viewing your Email Dashboard, Emails by Contact Report or Contact Email History, by default you will be viewing the last domain added, as this is typically the current email domain databases use, and the one you’d want to see the most.

* Updated: We’ve added verbiage to your Email Dashboard to clarify that you are viewing your last seven days of email by default.

* Fixed: If you had your email address in ALLCAPS where linked to your database username, this could pose an issue with viewing archived emails. That’s no longer the case.

* Updated: You’ll now see a tooltip displaying all email addresses in the To and From columns of your Email History, when hovering your cursor over those links.

* Updated: Your Emails by Contact Report will now be processed as a background job when more than 10 pages will be included.

* Updated: The “To” field has been added back to the Email History section on Contact Records, in order that you might be certain which of their email addresses was used for any given email.


* Added: We’ve added Time (HHMMSS) to the criteria used to sort on the Seminars page, after Date (MMDDYYYY) has been applied.


v2.14.0 – 7/27/2018

Redtail Email

* Added: Subscribers to Redtail Email will now see an Email tab accessible from their CRM dashboard that will allow you to easily access your Email Dashboard. From that Email Dashboard, you can see your Email History, quickly View or Download emails and filter/search through your email archive.

* Added: If you have multiple domains linked to your database, you will now see a filter option to view emails from each domain separately.

* Added: There’s a new filter on the contact record email history as well, allowing filtering just like the Emails by Contact Report and including the domain filter.

* Updated: Emails journaled to us in envelope format previously had to be downloaded in order to be viewed, but now are displayed in the CRM, just like any other email.

* Updated: We’ve significantly reduced the time between when an email is sent / received and when it shows up in your Email History in the CRM.

* Fixed: We’ve resolved an issue where the modal for viewing an email sometimes displayed an incorrect timestamp.

* Fixed: Emails in your Email History now appropriately display the attachment symbol when an attachment is present.

* Fixed: When filtering the Emails by Contact Report where the Start and End Date were the same, you’d sometimes receive a timeout error. This should no longer be an issue. We’ve also resolved an issue where clicking the Subject Line for an email in this report would sometimes produce an error.

* Fixed: Applying additional filters to the Email History Report that included Contact Name and specific date ranges would produce errors in some cases. We’ve got that knocked out.


v2.13.0 – 7/16/2018


* Fixed: When attempting to manually link unlinked accounts to contact records that have a Type of “Business”, users were receiving an error message that prevented successful account linking. This should no longer be an issue.

Speak Module

* Fixed: Some Speak users were receiving an error when attempting to set their Speak preferences for “Receive Text Messages in Client Rooms When Offline” to “Yes”. This is resolved.

* Added: You now have the ability to disband (and leave) a Client Room that is in a “pending” state, i.e., the Client has not yet accepted your invite to join the room. You now also have the ability to send a re-invite for rooms in a “pending” state.

* Fixed: When searching your messages in the Speak module, if your search returned more than one page of results, they sometimes wouldn’t load properly. This has been addressed.


v2.12.0 – 7/09/2018


* Fixed: In some cases, the Search Auto-Redirect preference was not honoring users’ indicated preference, i.e., you would not be carried to a contact record when you’d set this preference to “yes” and the record was the only one that met your search criteria. Redirection should now occur, should that be your indicated preference. Automatically.


* Fixed: If you had accounts in your database with an Account Type one of your database users deleted (prior to updating any accounts associated with that Type), you would encounter a 500 error when running the Account Renewal Reminders report. This has been addressed.


* Updated: The Value dropdown menu for the Account Held Away field now offers True or False as your available selections.

* Updated: The Servicing Advisor search values available were not alphabetized. They are now more alphabetized than you would have believed to be humanly possible! Like, next-level alphabetization!

* Fixed: Searching for a contact’s Employer, when that field has a null value for a contact, would produce an error. This is no longer the case.

Speak Module

* Added: When users deleted a phone number from their database that was associated with a Client Room, the Client Room would become inaccessible. You can now re-associate a Client Room with a “new” phone number, which is actually the same, or original, number.

* Added: The Speak history for a Client Room will now include more detailed text to clearly specify when advisors have disbanded rooms or clients have declined invites.

* Added: We’ve added an additional confirmation and disclaimer to make it more explicit that the database phone number you are selecting for Speak is permanent. YOU CAN’T CHANGE IT!

* Added: We’ve added a 5,000 advisor texts per day cap to all databases. Keep in mind that if you have the maximum number of database users (15), this still allows each of them to send up to 333 texts via Speak per day. That’s 41 per hour, every working hour, for everybody. That’s a lot!

Speak Mobile

* Fixed: We’ve resolved a random logout issue that was occurring for some users.

* Fixed: We’ve resolved an issue where the badge count for unread messages was sometimes out of sync between the app and your device’s home screen.

* Added: URLs tapped in messages will now open up in your device’s default browser.

* Added: Messages can now be copied to your clipboard for pasting in browsers or other applications.

* Fixed: Disabled database users now display an indicator that they have been disabled in your Direct Message user search list.

* Added: You can now leave Client Rooms within the app, just as you can within the Speak Module in the CRM.

* Added: Within a Chat Room’s settings, you can now see the members of that room displayed.

* Added: You can now resolve phone number changes easily! When the contact’s phone number has been updated, you’ll see options to either 1) send an invite to the new number or 2) revert back to the original number.

User Interface / User Experience

* Fixed: We’ve clarified the error message produced when entering data that exceeds the maximum length in the Contact Important Information and the Workflow Task Description fields.

* Fixed: Bulk addition of activities had begun producing errors for some users. We’ve fixed this.


v2.11.0 – 6/20/2018

Advanced Search

* Updated: The “Value” dropdown box will now dynamically adjust to display the full value of each option available for the Field being searched, regardless of a Value’s length. Truncation be gone!

* Fixed: When clicking the “Return to Search” option from a contact record, your search parameters will still be displayed at the top of the Advanced Search page. Previously, your results were still there but the parameters were blank. That was like coming back to work on a puzzle and someone had taken the box with the pretty picture away.


* Updated: When viewing your Opportunities, you’ll now see an indicator of the combined Total Amount for the Opportunities you are viewing, which will update based upon the filters you have applied to your Opportunities. Math, right before your eyes!

* Updated: When adding or editing an Opportunity’s Amount, Probability, Projected Revenue or Actual Revenue, you’ll now receive a message should you enter bad data in one of those fields. Just a gentle reminder to discipline that bad data.


* Fixed: When clicking on one of your saved QuickLists, some field values would not display on your results page. The original search query was running correctly, but this made it hard to determine what the criteria for those QuickLists that included those fields was, unless you had spelled that out in the QuickLists’ Descriptions. All should display as expected now.


* Fixed: The UDFs by Account Report was returning a 500 error in instances where an account that had a UDF attached to it was deleted from the database. Now, when the account is deleted the linkage is removed.

User Interface / User Experience

* Fixed: We’ve resolved a couple of display issues that popped up when manually adding an asset to a client account, one of which (the “No account assets available to display” message remained in place after your newly added account asset was clearly displaying) was clearly spoiling for a fight.

* Fixed: We’ve clarified the error message produced when entering data that exceeds the maximum length in the Account Product, Account Model, Account Asset, Department Email or Web and Tax Year fields.

Speak Module

* Fixed: The “Get Riskalyze numbers” option in Client Chat rooms was unresponsive in some cases. This should no longer be an issue.

* Added: Hyperlinks within the Speak module will now open up in a new tab in your browser.


v2.10.0 – 6/06/2018


* Added: The ability to manually add or edit the CUSIP field data in an Account’s Assets area is now available.

* Updated: When adding or editing an Account on a Contact Record, the “Manager” field is now a dropdown box, allowing you to select from previously entered Managers and cutting down on the possibility of entering duplicate Manager data.


* Fixed: For users not in the Pacific time zone, an issue popped up where, when rolling over activities, the new time would reflect in Pacific, rather than the user's time zone, i.e., the rollover function clearly had a West Coast bias. Now, we love the West Coast, our headquarters are there after all, but, we love the East Coast as well, and will soon house our Headquarter 2 operations in Atlanta. We're quite fond of everywhere in between and the non-contiguous states too, and just want your time zone honored in activity rollovers. The problem's been fixed!

* New: When running a bulk reschedule of activities, you can elect to preserve the Start Time and End Times of your Activities or to edit them.

Contact Record

* Fixed: The value for the “Added By” field within a Contact’s Details area was not displaying when in edit mode for Contact Details. Now it is.

* Added: When you click on a Spouse’s name from a Family Head’s record, you will now enter the Spouse’s record on the same page you were viewing within the Family Head record, i.e., if you were viewing the Family Head’s Notes page, you will then be viewing the Spouse’s Notes page. Previously, you were taken to the Spouse’s main page for their record.

Document Upload

* Fixed: Some users were getting the error “UPLOAD URL MIGHT BE WRONG OR DOESN'T EXIST” when uploading documents to activities or document storage. This should no longer be an issue.


* Fixed: The link accessible on the Schwab Portfolio Center modal for how to create your Schwab Portfolio Center upload was broken at some point. We’ve unbroken it – fixed it even!

Opportunity Tracker

* Added: When adding a Linked Contact to an Opportunity, if the contact does not already have a record within your database, you can now add them as a contact when linking them to the opportunity.

* Added: The Source column is now included when viewing the Opportunity Tracker and you can sort on it as well.


* Fixed: Permissions, where overlapping, were duplicating when one combined records. Yes, privacy is more important than ever but that was just overkill. It’s been addressed.

Professional Contacts

* Added: When adding a Professional Contact to another contact’s record, you now have the ability to add that Professional Contact as a new contact record to your database. Previously, you needed to have the individual in your CRM prior to being able to add them as a Professional Contact.


* Added: From your Unlinked Accounts Report, you can now create new contact records in your database for accounts that aren’t matched up with contact records after running autolink.

* Fixed: Private Activities were causing errors in Activity Reports in some instances. This has been addressed.

* Added: On the pdf report you can generate for your Opportunities, the amount column now displays a balance at the bottom (so you can see the total potential value of your Opportunities at a glance).

* Fixed: An ordering issue arose with Workflow Tasks on the Workflow Checklist Report. There was a different but similar issue with Workflow Task ordering within contact records. They’ve both been resolved.

* Added: Contact’s middle initials now appear on the Notes reports, in order to help you distinguish between users with the same first/last names when viewing the report.


* Fixed: Attempting to access QuickLists that included Account Assets in their search parameters would sometimes produce 500 errors. This is no longer the case.


* Added: On your Manage Attendees List for Seminars, Contact Status has been added as a column, based upon multiple users’ requests in order that they might quickly see how many of each Status of client are attending.

Speak Mobile

* Added: Speak Mobile for Android is now available!

User Experience / User Interface

* Fixed: When attempting to add a URL or Referred By data that exceeded the maximum length for those fields in a Contact Record, you would receive a “We’re Sorry Something Went Wrong” error. We’ve updated this message to let you know specifically why you’re receiving an error. I personally always liked the Toad the Wet Sprocket song “Something’s Always Wrong”, but we’re a tech company, not a 90s alternative rock band, and, while ambiguity may work, may even delight or beguile in a song lyric, specificity is better in an error message.

* Fixed: Paging has been added to the Manage Team Notices page, allowing you to access all Team Notices in your database from that page. Previously it would only display up to 30 notices here, so you would need to watch the alternating Team Notices on your Dashboard to see them all. Also, you can now sort by Title or Message on this page.


* Fixed: On the main Workflows page (accessible from your navigation menu on the left), a new issue with time/date stamps between databases that have both East and West coast users had arisen. We’ve sunk it.


v2.9.0 – 5/09/2018

Contact Record

* Fixed: A temporary issue arose where, when editing a contact’s Basic Information area to remove the Employer, it would appear the Employer had been removed from a record until after you clicked “Save,” at which point the Employer Name would still appear in Basic Information. Now, when one of your contacts changes jobs, you can wave goodbye to their former employer in Redtail as well.


* Fixed: Mobile Assistant messages were losing their formatting when being added as Notes within Redtail. This has been resolved.

* Fixed: CopyTalk messages were losing their formatting when being added as Notes within Redtail. This has been resolved.

Market News

* Fixed: Under Market News, when choosing “Get News about this Asset” from a Top Asset’s dropdown menu, some assets were giving a “We're sorry something went wrong” error. This occurred when there was no recent news about an asset. In those cases going forward, the message will still be polite, but now you’ll know that it’s just a boring asset rather than an error that is yielding no results.


* Fixed: When on a Contact’s Notes page, with “Show Family Notes” selected in the Filters box, Family Notes would display on the page, but they were no longer showing up on the PDF when you elected to print the contact’s Notes Report. Now those Family Notes will be present in the PDF as expected.

* Fixed: The Primary Address Export was incorrectly pulling the City, State and Zip into the Address column, when no Address 2 information was present on a record. If your mailperson is anything like my mailperson, you’d probably be happy for this redundancy – anything to assist them with actually finding my mailbox consistently. But, this export wouldn’t make it into your mailperson’s hands anyway (unless, I suppose, they are also an advisor or advisor’s assistant), so we’ve fixed this flaw (which, again, I have to say would have been a feature in the very specific instance I mentioned above – sometimes I think my mailperson has it in for me).

Speak Mobile

* Added: You can now create Client Rooms from the mobile version of Speak.

* Added: You can now join Client and Public Rooms from the mobile version of Speak.

* Fixed: The keyboard is now automatically closed after you’ve selected a contact from a Search Results list.

* Fixed: If you have the Speak module open on your desktop, and also have the Speak app open at the same time, when you join a room on the desktop the room list on mobile will now update immediately. The reverse is also true - join a room on the mobile app and the room should show up in real time (without a refresh) on your desktop.

* Added: Messages are now rendered optimistically at the end of the message list, meaning they display immediately. If the server ends up responding that the message failed to save, then we’ll display an error on the message that gives you the option to delete the message or retry sending it.

User Experience / User Interface

* Added: When viewing your Recycle Bin, Seminars, Workflows, Contact Workflows, Activity Dashboard, Dashboard Overview,Contacts pages, etc., you can now click anywhere on a row for the item displayed in those areas to select its checkbox, rather than having to click in the checkbox itself to select it. This doesn’t necessarily mean fewer clicks (though it may if your clicker is not exactly a precision instrument), but boy does it mean you can click with a bit more abandon. And who doesn’t want that?


* Fixed: When adding a Workflow from a Contact Record, if you attempted to change the Description that was present for the Workflow on that Add Workflow modal, the Description change would not stick. You could edit that Description after the fact, or edit it when using the Quick Add method to add a Workflow, but in that one specific instance it would not save your change. This is fixed.


v2.8.0 – 4/25/2018


* Fixed: A temporary issue arose where the number of Activity Alerts was not displaying on the Alerts bell in the CRM. Put simply, the Alerts bell wasn’t alarming enough. Now it’s very alarming (or at least appropriately alarming).

Advanced Search

* Fixed: When running a search using the “And” option to look for contacts that might appear in two or more different Tag Groups, no results were returned, even if one or more contacts met the criteria. Accurate results should now be returned.


* Fixed: On the Month view of the calendar, if you had All Users selected and the calendar was showing workflow tasks, then you selected to only see one user’s calendar, all of the workflow tasks still showed for other users on the calendar. This has been resolved.

Contact Record

* Fixed: There was a strange transference issue where, if there was a business with a number at the beginning of its name and another contact’s employer was updated to that business, instead of actually setting the employer to that business the system would set the employer to the contact id of the number in front of the business (which would likely be a completely different employer).

For example: You might have a contact called 3 Stooges Moving Company. If you tried to link a contact to that employer it might actually give the contact the employer Nobody Move Anything, if its contact id in your database were 3. The result would be a contact associated with the incorrect employer and very confused about his/her workaday responsibilities. This issue has been fixed.

Database Lists

* Added: When deleting an item from one of your Database Lists, e.g., Contact Status, Contact Category, etc., you will now be prompted with a warning if there are objects within your database with linkages to the item you’re attempting to delete, encouraging you to update those linkages to a different item in that Database List prior to deletion, in order that you don’t create bad data in your database. That’s a pretty clausey sentence – in short, these prompts will make sense in context and help you refrain from self-inflicted bad data injuries.

* Added: Similar to the above, when attempting to delete a User or User Team from your database, you’ll now receive a warning if there are any permissions attached to that User or User Team so that you don’t permission something out of visible existence.


* Added: A Workflow’s Category now shows up on the Workflow Checklist Report (accessible from a Workflow’s actions menu).


* Fixed: Online statuses were not displaying if a database had more than 15 database users. Now they will.

* Added: You can now choose from the Speak Preferences page the time frame before you go inactive (status set to “Away”) in the CRM Speak pane.

* Added: You will now receive Speak notification messages even when you are logged into Redtail CRM, if you have been inactive within Redtail for 30 minutes.

* Updated: Web push notifications for Speak will now last for 10 rather than 5 seconds in Google Chrome.

Speak Mobile

* Added: You can now initiate Direct Message Rooms with other database users from within the app itself.

* Added: When opening the Speak Mobile app, you will be notified and prompted to update your app if the version you are using has been deprecated or has reached End-of-Life.

* Fixed: Badge numbers no longer increment when logged out of the app.

Upload All The Things

* Fixed: There were multiple areas throughout the CRM (Schwab Portfolio Center uploads, uploads to Document Storage, document uploads to an Activity, etc.) where sometimes an upload would get to 100% and then fail with the error "HTTP Error - Upload URL might be wrong or doesn't exist." We’ve got this resolved and you should note a couple of things in relation to the fix: 1) the upload bar will now correctly reflect percentages while the document uploads - previously it went from 0 to 100 if successful and 2) uploads may take slightly longer than they did in the past, as the error fix required handling uploads differently, but the reduced failure rates should offset the additional upload times.


* Fixed: If any active workflow had the current step id of a step that had been deleted from that Workflow template, it would cause the Workflow link on the left hand navigation menu to produce a 500 error when clicked. This is fixed.

* Fixed: When clicking the Complete Current Step button from a Workflow’s actions menu on the Workflows page, the current step would be successfully marked complete, but in some cases the page formatting would then be skewed until you manually refreshed the page. Unskewing now occurs dynamically behind the scenes.

* Fixed: When linking a Workflow from a template on a new Opportunity, the description did not initially populate as expected (it did after the opportunity was created), but when creating a new workflow from a template elsewhere the description appeared right away so it should do the same when being added to an opportunity. Now it does!

* Updated: Once you have completed a Workflow, you no longer have the options to make any edits to it or to delete it. All other options from its Actions menu will still be actionable!

* Added: When creating a new Workflow from the Quick Add option, you can now link these to a contact during that Workflow Quick Add process, rather than having to do so after the fact. Quick Add just got quicker!


v2.7.0 – 4/11/2018


* Fixed: On a contact’s Notes page, if you selected certain Categories in the note filters box and clicked to apply those changes, once the page refreshed it was reverting back to all Categories in some cases instead of showing only the notes for the Categories you selected. Your selections now stick and the page refresh is truly refreshing!

Professional Contacts

* Added: You now have the ability to customize the Professional Contacts list. Got a client with a Canine Surfing and/or Yoga Instructor? You know longer have to list their Professional Contact Profession as "Other". How about a client who keeps a Professional Line Stander on retainer? You're covered (and boy do they hate lines!) We’ve also resolved an error that could occur when running Custom Exports that were created with the old format for Professional Contacts still in place.


* Added: Activity Bulk Options have been added to the Activity by Contact report, allowing a user to Complete, Reassign, Reschedule, Rollover, and Delete activities there, or to change Type and Category fields! Additionally, the filter for Attendees in the report now allows you to filter by disabled users!

* Fixed: The Outlook CSV export was throwing an error for users who included contacts that had a Primary Contact listed on their record but no phone number included for the Primary Contact. This is no longer an issue.


* Added: A send to search option is available from a Seminar’s Manage Attendees page, and this send takes into account the chosen Attendee Status filter if one is selected.

User Interface / User Experience

* Updated: On your Manage Broadcast Emails page, the Status Formerly Known As “Pending” will now be displayed as “Queued”, to more accurately reflect the status’ meaning and to clear up what could sometimes cause confusion for users.


v2.6.0 – 3/28/2018


* Fixed: When adding an Activity, clicking “Create & Edit” on the modal (which then sends you to the Activity’s Details page for further edits) created the Activity. This created an issue for Automations that fired based upon the Importance or Priority fields, which don’t show up until you get to the Details page for the Activity (those Automations wouldn’t fire). This is resolved.

Switch-in Users

* Fixed: Switch-in database users were unable to send Broadcast Emails outside of their default database. This ability should be present now across all databases to which they have access.

Redtail Speak

* Fixed: If a contact declined an invitation to join a Client Room, when the user tried to access that Client Room the Speak pane would lock up. This is no longer an issue.

User Experience / User Interface

* Fixed: When filtering a contact’s Activities by a custom date range on their Activities page, the filtering occurred but that custom date range was not visible for reference after applying the filter. Visibility is now good!

* Fixed: There were six modals within Redtail that would close if you clicked outside of them, causing you to inadvertently lose any work you’d done within them. These were the Broadcast Email, Create Opportunity, Create Seminar, Create Workflow, Create Activity and Internal Email modals. Now, if you click outside of these, they remain open. They will not close until you’ve “X’d” out of them or completed the work you were doing via one of the modal’s completion button options.

* Fixed: The Workflow Bulk Delete button remained greyed out until users selected more than one Workflow. While technically (and literally) (and indisputably) (and without question) “bulk” implies more than one, we didn’t want to prevent you from exercising this option because of a technicality (or because we were being too literal) (or because we wanted to be disputatious) (or because we don’t like questions). Select one, select any number more than one – you can use the bulk delete option now.


v2.5.0 – 3/14/2018

Bulk Actions

* Changed: The ability to assign database roles in bulk is now restricted to admin users of the database only.

* Fixed: When completing a page of Pending Activities in bulk, a dynamic refresh will now occur to properly display any subsequent pages of Pending Activities.


* Fixed: If a user had the Show Seminars option elected on their Calendar, it sometimes took clicking on the Week View in order to get Seminars to show up on the Day View. This was whack-a-moley, to say the least, and we’ve got it resolved.

* Fixed: Changing a Repeating Activity’s End Date to “Never” was not accepting the change consistently. This should no longer be an issue.

* Fixed: When removing a Linked Contact from an Activity, Linked Accounts were properly being removed as well, but users needed to perform a manual refresh to see that removal had occurred. This should be handled dynamically now.

Contact Record

* Fixed: If a Spousal record had a separate Home Address from the Head of Household and that separate address was not marked “Primary” within their record, when hovering over the spousal record in an Advanced Search the resultant ToolTip displayed the Head of Household’s primary address instead. This primary address issue has been addressed, primarily by making it no longer an issue.

* Fixed: A second ToolTip issue (when hovering over a contact in Advanced Search, Activity Dashboard or as a Linked Contact on Today’s Activities) was that Linked Phone Numbers from the Primary Contact were not displaying in the ToolTip. They’re there now.

* Fixed: When changing the Preferred Contact method for one of your contact’s on their Contact Card, the previous Preferred Contact method remained in bold text until after a manual refresh, i.e., the visual cue that a contact method was the preferred method was not updating dynamically.

* Fixed: Contact records with the Type “Association” can now be linked to contact records with the Type “Individual” as their Employer in the Basic Information section.

* Fixed: If you’ve ever deleted a contact within a minute of a Risk Number being assigned them via the Riskalyze integration and then panicked again and attempted to restore them to your database and received a 500 error, we’ve fixed that for you! Do you hear that, Larry? You’re good to go now.

Document Storage

* Fixed: For users of the Evernote integration, when using Safari on an iPad, if they clicked on Evernotes in the Document section and then clicked on an Evernote notebook, it wouldn’t display the document and would throw the alignment off of some of the document options. This is resolved. iPadding, Safariing, Evernoting Document Storage users – rejoice!


* Fixed: Some users of our Mobile Assistant and/or Copytalk integrations were experiencing issues when attempting to apply permissions to Notes created from messages sent from those providers into Redtail. This has been cleared up!


* Added: An Opportunities by Contact Report is now available from your Standard Reports page within Redtail CRM.

* Fixed: The Contacts by RMD Report was including non-individual Contacts, in those rare cases where an Individual Type contact had been changed to a Business, Association, Trust or Union and the Date of Birth had remained on the record. Oh, that’s if the still-present DOB put said non-individual Contact over the triggering age for inclusion in this report. Regardless, those rare cases should no longer cause this issue.

* Fixed: Last Note Reports whose size required that they be processed as a job were failing in some instances. This is fixed.

* Added: The Seminar Attendees Report now allows you to filter by Attendee Status.

* Fixed: For Custom Exports that included the Premium field from the Accounts section, the same value (based upon the first account present) was being exported for all of the accounts on a given contact record, in some special circumstances. Proper values will now be reflected in these exports.

* Fixed: We addressed an issue with Seminar Exports, and you should now only see selected Seminars when using that export option.

Speak Mobile

*Fixed: Push notifications now display actual emojis rather than the emoji code.

Fixed: We’ve resolved an issue with width reset when one switched from landscape to portrait view on Android devices.

Added: On iOS devices, an unread message count badge now appears on the app’s icon on the home screen.

Updated: Direct Message Rooms, Public Rooms and Client Rooms are now sorted alphabetically.


v2.4.1 – 3/01/2018


* Updated: Account Product and Account Type fields are now included in the Account Reminder Reports (and their exports).

* Fixed: Custom Exports that included Spouse TaxID were instead pulling the Head of Household TaxID. That's in the rearview mirror now.

Redtail Speak

* Updated: If a client changes their cell phone number, previous Speak messages to/from their old number will be maintained within Redtail CRM.


* Fixed: Previously, when attempting to run labels for a seminar and filtering by a Seminar Attendee Status that returns no results, a 500 error would be the result. Sure, you’ve filtered for something that doesn’t exist, but we needed to find a more polite way of telling you this.

* Added: Users are now able to see a count of Seminar Attendees by Status in chart form on each Seminar’s Details page. Filters have also been added here for attendee management. This is truly a big day for the Charters and Filterers among you!

User Experience / User Interface

* Updated: Activity Types and Categories were not presented in alphabetical order from their dropdown menus on the Automations Conditions modal. They are so alphabetical now you won’t believe it!


v2.3.0 – 2/15/2018

User Experience / User Interface

* Fixed: On the Seminar Attendees Edit screen, the dropdown menu when editing a Guest displayed off by its lonesome on the right-hand side of the page. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ve brought it in close to everything else to give it a sense of belonging. Welcome home, little dropdown menu – welcome home!

* Updated: On the Seminar Attendees page, we’ve increased the number of Seminar Attendees per page to 100. The more the merrier!

* Fixed: On the Seminar Attendees page, guest links were not responding and taking users to Edit Guests modal as expected. These links have been repaired, with love!

* Fixed: When adding a new contact, field choices weren’t updating when changing Contact Type (after initial selection of Contact Type), i.e, changing from Business to Individual Contact Type. We’ve removed that option when adding contacts.

* Added: You’ll now see a “Save and New” option when completing the addition of a new contact to remove the necessity of navigating back to a new Contact Add screen.

* Fixed: Automation Notification Emails were displaying html for some symbols such as ampersands. No longer!

* Fixed: When adding Account User Defined Fields, they are now alphabetized dynamically, rather than requiring a page refresh.

* Updated: Accounts linked to Notes and Activities were not listed in alphanumeric order in those areas. They are now ordered by Status and then alphanumerically.

* Fixed: The Manage Database Users and Teams page width was set wider than other pages within your database. This has been adjusted for consistency.


* Fixed: Mobile Assistant and Copytalk messages were losing their formatting when copied over into Redtail contact records as Notes. Our love for bold, italic and paragraph breaks is now readily apparent!

* Fixed: Notes added from Mobile Assistant or Copytalk didn’t present Users or Teams when attempting to permission them. This has been updated.

* Fixed: Choosing the “Cancel” option after selecting to add a note from Mobile Assistant or Copytalk message now takes you back to your Dashboard rather than locking you into an endlessly fun loop!


* Fixed: When clicking the Add button within a Contact’s Keywords area, and then unchecking a previously selected Keyword, the Keyword was not removed from their record. This was a secondary method of Keyword removal, but now it works just as well as the Primary method, accessible from the Keyword’s Actions menu.


* Fixed: On the Opportunities dashboard, links for Linked Contacts and Notes were temporarily broken. This issue has been fixed.

User Rights

* Fixed: There was a temporary issue where database users without User Rights to combine contacts, delete notes or run exports might have those abilities in some cases. That loophole has been closed.

* Updated: Users can now see which functions they are not able to perform, rather than those options being invisible when they have been disabled for them as a user. This should prove useful both in terms of making everyone aware of what is possible within your database and in terms of facilitating your ability to delegate certain responsibilities as you are comfortable doing so.


* Updated: We’ve removed underscores from Custom Export column titles to facilitate smoother editing for those who edit their Exports.

* Fixed: For Custom Exports that include the Last Note field, where the Last Note entered on a contact record was a Completed Workflow or Activity, HTML was displaying in the export, as those automatic notes are formatted differently than regular notes. That HTML has now been stripped.

* Fixed: When filtering the Client Since Anniversary Reminders report by “365 days in advance”, the filter was only displaying results through the end of the current calendar year, rather than a full 365 days. The filter now works as expected.


v2.2.0 – 1/31/2018

User Experience / User Interface

* Updated: We’ve updated the punctuation and capitalization on the Reports modal accessible from the Actions menu next to each of your Seminars to clarify meaning.

* Updated: Accounts are now ordered by Status and then Account Number in the selection dropdown menu when linking them to Notes or Activities. This was done to ensure Open accounts are the first ones you will see and so that you can locate them alphanumerically.

* Updated: Your Manage Broadcast Emails page now includes verbiage to indicate that there are only 30 days of broadcast email history displayed there.

* Fixed: When viewing Quicklists, as you scrolled down the page of contacts there could be some inconsistency during page loading in terms of the display color of the avatar/icon for contacts. This has been resolved.

* Updated: When deleting an account from a contact’s Accounts page, the page now dynamically refreshes, rather than the whole page reloading and then “jumping” slightly, which could be disorienting.

Custom Exports

* Updated: The IMA/WMA date field (accessible under Know Your Client / Written Agreements Review) is now available to add as a field for your Custom Exports.

Bulk Actions

* Fixed: In some cases when attempting to link Workflows to multiple contacts as a job, users were receiving an error message and the job would not complete. This has been fixed.


* Fixed: When adding Notes from places within the CRM other than the Contact record, there were some instances where the WYSIWYG editing options (bold, italic, underline, etc.) were not available. We’ve made updates so that these options are consistent for all Note creation areas.

* Fixed: After adding Notes from Mobile Assistant or CopyTalk messages on your Dashboard, the HTML code for line breaks was displaying in the CRM Note created for the message. This has been addressed to remove that code.

* Fixed: Changing the Category of a Note was hiding the date of Note creation on the Note itself. This has been updated so that the date will still display when these types of changes are made.


* Fixed: For Seminars with over 5,000 attendees listed, timeouts could occur when trying to access the Manage Attendees page. This has been resolved.


* Fixed: Removing the Tax ID (SSN) from a contact record would remove the account linking options available on the Edit Account modal. This is no longer the case.

* Fixed: Similar to the above issue, editing a manually linked account’s info would unlink the account. This has been addressed as well.

Contact Photos

* Fixed: We’ve resolved an issue that was preventing some users from being able to successfully upload and crop contact photos.


v2.001.00 – 1/11/2018


* Updated: When using the New Account Opening part of the Trust Company of America (TCA) integration, middle initials are now included in the data that is sent to TCA.

* Updated: Users of the Docupace integration can now find their UserKey for the integration on the Manage Integrations tab.

Tag Groups

* Fixed: Previously, it was possible for users to add “blank” contacts to Tag Groups if they didn’t select a name for the contact name field when adding to Tag Groups. This could skew the number of actual members in a Tag Group and has been resolved to prevent such additions.


* Added: If you add a spouse on the Contact creation screen and set permissions on that same screen, those permissions will be applied to the spouse as well.


* Fixed: Bulk Keyword assignments that included enough contacts to process as a Job rather than as a smaller batch process were not completing. These Jobs should now process and complete as expected.


* Fixed: Where Beneficiary Percentages had non-zero values after the decimal point, i.e., 33.33%, those values were being rounded on the main display page (though they were correctly displayed in edit mode). Correct (non-rounded) values are displayed in both locations now.


* Fixed: For Custom Exports that included the Social Security (Tax Identification) Number, where those numbers began with a leading zero, that zero wasn’t displaying in the export. They now do.

* Fixed: For Custom Exports that included the Last Note field, where special formatting was included in the Note that formatting was displaying the HTML in the export itself. It no longer does.

* Updated: A Contact’s Work Address is now included on the Personal Profile form.

* Fixed: When running the Primary Contact Card Report under Common Tasks / Run a Report from a family member’s record other than the Head of Household, shared Contact Card info was not populating the report. Now it will pull as expected.

* Updated: In the Primary Addresses report, we removed a handful of columns that contained redundant Name and/or address data to improve their usefulness and eliminate any confusion.


* Fixed: On your Today page, under Things to do Today, the Linked Contacts column was not sorting properly by the Linked Contacts’ last name. This has been addressed.


v2.00.069 – 1/03/2018


* Updated: We’ve updated the Automation Notification formatting and verbiage, to make things clearer to both the eye and the brain when receiving these.

* Updated: Activity Notification emails used the word “Notes” rather than “Description”, which could cause confusion. This has been addressed.


* Updated: When editing Contact Card items from the Activity Details page, the edit dropdown menu was lining up way off to the right, like it didn’t want to be there and was hoping no one would notice it.

* Fixed: The Date Picker was not automatically closing when rescheduling activities. Now it does.

* Updated: We’ve changed the verbiage for “Green Card” in the contact record to "US Permanent Resident Card".

* Fixed: Shortened URLs were not clickable through the Twitter Feed in the Social area of Redtail. This has been addressed.

* Fixed: The Seminars pulldown menu was displaying both Active and Prior Seminars when you attempted to link a Contact to a seminar from within their record. Now, your only options here are Active Seminars.

* Fixed: We’ve removed the ability to select a blank Contact Status for contacts. “Not Specified” is still an option, but blank has been removed, as it could cause data issues.

* Added: The Client Since date now adds a calculation based upon Client Termination date.

* Fixed: The green notification bar that displays across the top of the screen when updating an activity was displaying “amp” for “&”, when an ampersand was part of the Subject line of an activity. This has been corrected.


* Added: When viewing your Workflow Report or your Workflow Tasks Report, you now have the ability to include Completed Workflows when filtering.

* Added: On your Custom Export Templates page, you’ll now see a message indicating that you don’t have any Custom Export Templates if none have been created in your database, along with a prompt to create a new one.

* Fixed: When clicking on a Linked Contact from the Linked Contact modal in any of the Activity Reports, sometimes users would receive 500 errors. This has been resolved.


* Added: “Print” is now an option for Notes when viewing them from the Recently Added Notes section of your Dashboard.

* Updated: When adding a Note using the Quick Add method, your cursor now defaults to the Contact Name box, rather than jumping ahead to the Note field automatically.


* Fixed: Workflow Step Notes were not retaining formatting as expected. This has been addressed.

* Fixed: Workflow Tasks on your Today page were not automatically refreshing upon completion of one of these tasks. Now they do.


v2.00.068 - 12/13/2017


* Updated: We’ve focused your cursor on the first field in a number of areas to eliminate extra clicks when performing those actions, including Document Quick Adds, Contact creation, the Add Rider modal, the Add Beneficiary modal, and Family creation.

* Fixed: When working with Tag Groups, the Members’ Drop Down Box/Remove Option was opening to the far side of the Tag Group Members’ window. It has been nudged over into its appropriate location.

* Updated: Users can now view the uncropped version of a Contact photo after uploading it, whenever they click on it to expand it. Note, this is only for contact photos uploaded going forward.

* Fixed: We’ve resolved an issue with how files were being handled in the Document upload queue when an error was encountered during the upload. We’ve also updated the Uploader itself, as you can see below:



* Added: Users now have the ability to sort the Notes by Contact Report by Servicing and/or Writing Advisor. This filter option has also been added to the Activities by Contact Report.

* Fixed: Also on the Notes by Contact Report, when sorting by Date, time is now factored into the sort order.

* Fixed: When looking at your Wedding Anniversary Reminders report, filtered to 365 Days in Advance, you’ll now actually see Reminders for the upcoming 365 days, rather than just through the end of the present year.

* Fixed: On your Activities by Contact Report, sorting by the Date column will now sort by Month, Date and Year, as expected. Ditto for the Activities Assigned to You By Others Report.


* Updated: If a user has selected to not receive activity notifications BUT they are part of a team that has been selected to be notified of an activity update, they will now receive team notifications regardless of what their individual activity notification settings are.

* Updated: We’ve updated activity notifications to remove extraneous time zone information.

Redtail Speak

* Added: You can now choose whether or not to receive browser notifications for activity in Client and Public Rooms. The default setting for Client Rooms is ON, while the default setting for Public Rooms is off.

* Updated: Disabled CRM users no longer display within the Speak module.

* Fixed: The CRM topbar was not lining up properly with the Speak module. This has been corrected.


v2.00.067 — 11/29/2017

* Fixed: On “Add Salutation” and “Add Status” modals, striking Enter rather than clicking add button resulted in new salutations or statuses not being saved. Also, users’ cursor wasn’t automatically displaying in Contact Status box when attempting to add new Status, necessitating an additional click.

* Fixed: On the Contacts pages (Contacts A-Z, Advanced Search, Lists, Recycle Bin), on small result sets (1 or 2 records), the Actions menu dropdown was hidden.

* Fixed: On Today page, in “Things to do Today” area, the Activity Subject and Linked Contact tooltips were hidden and required scrolling to view in some cases.

* Fixed: We resolved an issue for some users where some files in CRM Doc Storage after migration didn’t include content type (e.g., pdf), which resulted in 500 error when attempting to open those files.

* Fixed: The Keyword list in Bulk Assign Keywords modal was not presented alphabetically.

* Removed: The “What’s New in Tailwag 2.0” link in the menu accessible under your name in the upper right corner of your CRM has been removed, as its original purpose (a primer for major recent updates) had been fulfilled.

* Fixed: We’ve eradicated an error that could occur when clicking your browser’s “Back” button after updating/adding a Contact photo.

* Fixed: We knocked out some data sorting issues that had cropped up in the CRM Document Storage area after recent updates.

* Fixed: Our team has updated CRM Document Storage sorting so that the Date column sorts by month AND year to display as one would expect.

* Added: When a Phone Number has a Long Description, you’ll now be able to access that via hover in the form of a tooltip, rather than having to access via its Update modal.

* Added: You can now add new contacts to your database when adding them as Attendees for one of your Seminars, rather than having to add them as contacts prior to including as an Attendee.


v2.00.064 — 11/09/2017


* Added: We’ve added a Documents by Activity report.

* Fixed: The Account By Agent Name Report was not accounting for deleted Account Agents, i.e., those agents were still included in the report. Now, they are not.

* Fixed: Keywords that have been deleted from Contact Records were still showing on Custom Exports that included that keyword. That’s no longer an issue.

* Fixed: The Activities by Contact Report now sorts activities by Date and Time, as you would expect.

* Fixed: We’ve resolved multiple issues with sorting Document Storage, including sorting by Category column, file size column, and account column. Also, sorting by Date now sorts by month AND year.


* Fixed: On Android devices, the Contact Account Linked Activities panel was too small. It’s now sized as it should be. We also addressed several other issues with display for Contact Account Linked Activities and Notes.

* Fixed: The Actions menu on Contact Overview Activities/Notes widget was sometimes hidden when viewing list of Actions. The menu has shed its shyness.

* Fixed: If the Activity Subject Tooltip included long URLs, those would hang outside of tooltip boundaries. They are staying where they are supposed to now.

* Fixed: When you reschedule an activity from that option in its Actions menu, Auto-Adjustment of the Start/End Time now performs as expected.

* Updated: The option to “rollover” activities has been greyed out when viewing them on your Today page and filtered to Today, as rolling them over would have no effect.


* Fixed: In Address State Dropdown Lists, alphabetization was based upon state abbreviation rather than full state name, which could cause a slight moment of panic when searching for Nebraska or West Virginia in one of those lists. Alphabetization is ordered based upon full state name now.

* Updated: The icons in a contact’s Basic Information area would line up differently based upon screen resolution. That’s been resolved.

* Fixed: When First Review Date was removed from a Contact, it was leaving lingering information behind the scenes that could affect Review Date Advanced Searches. This has been addressed to prevent those issues.

* Updated: The grey border around Contact Overview headers was slightly different than the background grey. This was a minor issue, but if you stared at it long enough, it might make your eyes wobble.

* Fixed: At some widths, columns on Workflows carried over outside of the frame. This has been addressed.

* Fixed: There were several recent issues that arose with trying to view the dropdown menus without scrolling for Contact Workflows, Workflow Tasks, Seminar Actions and Things to Do Today that have been resolved.

* Fixed: Another recent issue was resulting in right-click printing of pages in the CRM not printing all data. This has been addressed.

* Fixed: When adding a new Workflow from within a contact record, the modal for adding the Workflow wasn’t closing automatically after creation. It now does.


v2.00.063 — 10/25/2017

* Fixed: When selecting the “Run Contact Mail Merge” option from a Workflow Step’s Actions menu, users would receive a 500 error in some cases.

* Fixed: When creating a bulk activity from the Advanced Search page and selecting Privacy settings, those settings were not being applied.

* Fixed: If a switch-in user has been removed from your database, the print activity option for activities they created was producing 500 errors.

* Fixed: The Client Review Reminders Report was not including the “Review Schedule” column’s info in the Excel export.

* Fixed: The Personal Profile form was not wrapping data appropriately in the Accounts area.

* Updated: We’ve made several updates to the Personal Profile form in order to keep like data together, e.g., Driver’s License info.

* Updated: The “Things to do today” listing of activities on your Today page now displays a count of selected activities.

* Updated: the size of the modal for adding Notes to a contact record has been significantly reduced, as both an ease-of-use and an aesthetic improvement.

* Fixed: On the Attendees modal for Seminars, one could inadvertently add blank guest records for actual attendees.

* Updated: We've implemented some fixes for overall UI responsiveness, to make things look better at smaller screen sizes (especially for Speak-enabled databases).


v2.00.062 — 10/11/2017

* Fixed: Updates to Email Addresses should no longer cause the Timeline to display incorrect information in previous Timeline entries for that address.

* Added:  For the Activities Dashboards, total counts of activities for the filtered views have been added to the header.

* Fixed: Users should no longer be visited by Mr. Angry Unicorn when printing the Calendar Month View.

* Fixed: When selecting Contacts for Bulk Options, and then deselecting some of those contacts, system should now display the appropriate 'records to be changed' count.

* Added: Note Comments now displayed in the Timeline for the Note.

* Added: Users can now link contacts to a Workflow Template OR an Active Workflow under Contact Options from the Contacts page.

* Fixed: Users who were unable to combine contacts due to changes made in the last deploy should now be able to do so.


v2.00.061 — 9/27/2017

Advanced Search Contact Options

* Added: A note is now created and attached to the Contact Record when running a Mail Merge to indicate that mail merge was created for the contact.

* Fixed: In those Custom Exports that included Next Activity Start time, the time zone was displaying as UTC. Now they display the time zone based upon your preferences.

* Fixed: Avery Labels 5160 ordered by zip were exporting in alphabetical order by Contact Name. Now they order by zip, as expected.

* Fixed – In some cases, shared addresses were not exporting to mail merge documents or labels for Other Dependents. Now they will, in all cases.

* Fixed – The Mail Merge button was greyed out after running a mail merge once for selected contacts. Ungreying has been implemented. A similar issue was resolved for Labels.


* Fixed: Today’s date is now consistently highlighted on date pickers across the application.

* Fixed - We resolved an issue where Today's activities would not sort by the Subject column.

* Resolved: We addressed a behind-the-scenes issue where Permissions couldn’t be applied to a Note if an Activity with the same ID had permissions applied.

* Fixed: Sometimes a 500 error would result when attempting to save certain types of Preferences. This has been resolved.

* Fixed: The Personal Profile Form was sometimes pulling a 3rd page that is blank. Now it isn’t.

* Added: We’ve incorporated the ability to delete Workflows in bulk.

* Added: You now have the option to Select All/Deselect All in the “Add to Tag Groups” modal.

* Fixed: When running a Mail Merge from the Seminar Mail Merge modal, the modal now disappears when the task is complete. Previously it sometimes liked to hang around long after the party was over.

* Fixed: We removed the contact record you are working from as an option when adding a Note for the contact and selecting Copy To. This eliminates the possibility of creating a duplicate note for the contact.


* Added: An All/Just Me option has been added when selecting Users on your Calendar to prevent the need for multiple selections/deselections. We added Select All / Deselect All options for Category and Type selections as well.

* Added: The last occurrence of a repeating activity now displays a message to let users know it is the last occurrence. It’s a closure thing.


v2.00.058 – 9/13/2017


* Fixed: error that occurred when attempting to create a new contact from the Linked Contact area of an activity, when that new contact only has one name, e.g., Cher, Plato, Prince, Sting, Bono, Björk, Flea, Coolio.


* Updated: The Personal Profile Form field for “Occupation” has been changed to “Job Title”, as the data pulled for this comes from the Job Title area of a contact’s Basic Information section.

* Fixed: issue where double-clicking Run Autolink on Unlinked Accounts report could result in creation of duplicate accounts in some cases.


* Updated: left sidebar so that on smaller screens it is more responsive. Also, again for smaller screens, the menu area will now close when clicking outside the menu area.

* Added: warning message for users when attempting to edit or delete a shared address, when attempting to do so from a non-Head of Household record. In a nutshell, this lets users know that edits or deletions in those cases will be reflected in the Head of Household record and other family records that share the address as well.

* Fixed: when resetting a Family Head, the prior Family Head was being set to “Other Dependent”, rather than Spouse. This has been resolved.

* Updated: Market Tools component of Morningstar integration so that graphics are more responsive to changes in browser sizes.

* Fixed: when editing a Workflow, Due Dates for Tasks were appearing as blank, even if present when not in edit mode.

* Added: ability to link Documents to Activities.


* Updated: Completed Activity Notes now include that Activity’s Linked Account info as well, where applicable.

* Updated: Today page’s Recent Notes area now includes Completed Activity Notes.


v2.00.055— 8/30/2017


* Fixed: Activity, Workflow and Note Notification Emails were not sending in all cases. This has been resolved. Also, no email notifications were going out for activities that were completed / updated / created from the mobile app. That's fixed too!

* Fixed: an issue where completed job notification emails were reflecting the time the email was sent rather than the time the job was completed.

* Fixed: Requested Database Backups weren't consistently sending notification of success or failure of the backup, nor were they always showing up in the Backups area upon completion. These issues have been corrected.


* Updated: Note comments are now included when a note is copied to another contact via the “Copy to another contact” option.


* Updated: Disclosure statement is now included on the Personal Profile form.

* Added: The Transactions by Account PDF now includes an ID Column.

* Fixed: Running Reports as jobs wasn't consistently sending notification of success or failure of the job, nor were completed jobs always showing up in Dropbox files area. These should now function as expected.


* Added: ability to create User Defined Fields whose Field Value selection is constrained to numbers only.

* Updated: We’ve added a Basic Information section to the Account Details page, making it easier to find all of that information in one place on that page.

* Added: Documents can now be linked to multiple accounts on a contact record.

* Updated: The silhouettes for an Activity’s Linked Contacts now display by the appropriate type (Individual, Business, Trust, Union, Association) when a photo has not been uploaded for the Linked Contact.

* Fixed: The bar at the top of the Opportunities page now updates dynamically when an opportunity is deleted from your database.

* Fixed: Insufficient padding issues in several of the modals throughout the application.

* Updated: The Writing Advisor list is now alphabetically ordered on Advanced Search in the criteria box.

* Updated: We’ve removed the Transaction ID from contact’s Transactions page to eliminate any confusion (as it really represents an entry number rather than an official transaction ID.


v2.00.053 — 8/16/2017


* Fixed: Colors selected for Completed Activity Background Color weren’t sticking any further than the first selected change, i.e., your first selected change from the default completed background color would stick, but subsequent changes would not:



* Added: Seminar Sign-In and Seminar Check-In Sheets (PDFs) that can be printed for use with your Attendees and Guests at Seminars and other events.

* Fixed: a recent issue that popped up where the Personal Profile Form wasn’t pulling spousal information.

* Added: Account Owner is now reflected on all Account Report, Withdrawal Report and Beneficiary Report PDFs

* Added: ability to filter the Account Renewals Reminder Report and the Account Rider Reminder Report by all past due reminders.

* Fixed: In Custom Exports that included the Last Note field, the date for the Note was not being included in the export in all cases. This is resolved.

* Fixed: Sorting Seminars, the Contacts by Review Frequency Report, the Notes by Contact Report, the Activities by Contact Report or the Opportunities Report by the Date column(s) will now sort correctly by month, day and year.

* Fixed: issue for some switch-in users, where when running some exports as a switch-in user, contacts would be pulled from their “native” database as well.

* Fixed: error some users were receiving when attempting to run the Activities by Contact Export or the Last Activity Report from Advanced Search.


* Fixed: When adding a new Workflow Template, a hard refresh was required for the new template to show up alphanumerically. Now these will rise to their proper place in the list automatically.


* Fixed: The Automations modal for adding Conditions was sometimes throwing errors rather than closing properly upon clicking “Add Condition.”

Manage Your Account

* Removed: all options other than Delete from the Actions menu next to external (switch-in) users on the User Management page. You can delete an external user from your database, but the other options that previously appeared there were removed, as they would only apply to a database user within their home database.


* Updated: The integration with Everplans now allows you to send Households (Head of Household and Spouse only) to your Everplans account from Redtail. Also, if you have multiple Firm Users set up within Everplans, you'll have an option to choose which of them to associate a Household with when sending it over.


v2.00.048 — 8/4/2017

Permissions / Automations

*Added: You can now set up Automations that will allow you to permission contacts based upon met conditions.

* Fixed: error that sometimes occurred when updating Condition on automations modal.


* Added: ability to set color preferences on the Calendar for Client Review, Marital Anniversary and Birthdays:

* Fixed: When printing all day activities, they were spread across two pages, with the Subject, Date, Attendees and Contact(s) on the first page and the Type, Category, Location and Description on the second.

* Fixed: If Workflow Task names contain an apostrophe, they were being cut off on Calendar tooltip. Task names with apostrophes are now being afforded the same courtesy as those without apostrophes.

Advanced Search

* Added: option to send email to individual contacts from their Actions menu on Advanced Search page:

* Fixed: If one didn’t have an Email Address and Phone Number for a Primary Contact entered, the contact for whom they are entered as a Primary Contact wouldn’t be returned in search results for the Primary Contact. That’s a bit confusing, but, bottom line, it’s been resolved.

* Added: dropdown menu for Identification Type when searching for Identifications (DL, Green Card, etc.) on Advanced Search. This should definitely help with ID’ing IDs.

* Fixed: Advanced Searches for “Account Types Equal to” included deleted accounts in search results. They don’t now.

* Added: dropdown menu for Criteria when running an Advanced Search for Date of Birth Reminders (whether they were enabled or disabled for a contact):

* Fixed: spacing was off on New Contact button on Advanced Search page for some screen resolutions.

Contact Record

* Updated: You can now add email addresses that include the characters "?" or "&" without receiving an error.

* Changed: Professional Contacts header in Know Your Client section to simply “Professional”, as other professional information is stored in that area.

* Added: ability to add a contact to an existing Seminar (rather than just a new one) when accessing Seminars from within a contact record.

*Added: dynamic refresh when adding/deleting address/phone that is to be replaced with address/phone shared from Head of Household.

*Fixed: issue where in some cases you couldn’t go into a Contact record’s Opportunities section and link them to an existing Opportunity.

* Added: Along with the existing First and Last Name, we've added a contact's Status, Middle Name, Nickname, Suffix and picture in dropdown displays anywhere within Redtail where you can link a contact to something else. This is an effort to assist you with making sure you are selecting the correct contact to link.

* Fixed: Previously, unless you manually refreshed page after adding spouse/family head/dependent, that same individual could be linked in another dependent relationship (at least until you left the page and came back, at which point it functioned as expected).

* Updated: When adding a Note to a contact when linking to an account, dropdown menu now includes account type, product, status and company in addition to account number.

* Updated: We’ve removed Additional Information separator spacing from Account Details page.

Manage Your Account

* Changed: verbiage on Password Change modal to ensure clarity.

* Fixed: when adding new Membership Types, they were appearing at the end of the list of Types rather than falling in their alphanumeric place.

* Fixed: issue where HTML was displaying in Notifications Emails for Notes/Descriptions.


* Updated: Note drafts were being included in the Last Note Report.

* Added: Account Status (i.e., Open/Closed) now included in the full beneficiary report.

* Fixed: the Contacts by State report was including deleted addresses for contacts.

* Fixed: The Personal Profile Form was not printing the Address 2 line, where applicable.

* Fixed: Shared address was missing from the Personal Profile Form if it was run from the spouse’s record, rather than the Head of Household’s record.

* Fixed: Personal Profile Form, when run for a dependent, was pulling other dependents as children of the dependent.

* Updated: Address City, State and Zip now wrapped on one line on Personal Profile Form.

* Added: The Driver’s License Issue Date is now displayed on the Personal Profile Form accessible from a Contact’s Common Tasks menu.

* Added: Contact’s middle initial and status to Unlinked Accounts Report to assist with manual linking of clients who have same first and last name.

* Changed: We made column spacing/formatting changes to the Workflow Checklist Report.

* Fixed: Workflow Checklist Report now includes Linked Contacts.

* Updated: when viewing both Open and Completed Activities, the Activity Reports views in the CSV and PDF will now display the applicable status for each account.


* Fixed: issue affecting some users who were unable to create Activities from messages in the Mobile Assistant and Copytalk areas.

* Fixed: issue where Enable/Disable selection on the Manage Integrations page was not sticking in all cases.


v2.00.047 – 7/20/2017

* Added: ability to set one’s Default Login Page to the main Reports page.

* Fixed: When changing a Family Name, the change is now reflected dynamically onscreen without needing a manual refresh.

* Added: A Workflow’s Category is now included in the export option available from the main Workflows page.

* Fixed: The Notes by Contact Report was displaying and exporting Note drafts.

* Added: Portfolio Withdrawals Report (All Non-Closed Accounts)

* Added: Note comments now included on single note pdfs, Notes by Contact Report and other PDF Note Reports.

* Updated: When clicking “Manage My Subscription”, you’ll now see that area on a new tab, as previously there was no easy way to get back to your CRM from within the same tab.

* Updated: Activities Reports were not showing Linked Contact Suffixes, i.e., Jr., III, etc., which could produce generational and/or designation confusion.

* Fixed: when hovering your cursor over an Activity’s Linked Attendees on Activities widget, the linked attendees tooltip was not displaying.

* Fixed: 500 Error that occurred when attempting to print Week View for any week that includes an Activity that stretches across multiple days in following weeks.

* Fixed: when viewing the “Create New Workflow” modal from a contact record, after selecting a Workflow Template from the first menu, the Workflow Name field updates. If you go back and select a different Workflow Template, that Workflow Name field was not updating to reflect your new selection, but instead stubbornly clinging to your initial choice.

* Updated: When adding a keyword for a contact, the Add Keyword modal will now display “available” rather than “existing” keywords. A subtle distinction, to be sure, but an important one.

* Updated: our integration with MoneyGuidePro now offers an additional setting that will allow you to grant other database users (and switch-in database users) the authorization to "impersonate" you when using the Send To and/or Single Sign On features of the integration. Note: if you are a single advisor, single assistant office, you'd have no need to adjust these settings. They will primarily be of benefit to multi-advisor, single assistant or similar offices.

* Added: link to sign up for Redtail’s monthly newsletter from the Help menu within the CRM.

* Fixed: issue affecting some MarketingPro users where they received a 500 error when attempting to create a MarketingPro document for a contact from within the CRM.

* Updated: modal for Keyword application to a contact, combining the best parts of how this was handled in Tailwag 1.0 (all currently assigned Keywords indicated) and Tailwag 2.0 (no manual typing of Keywords required, but rather just ticking off a box).

* Fixed: the Category filter was not working for the Contacts NOT Permissioned Report.

* Fixed: The Personal Profile Form was not pulling Phone Numbers with a Type of “Other”.

* Updated: Workflow Step Notes now display time as date/time rather than in words, i.e. “three months ago”

* Added: Rep selection option for account opening component of TCA integration.

* Fixed: The Assignee tooltip for Pending Activities on a Contact Record was displaying HTML in addition to Assignee name(s).

* Added: ability to search BICE dates from Advanced Search.


v2.00.045 - 7/05/2017

* Added: Date Picker as available Value type for User Defined Fields, allowing you to standardize the formatting of date values for UDFs that require them.

* Fixed: The Send to MailChimp option available as a Bulk Contact Option from your Advanced Search page now displays your existing MailChimp lists in alphanumeric order, as any good list should be displayed.

* Improved: When adding a Spouse to a contact’s Family from the contact’s Family page, the screen now refreshes automatically so that the Change Head of Household option is immediately available.

* Improved: Workflow Tasks on your Calendar now display any Linked Contacts for the Task via Tooltip when you hover over them.

* Fixed: when updating an Open Workflow Task from within a contact record, the update wasn’t displayed until after a page refresh. That click has been eliminated.

* Fixed: When completing an Activity, the Activity’s Notes in some instances were displaying Pacific time rather than the time zone indicated by users within their Site Preferences.

* Fixed: Some merge fields weren’t always pulling as expected for individual emails when using the internal email client.

* Added: “Reset Integration” option to settings for eMoney users. This allows you to clear the connection and set up differently, should you desire to do so.

* Added: Report to show Family Relationships.

* Fixed: Notes were being cut off at the bottom of the page in some cases on the Notes by Contact Report.

* Fixed: issue for some users where accounts had to be edited/linked twice in order for the account’s balance to be immediately reflected.

* Fixed: Calendar Month View Print option - Activities that started and ended on different days were only printing on the day they start on.

* Fixed: The Contact Age Distribution Chart was including Deleted Records in its calculations.

* Fixed: option to show non-primary joint accounts was sometimes displaying accounts for deleted account owners as well.

* Fixed: Changing TIme Zone could change all-day activity to span across days.

* Fixed: Issue where Activity Times could not be edited at narrower browser widths (800px).

* Fixed: Notes by Contact PDF was cutting off Long Note Formatting, e.g. paragraph breaks.

* Changed: On the Birthday Reminders Report, the Filter now functions correctly when selecting the "365 days in advance" option.

* Fixed: 500 Error users sometimes received when clicking on Social/ Twitter link.

* Fixed: Inactive Workflows were showing in Automations Menus.


v2.00.044 - 6/21/2017

* Fixed: Disclosure Statement indicated in Preferences was missing from all Account PDF Reports. We found it – it’s back!

* Fixed: When printing Week View of activities, the second page was rounding activities to the nearest hour in some cases. This odd proclivity has been stamped out.

* Fixed: When updating an Activity’s Start Time, in some cases the End Time was not self-adjusting to maintain the same duration for the Activity as originally indicated. Now it will.

* Fixed: Contacts by Category Pie Charts were not always displaying the category clicked upon. We get it – when you pick a piece of pie out, that’s the piece of pie you want. And now, that’s the piece of pie you’ll get!

* Fixed: Contact Record Opportunities filter “Select all” option was inconsistently returning all relevant opportunities. This has been addressed.

* Fixed: Deleted Keywords were still appearing on Custom Exports that included Keyword field. Now they won’t!

* Fixed: When users attempted to drag a repeating event on the calendar, the change wasn’t always sticking. These changes should stick now, in all cases.

* Fixed: issue where some Email subscribers were receiving a “There is no body for this message” alert when trying to open an email from their Email history.


v2.00.041 - 6/07/2017

* Updated: The Schwab Advisor Center® integration is now open to all Schwab Advisor Center users.

* Updated: The Everplans integration now includes Single Sign-On and Send-to functionality, as well as the ability to see recent Everplans activity within Redtail.

* Added: The Citizenship field now included in sync to LaserApp. The Citizenship field is available in Redtail in their Misc. Personal Information section under Know Your Client.

* Fixed: Some TDA Veo integration users were receiving errors when attempting to access from Redtail’s integrations menu. This should no longer be an issue.

* Fixed: The LaserApp export available from Advanced Search as a bulk option was including City, State and Zip in their appropriate fields as well as combined in the ClientApt# field.

* Fixed: Business, Association, Trust and Union Type records were not being included in the Send-to functionality for LaserApp Anywhere. They now are.

* Fixed: When a contact was created from another record’s Family tab, their shared address was not included in Send-to LaserApp. This is resolved.

* Fixed: The Contacts page contact info tooltip dropped down beneath bottom of screen in some instances. Only being able to see the tip of the tooltip was unhelpful. Now it’s all displayed and helpful as intended.

* Updated: Automation lists have been alphabetized. A cosmetic change, sure, but the more you automate the more you’ll appreciate the update. And you are automating, aren’t you?

* Fixed: Phone extensions added for Primary Contacts on the Misc Client Info tab of Know Your Client on their Overview page weren’t always saving when entered. Now, they are.

* Fixed: Recently Added Notes accessible from Contact Overview would sometimes display as blank. This had to do with default time frame selected and typically occurred after a long weekend. It should no longer occur.

* Fixed: Accounts with the Type of Term Life were displaying code in the “Premium Paid to Date” field available from the account’s Details page.

* Fixed: Switch-In Users received 500 errors when attempting to access dropbox files or database backups. This is resolved.

* Fixed: For Custom Exports that included some account data fields, if a contact didn’t have data for all of those fields they were excluded from the export. These exports are now far less exclusionary.

* Fixed: When printing from the Activity Details page for a contact, the PDF would sometimes cut off and/or squish together verbiage from the Description field. Cutting off and squishing have been eliminated.

* Fixed: The Client Reviews Reminder Report and the Birthday Reminder Report were not pulling the Primary Phone if that number’s Type was Mobile. This has been addressed.


v2.00.040 - 5/24/2017

* Updated: Left padding on Team Notices text was too large, giving the appearance of a tab-happy administrator. With the update, this padding was decreased by 75%.

* Updated: Auto-formatting incorporated when entering Phone Numbers for Departments in a non-Individual Type contact record. A keystroke-saving, consistency-improving update.

* Updated: Navigation bar background color to match page background color. They were ever so slightly different. So slightly, in fact, that it was almost imperceptible. Until one saw it, in which case one couldn’t unsee the discrepancy. We’ve resolved this.

* Fixed: Occupation was missing from Personal Profile form in some cases.

* Fixed: The Birthday Report was missing the Servicing Advisor field.

* Fixed: When printing a single note from a Contact Record, or when printing the Last Note Report from Advanced Search Contact Options, formatting wasn’t being honored in the print version and longer Notes were cut off at the bottom of the page. Both issues have been resolved.

* Fixed: When typing in (or copying/pasting) color codes for Calendar, striking Enter or clicking Save weren’t consistently saving the indicated color. This has been addressed.

* Fixed: In some instances, the selection of an individual letter from the Contacts A-Z screen would pull more records than just those whose last name met that letter criteria.

* Fixed: Some users were experiencing Single Sign-On (SSO) issues with the MoneyGuidePro integration. Those issues are resolved.

* Fixed: Formatting was not being preserved for Mobile Assistant and Copytalk messages. This has been addressed.


v2.00.038 – 05/10/2017

* Updated: Threshold preferences for Bulk Actions can now be set to 500 (previously you were limited to setting this to a high of 200). This number allows you to establish the threshold at which point bulk contact options will be processed as a job in the background, allowing you to proceed with other work in your CRM:

* Updated: The Reminders preference widget has been renamed "Dashboard Reminders" in order to clarify that your selections here will not affect your Reminder Reports, but instead apply only to the Reminders tab accessible from your Dashboard:


*Fixed: When adding or editing an Opportunity from within a contact record, you are now correctly routed to the record rather than to the main Opportunity page.

* Fixed: If validation fails when creating a new Opportunity, the page will display errors properly in order that you may continue to edit the form, rather than forcing you to begin the form anew.

* Fixed: Two housekeeping items - 1) The Age Filter for the Contacts by RMD Report is now correctly labeled and 2) Driver's License is now consistently capitalized as "DL" on the Personal Profile.

* Updated: The Assistant columns in the Outlook Export CSV are now populated with Primary Contact data.

* Fixed: Contact Timeline filtered to "Contact" option was not filtering properly. This has been resolved.

* Updated: When an Employer is created through Contact Add process, that Employer's Contact status is now set to Not Specified. Previously, it was left blank which could cause issues when syncing contacts using Retriever.

* Fixed: If a Spouse's Employer is different than that of the main contact when using the Add Contact option, that Employer will now be properly created upon completion of the Add Contact process.


v2.00.035 – 04/21/2017

* Fixed: Workflow Notification emails were not being sent in some cases when Workflows were attached to contacts from within their individual Workflow area rather than by using the Quick Add method.

* Fixed: Users can now download the Personal Profile form for Businesses, Trusts, Associations or Unions without receiving a 500 error.

* Updated: we’ve condensed form sizes in many instances by reducing font and padding.

* Fixed: the Contacts by Category pie chart has been adjusted to the same threshold as the other pie charts for determining which categories wind up in the “Other” category.

* Added: Fields for Added By and Created On Date are now available from your Contact Overview pages.

* Fixed: 500 error for LPL ClientWorks users when attempting to resolve discrepancies between LPL account feed and existing Redtail account data.

* Fixed: 500 errors that sometimes occurred when running a Custom Export that included fields from the Account General Information section or included the field Last Privacy Offering.

* Updated: the Client Detail Report is now organized alphabetically to increase usability.

* Fixed: an error that was sometimes occurring for LPL users when attempting to combine contacts.

* Added: Inbound Single Sign-On from Envestnet to to Redtail.

* Fixed: issue that was preventing some Scottrade accounts from autolinking.

* Fixed: when creating a Workflow and using a template from the Quick Add route on the Contact Overview page, some users were receiving an error.


v 2.00.034 - 4/12/2017

* Fixed: Disclosure Statement wasn’t Saving in Preferences for some users.

* Updated: Activities Dashboard/Today’s Activities - Reschedule option available from Activity Options didn’t have Time Picker dropdown, as in previous version, which forced manual entry of Start/End Times.

* Added: Created At and Last Updated fields for Opportunities now included in display and exports.

* Fixed: The No Contact Report was returning 0 results for some users after recent update. While many of them were happy with their apparent outreach effort as of late, alas, it was too good to be true. The numbers once again reflect actual points of contact.

* Fixed: Issue affecting some Redtail Email subscribers where they had to download emails rather than simply clicking to view them.

* Fixed: Birthday report was not pulling Primary Address and/or Phone Number for spouses/dependents of a Head of Household who was linking that information to their records.

* Fixed: Individual occurrences of a repeating activity that included a Guest Attendee were not allowing Save & Complete. Users could complete the series, but not an individual instance where Guest Attendees were included.

* Fixed: Membership Report was only pulling the first Membership listed for contacts, in some cases.

* Fixed: Calendar’s Select All checkbox under Users wasn’t working properly, i.e., it wasn’t selecting all. Now it does.

* Fixed: Issue for users in Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone that was affecting Start Date when creating activities.

* Added: “Not Specified” category on the Contacts by Gender chart so that users can quickly determine those records for which they need to add a gender designation.

* Added: Auto-expanding text box when typing Note Comments so users can easily see the entirety of their Comment as needed.

* Fixed: Issue with viewing larger versions of some contact photo thumbnails

* Fixed: Contact Overview Next Activity only displayed next activity if it fell within next 30 days. Now it will look beyond that, as expected.

* Added: When hovering over Activity subject lines, you’ll now see a popup bubble with the Description of that Activity.

* Fixed: issue some users were experiencing when attempting to send contact to eMoney.

* Fixed: Starting Date for week, All day activities display, multiple-day activities display and legibility on PDF created for printing Week View of Redtail Calendar.


v 2.00.033 - 3/29/2017

*Fixed: Multiple issues users were experiencing with Retriever for Tailwag, that included freezing Retriever Reminder popups, Tasks and Activities not syncing in either direction, Contacts not syncing, and 502 and 504 Gateway errors when running.

* Fixed: Several issues with Notes Reports. 1) Added Time Stamp to Notes Reports. Time Stamp was present onscreen, but wasn’t included in pdfs you can generate from those reports. On pdfs, as elsewhere, timing is everything. 2) Ordered Notes Report from Newest to Oldest (for the sake of immediate relevance) 3) Increased font size on Notes Reports (as we age, it may continue to get bigger and bigger and bigger) 4) Notes Report and Notes Deleted Report made available again from within Common Tasks area of Contact Records. 5) Notes by Contact PDF Report was changed in orientation, from landscape to portrait in order to reduce the number of pages, and to fix the issues with notes being cut off on the bottoms of the pages.

* Fixed: When selecting Start and End Times on Activity Add, you can now choose 15 minute increments (to match the Preferences we allow for):


* Fixed: Clicking on Contact Name from Today’s Reviews section of Today page was sometimes throwing errors for users.

* Fixed: two eMoney integration issues. 1) Fix for “An Error has Occurred” when using eMoney SSO from a Contact Record and 2) eMoney Spotlight should no longer be blank on vault, insurance, and investments for connected accounts.

* Fixed: issue preventing some users from disabling Advisys in Manage Integrations area.

* Added: Descriptions of Step Tasks are now included in the Workflow Checklist Report PDF.

* Added: The Portfolio Summary and Portfolio Detail reports available from Contact Account pages now include totaled data, based upon user requests.

* Added: If you are a Redtail Email subscriber, your Email By Contact Report now allows you to click the Subject line of an email to view the message.

* Fixed: Clicking on Comments in Contact Notes should no longer take you unexpectedly to the top of the page.

* Fixed: issue where Past Due Workflow Tasks were displaying across a couple of days.

* Fixed: issue where some Broadcast Emails were stuck in pending. These and other jobs and automation emails are now correctly processing.

* Fixed: newly created trial databases were missing Default Types in Database Lists.


v 2.00.032 - 3/14/2017


*Updated: We completely overhauled the Day view Calendar Print PDF from the Actions menu on your Calendar:


* Fixed: All Activity Linked Notes will now be saved to each of the Activity's Linked Contacts.

* Fixed: We resolved a situation where Recurring Activities' end dates sometimes changed in undesired ways when updating the Activity.

* Fixed: The end dates for All Day Recurring Activities will no longer appear changed upon completion from the Activity Dashboard.

* Fixed: An Activity's Linked Accounts and Linked Notes are now also correctly displaying within each Recurring instance of the Activity.

* Fixed: Added By is now correctly displaying when creating a follow-up Activity from a Note.


* FixedWe've resolved issues with using apostrophes in Manage Database List items.

* Updated: "Default Notes View" and "Activity" checkboxes are no longer on the same line in Contact Record area of Preferences, thus eliminating any possible confusion.


* Fixed: An eMoney issue where Spotlight was producing a 500 error.

* Fixed: We completely overhauled the AdvisoryWorld integration to fix 500s on the reporting component.


* Added: We've added flags on your Contact's Accounts page to display the account ownership type for all ownership types: Corporate, Custodian, Individual, Investment Club, JTWROS, Joint, Partnership, Trust:


* Fixed: Unicorns will no longer roam when creating an Activity from within an Account.

* Fixed: The Held Away checkbox will now remember that you checked it. Unless you uncheck it. Then it will remember that as well.


* Fixed: The sorting issue for the Linked Contacts column on the main Opportunities page has been resolved.


* Fixed: Resolved the issue where not all Seminar Attendees' names were displaying in the modal when you clicked through to update a Seminar Attendee.

* Fixed: an apostrophe issue that could cause some 500s when working with Seminars.


*Fixed: When filtering your Notes by Contact Report on a specific Contact, other Contacts linked to same Notes will no longer be making an appearance

* Fixed: Resolved some 500s for Personal Profile form, and also added the Contact Nickname

* Fixed: Resolved issue to allow Email Address Report to sort alphabetically

* Fixed: Sometimes DELETED Account Rider Reminders were showing up on the Reminders report. That won't be happening anymore.

* Fixed: The Notes By Contact and Accounts by Model CSV headers have been matched up appropriately with the content of their columns.

* Fixed: The Phone Numbers Report is now sorted in alphabetical order by Contact Name. 

* Fixed: Address column in the Top-N Contacts Referred By Report was displaying extra code. It was distracting and it has been removed.


* Updated: Sorted the list of Databases to Switch into alphabetically, and added the ability to search the list if it's larger than 5 databases.


v2.00.030 - 3/01/2017

* Fixed: Multi-day All Day activities weren’t always displaying correctly on Calendar on the last day scheduled. Now they display so, so correctly.

* Added: a new way to view Contact Card information from inside an Activity. When on an Activity’s Details page, you can now click on an icon to view a full Contact Card for each linked contact:



v2.00.029 - 2/28/2017

* Fixed: You can now select the same day for both the start and end date in Notes by Contact report, allowing you to only pull the Notes for a specific single day!

* Fixed: Mail merge button re-enables after a Mail Merge is selected to run, instead of having to close back out of and reselect everything to run another!

* Fixed: Seminar filters are correctly filtering Seminars again, after a brief fixation on Active seminars only.

* Fixed: Workflow Tasks Today was also showing tomorrow's Workflow Tasks, which are not today. Now, we really mean it when we say Today. Really!

* Fixed: Filters are now being accounted for when choosing the CSV or PDF option from the Opportunity Tracker.


v2.00.028 - 2/28/2017

* Changed: Tag Groups are now ordered alphabetically in the Advanced Search dropdown. You’ll be able to spot your crafty Tag Groups easily, as they’ll be at the top with names like AAA Tag Group.

* Fixed: Timepickers have been corrected in Preferences for Calendar End Time.

* Fixed: Personal Profile Form is no longer throwing a 500 error when the date of birth on a Contact is NULL. Some folks don’t like to celebrate birthdays, we get it, and we’ve made the Profile Form get it now too.


v2.00.027 - 2/27/2017

* Fixed: Activities by contact export 500 error occurring for some users when accessing from Contacts/Advanced Search contact options menu.

* Fixes: to make the CRM prettier and more functional for our Internet Explorer and Edge users, including fixes to the Notes and Important Information modals which were sometimes preventing those input forms from working properly!

* Fixes: for the LaserApp integration, where missing beneficiaries were causing form-filling with contact and spouse not to work.


v2.00.026 - 2/26/2017

* Fixed: Recently Viewed was always showing the 'individual' image when there was no contact photo, but now non-individual types get their icons too! Big love to our Businesses, Associations, Unions and Trusts!

* Fixed and added: in regard to Personal Profile Form, added support to pull in the home address, regardless of whether it is marked primary. Added in shared address support for spouses. Fixed display for non-Individual type names. Fixed Fax Number display on form.

* Fixed: Today's reviews will now only show reviews scheduled for today, not today and tomorrow. For, um, obvious reasons.

* Changed: Phone Export now grabs first home phone when no primary home phone is selected, instead of only grabbing home phone if it's marked as primary (same for work phone).

* Fixed: sporadic 406 access errors occurring in TW 2.0 for IE and Edge users.

* Changed: Made the preferred phone number more obvious, as in it’s bolder than other numbers.

* Changes: several icon and font changes to make things look better for IE users.


v2.00.025 - 2/23/2017

* Fixed: Autolink wasn’t working for tax_id with leading 0.

* Fixed: Opportunities created without permissions were mistakenly only visible to the database owner. Now, everyone can see an opportunity if no permissions are assigned to it!

* Fixed: Calendar Day View was loading Tomorrow (rather than Today) on First Login (only) of the Day.

* Fixed: When creating an activity from the Contact Record, the order of operations was causing an issue where the contact was being linked more than once! This error should now be resolved and any potential bad data should also be cleaned up for our users!


v2.00.023 - 2/21/2017

*Fixed: add contact and contact address update 500 error affecting a handful of users.


v2.00.022 - 2/21/2017

* Added: Welcome back Asset/Liability Report.

* Fixed: Email archive time zone fix added to email report, to reflect local time zone.

* Fixed: Editing an Already Existing Custom Export Template was throwing up our favorite unicorn when trying to save.

* Fixed: a couple of Note and Opportunity permission issues when a team selected.

* Fixed: Activity Options were sometimes greyed out after sorting columns.

* Fixed: Follow-up activity from note wasn’t using default activity type from user prefs.

* Fixed: Note by contact report was pulling notes linked to other associations.

* Fixed: Contact filter not working on transactions_by_account report.

* Fixed: Going to Navigate on Calendar was defaulting to January 2021 and not giving the option to navigate properly. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


v2.00.021 - 2/16/2017

* Fixed: a handful of errors, which had arisen with new release, when attempting bulk rescheduling or to access a couple of standard reports. Short-lived culprits, disposed of readily.


v2.00.019 - 2/14/2017

* Added: Description field back to Activities by Contact Report exports/PDFs.

* Fixed: On Activities by Contact report, Activity Linked Notes number wasn’t included in PDF Report.

* Fixed: Editing existing Phone Number wasn’t loading existing Phone Type (defaulting to 'Home').

* Fixed: Ampersand (&) was displaying incorrectly on contact Activities page when used in Subject line.

* Fixed: Notes dates not on display for additional pages of Notes until Note Action or Timeline were selected.


v2.00.017 - 2/13/2017

* Removed: truncation on Notes dashboard and added infinite scroll. 2.0 Feedback strongly suggested non-truncation was preferred, so we non-truncated swiftly.

* Added: no-dropup class to lists on contact index page (A-Z) to force dropdown to pop down instead of up on smaller screens.

* Fixed: Automation not firing for workflow attached on activity creation based on Activity Type.


v2.00.016 - 2/10/2017

* Multiple fixes for smaller issues reported after Tailwag 2.0 release.


v2.00.000 - 2/8/2017

Major changes to the overall look and feel, including new icons, filled-in buttons, updates to all the add/edit forms, and heavier weighted font throughout, but especially:

Today’s Overview:

* ALL NEW ‘Today’ page shows what is due TODAY, new tabs for Activities, Contacts, Notes, Opportunities, and Workflows

* Today’s Workflow Tasks, Birthdays and Client Reviews now appear on Today page

* All NEW charts Contacts by Age and Contacts by Gender move along with Status, Category, and Source charts into Contacts tab

* Recent Notes moved into Notes tab

* Upcoming Opportunities and Opportunities by Stage chart now on Opportunities tab

* All New Reminders Icons

* Accounts by Type chart moved into Accounts dashboard

* Past Due and Next 7 filter on Activities tab now colors the dates of the activities Past Due in RED, Today’s activities in GREEN, and future activity dates in black


* new layouts that take up the whole page; filters have been moved into a modal (popup) from the ‘filters’ button. ALL reports now have Export, PDF, and Send to Search options!!!

* all new PDF report technology and completely restyled PDF reports for every PDF available

* the address/phone/email report has been recreated as the Primary contact card report, the old report is no longer

* the Phone Directory report is now the Phone Number Report

* Bulk notes report is now the Last Note Report

* Memberships/Relationships Report is now just the Membership Report.

* REMOVED the Contact Method Report as it isn’t necessary with the Preferred Contact Card Report

* All NEW Detail Report now available

* totally revamped Confidential Personal Profile PDF

Calendar & Add Activity:

* Fonts are bolder, activity font colors are either black or white, icons for contact and recurring pattern have been changed, dates are bigger

* All new calendar print function

* Add Activity removed from Actions dropdown menu

* add Activity ALWAYS opens modal FIRST now, ‘edit’ has been changed to ‘create & edit,’ subject is now REQUIRED FIELD on modal

* Edit Activity ALWAYS takes you to detailed edit page

* Inside of the detail edit page for Activities, Activity Attendees and Activity Linked Contacts now added IN LINE instead of via modal, and Actions, Notifications and Permissions, and Details have been moved

* updates to DatePicker

Contact Overview:

* Change contact photo to circle from square in the Contact Masthead, and Important Info button now BRIGHT RED when there’s something important in there

* removal of Contact Timeline from Contact Overview - replaced with Past Due & Next 30 and Recent Notes widget (that remembers which Tab you prefer!)

* removal of Accounts and Assets and Liabilities from Overview

* Newly restyled PARTIAL Know Your Client section on Contact Overview includes:
- Primary Contact moved into Misc Info

* UDFs added

* Tag Groups now grouped with Keywords

* Removal of Professional Contacts/Keywords from Overview display (still in KYC on left side-bar menu)

* ADDITION of Email History to it’s NEW permanent spot above ‘More’ on Contact’s left side-bar menu (‘More…’ also stays open if you’re in something below the ‘line’ now!)

* Restyling of Notes display

* Updates to the Account details pages add/edit modals, including currency-type field entry

* reworked how numbers are displayed on contact card (better support for international formatting)


* Roles are now enabled in the database and can be applied to a contact in the Permissions/Roles section and in Bulk Options

* Workflows can be assigned to Roles (rather than specific users)

Other notable changes:

*MAJOR updates to queries everywhere to improve performance and drain the swamp of unnecessary code

* totally revamped and rearranged Opportunity edit page

* Complete overhaul for main Seminars page including revamped Seminar pdf report

* modals are now draggable throughout the whole app, so you can see the information behind them

* dropdown menus will now drop up, depending on your screen size


v1.5.80 12/21/2016

* Changed – the way LaserApp Anywhere opens. Previously, when you used LaserApp Anywhere, a new tab was opened for each contact when using the Send To feature. Now, the same new tab will be reused so that LaserApp doesn’t error with multiple session opens on their side. We cover reduce and reuse with this change and would have worked in recycle if environmental alliteration covered the cost of elegant coding.

* Fixed: Citrix ShareFile 500 error that sometimes occurred when linking a contact to a folder from the Documents section of the CRM.

* Fixed: “Something Went Wrong” error when sending to Constant Contact. Something isn’t going wrong now.


v1.5.79 12/14/2016

* Fixed: deleted notes didn’t appear in the Deleted Notes report for a contact if the contact didn’t have any undeleted notes. In other words, for deleted notes to show up in the report, the contact needed some notes that hadn’t been deleted. Now, to display those notes that are, in fact, no more, nothing further is needed on your end.


v1.5.78 12/7/2016

* Fixed: bug where Past Due on Contact Overview only showed past 30 days. We now show all past due activities plus activities up to 30 days into the future. Additional date ranges are still viewable on the contact's Activities page. It’s like meeting a really cooperative Ghost of Activities Past, Present and Yet to Come!

* Fixed: some recent 500 errors that were the result of updates to Account Assets.


v1.5.73 - 12/1/2016

* Added: fix to calculate age based on date of death for deceased clients:

* Fixed: Activity dates and times are now correctly calculated and displayed between time zones on Calendar. Previously, in some cases, time zone display exhibited a west coast bias.

* Modified: regular expression to allow for valid apostrophe in emails, i.e., email addresses that contain an apostrophe prior to the @ symbol are now recognized as valid in Tailwag. You wanna be possessive – go right ahead!

* Added: salutation to Birthday Report export. Happy birthday, Mr.!


v1.5.72 - 11/16/2016

* Fix: to keep chosen UDF filters selected when a user changes any of the UDF list parameters prior to submitting a send to search. Now, your send to search will be as user defined as your fields are!

* Added: Mailing Address is now available as a Custom Export field and exportable option, making the Custom Export, like, more exportier.

* Added: fix to display contacts’ search result options when selected from a paginated quicklist. The Next/Return to Search/Previous buttons were missing when going to a contact past the first page (50 records) of search results. These buttons now appear appropriately so that you can easily navigate between ALL contacts returned in your results.

* Added: fix to keep delete option displayed in a contact’s dropdown when selected from a paginated set. Contacts after the first page in the Search Results were missing the option to 'delete' that contact. Now, delete is available in the drop-down menu next to the contact's name, just like it is on the first page of contacts! They can run past the first page of results, but they can’t hide!

* Added: fix to keep columns aligned when scrolling through a paginated set of quicklist contacts. When scrolling through a quicklist, extra columns would appear beyond page one. Now, whatever columns are selected are the columns that are displayed, regardless of which page you're on in your search results. I’m noticing a release note theme here . . .

* Added: fix to use Ajax instead of redirect when deleting a paginated set of quicklists which previously caused the browser to redirect back to the first page. When deleting a QuickList, you now stay on the page you deleted from instead of being redirected back to page 1. Variation on the theme.

* Replaced: account number with full name for Account Name column in Forefield csv export. This matches how the data is displayed in Forefield.


v1.5.71 - 11/9/2016

* Added: fix to allow a Quicklist to be cloned. Choosing to 'Clone Quicklist' was resulting in the error 'the change you wanted has been rejected.' Now, you can resume your cloning activities, without fear of rejection.

* Added: fix to the Date filters in Notes by Contact Report to allow for one day selection. Technically, you could get the data you were looking for previously by selecting two consecutive dates, but this makes things much clearer and less technical.


v1.5.70 - 11/2/16

* Added: validation on Quicklist model to prevent establishment of Quicklists without search criteria. Since Quicklists are saved searches, the ability to create them w/o search criteria ran contrary to their purpose and made those particular Quicklists Tag Groups. You can use Tag Groups for Tag Groups.

* Fixed: issue where assigning workflow template owner to team sometimes not saving. Now they’ll have to go back to saying the dog ate their monitor when they’re late on a Workflow task.

* Fixed: Implemented fix in the main contact view page to add current contact to the Recently Viewed menu when a user opens the 'go to' dropdown and navigates to any one of the provided contact locations. It’s much more common to access a contact from their Overview page, but on those occasions when you enter their record elsewhere, you still, in fact, viewed their record. And recently (for a time, anyway).

* Added: fix to strip html in an Activity’s subject line before being saved to the database. Tags were showing up as html there, which wasn’t a good look.


v1.5.69 - 10/30/16

* Added: New DOL Reports. Look:


* Added: Account level BICE date info. Look again:


v1.5.58 - 10/26/16

* Added: fix for Contacts by, Category, Source, Status chart sectors not displaying the filtered contacts when clicking on send to search. Those clicks previously displayed all Categories, Sources or Statuses, rather than simply displaying the slices of the pie chosen.

* Fixed: keep checked columns displayed for send to search contacts view. Before, extra columns would appear in the grid after using Send to Search. Now, those columns stay hidden until you tell them it's okay to come out.


v1.5.57 - 10/19/16

* Updated: Orion integration authorization process and Orion Report options changed. Custom Reports now available via the integration as well!

* Changed: MarketingLibrary to MarketingPro throughout Tailwag. Fixed issue where a single doc added to Redtail sometimes didn't work properly.

* Fixed: issue with infinite scroll in Send To Search where Contact Options remained greyed out unless a Contact on First Page (before subsequent loads) selected. In other words, when I got to the bottom I went back to the top of the slide where I stopped and I turned and I’d go for a ride til I got to the bottom and I’d see you again.


v1.5.56 - 10/12/16

* Added: Probability field to Opportunity Tracker and pdf/csv exports. The field was already present, but only accessible when viewing opportunity details. High time it got its moment in the spotlight.

* Fixed: When using Bulk Job / Select All, then removing some selected – all initial selections were sometimes still included in job. Now, when you deselect, you deselect.

* Changed: Reordered family names for oldest to youngest after HOH and spouse on family dashboard. Popular request made manifest!

* Fixed: Previously, when deleting a Note, it would remain on Contact’s Notes page until you refreshed the page. Now, poof! – it’s gone.

* Fixed: issue sometimes resulting in 500 error upon sso for switch-in users. Jump between databases with ease now. Jump around! Jump up, jump up and get down!


v1.5.55 - 10/4/2016

* Changed: Unlinked Accounts query and Autolink to account for Black Diamond feeds and to prevent duplicates that could sometimes occur. The feeds include different data from each of our aggregation partners and these changes were implemented to account for some uncommon issues that had lately made their presence known.


v1.5.54- 9/27/2016

* Fixed: Label and Mail Merge jobs sometimes not running on selected contacts and showing up in database Dropbox. But they always should and now they do.


v1.5.52- 9/16/2016

* Fixed: When running custom export and 'Primary contact' was selected, if that primary contact did not have email or phone, then the report would leave out the name also. So, basically nothing was exported for that Primary contact, which wasn’t really helpful in the slightest.

* Fixed: issue where UDF values deleted from a record would sometimes still populate on a Custom Export. These values are now utterly destroyed when you delete them to prevent their muppet-like popping up elsewhere.


v1.5.51 - 9/15/2016

* Added: Cash Value, Surrender Value and Face Value to account searching. Value adds, to be sure.

* Added: all the account date fields to search, made them all date pickers for the value selection:


* Added: country list dropdown for Citizenship (Alien Country) field in Advanced Search. I lobbied hard for the inclusion of Arrakis, Ork and Dagobah, but was denied on all counts.

* Added: true/false dropdown for is_smoker field and tax_return fields in Advanced Search. Advanced Search no longer willing to recognize the “social smoker” hedge.

* Added: autocomplete function on advanced search of Referred By field:


* Added: mobile type number to Contact Address/Phone/Email Report. Apparently, lots of folks have mobile phones these days!

* Added: Priority field to Activity Notification email, which should be helpful in terms of, um, prioritizing your email.

* Fixed: issue where Labels and Mail Merges were not running on selected contacts, when those lists were exceedingly large. There was never an intention to impose a limitation on list size so the unintentional imposition has been isolated and removed.


v1.5.50 - 9/07/2016

* Fixed: issue with sending in bulk to Riskalyze. Send away! Analyze that risk!


v1.5.39 - 7/20/2016

* Added: sorting and filtering to Notes by Contact report CSV and PDF exports and to Documents by Contact CSV export. Added sorting to CSV exports for all of the “Contacts by” reports.

* Adjusted: slot time to 1 hour when dragging an all day activity to a timed slot. This was defaulting to two hours which seemed like it was, I dunno, an hour too long.

* Fixed: accuracy issues in Top Assets Held under Market News. Temporary issue where current prices were displaying as $0.00. This strained the meaning of the word “top.”


v1.5.37 - 6/30/2016

* Added: check for Head of Household in case family is present but head of household is not. This was causing 500s when running custom exports for spouse or dependents whose HoH has been deleted.

* Added: sorting/filtering to all Accounts csv exports. What you see on screen is now what you get in your exports, i.e., your expectations are no longer thwarted.


v1.5.36 - 6/29/2016

* Fixed: bulk Written Agreements Review change was sometimes failing when processed as a job. It’s fixed, so now it’s not failing any times.

* Fixed: Mail merge wasn’t working from a Workflow step task menu. It appeared available, but was, in fact, rather listless. Tiptop shape now.

* Fixed: internal error when viewing Contact_by_Category chart list view. The list view is back, and listier than ever:

* Fixed: address, phone, email changes not showing in timeline of contact permissioned to a team, but would when permissioned to an individual user. Clearly, this was nonsensical, and sense has been restored.


v1.5.34 - 6/21/2016

* Updated: In Exports, stripped out phone number formatting so users can format in Excel how they want phones to be formatted. Format How You Want!

* Added: Nickname (in parenthesis) to Birthday Report. Probably best, particularly on their birthday, to address them familiarly:

* Updated: Made contact separation line darker in Birthday Report PDF. You gotta keep ‘em separated.

* Multiple fixes for Workflows (unlike the previous note, we’re lumping all these together:

  • If workflow description had an apostrophe in it, the description would not populate when adding a new workflow from the template.
  • Fixed issue where you could remove the user type (user or team) from a workflow, but the userid remained, which sometimes caused assignee confusion.
  • When Editing Workflow Task off Contact Record & Overview page, User and Team drop downs didn't always populate correctly on first click.
  • Contact Overview - Workflow Tasks - Completed Task required page refresh to disappear. It no longer does.
  • Updated tasks from the overview page were not displaying updates until the page was manually refreshed. They now do so w/o the refresh.
  • 'Remove Assignee' has been added to workflows’ User Dropdown in all areas except the templates (Coming soon). Now, you can select 'Remove Assignee' instead of selecting 'Select one' to remove a user/team in a workflow or workflow task.

* Fixed: Seminar contact name not showing in "Update Attendee" module:


v1.5.33 - 6/15/2016

* Fixed: changed date range on Activities by Contact export to 1 year forward, 1 year back. Also fixed privacy settings issue where it showed private on contact name if the activity was private, but the contact wasn't. This resolved the issue of Activity by Contact Export not pulling all records included in one’s filter parameters. Resolution is good!

* Fixed: Workflow category not saving when creating from contact record - manual category selection wasn't overriding category from template and category wasn't resetting properly when changing templates. This is categorically fixed!

* Fixed: EMAIL_TEMPLATE_SUBJECT- fixed issue where email template subject didn’t pull over if it had an apostrophe. You are now free to express possession or contraction in your email template subject lines!

* Fixed: Contacts_by_Referred_By report filter now displays distinct referred by names, rather than the somewhat unwieldy list displayed prior.

* Fixed: Address/Phone/Email Report 500 errors that sometimes occurred when selecting a large number of contacts. You want a phonebook-like report? You can have one!


v1.5.30 - 6/09/2016

* Added: 'Turning Age' column to Birthday Report. Helpful for seeing which contacts are approaching age milestones. And, if you’re like me, you can also include a contact record for yourself and use this report to make sure you give accurate answers when someone inquires about your own age.

* Fixed: Activity by Contact Report - Open and Completed filter wasn’t always showing all activities that met those criteria. The cause has been ferreted out and resolved.


v1.5.27 - 6/03/2016

* Fixed: Custom Exports weren’t pulling Banking Information if a bank had a blank phone or address field. Now they will regardless. Add that info if you want – don’t if you don’t.

* Updated: the Email Addresses export layout. Extended to support up to 5 email addresses and will now show the custom or default title with each address. That’s 1.67 times the addresses previously supported and 5 times the titles!


v1.5.26 - 6/02/2016

* Fixed: Activities Assigned By reports were not always displaying repeating activities correctly when 'Open and Completed' filters were used. #nofilters #openandcompletedfilters #noproblem

* Updated: If Home Address is marked as Primary on Head of Household record, that same address will appear as Primary address in custom export for their spouse. The sharing to the spousal record was already happening – now it’s just sharing further into any custom exports that include Primary address. Sharing is a good thing.

* Fixed: display date for custom range on dashboard. Activities that fell on the end date were being excluded. Good for those days when maybe you just didn’t want to get out of bed, but not so good otherwise.

* Adding: paging on custom date range and default date range filters for Dashboard and contact Activity pages (to make it clear in those cases where there might be more than 100 activities in a specified date range). Note: pagination is not applicable for the Past Due and Next 7 Days filter:

* Changed: Removed contact id from custom export available fields. Set it up so it is automatic on all exports. Removed any previously added id fields so there is not duplication of id in the columns. You MAY never need this field, but it’s included in all exports in order that if you need us to import an export later we can do so with precision. It can also help you (or us) verify duplicate records. If you don’t need it for either reason, it’s a simple matter to delete that column after you run your export.

* Updated: Email Address Report from within contact record exports email addresses by primary and preferred first. Only three addresses are included in the report so if those were listed further down on a Contact Card than the 1-3 spots they would not be included. Which made their primacy and/or preferability suspect.

* Added: Primary phone and Primary email address as options for custom exports. As with the previous note, their absence here wasn’t optimal.

* Added: sorting/filtering to Accounts By Agent Name csv export. Not necessarily bubbly-worthy, but important when it's important.

* Fixed: When adding a new custom export and leaving its title blank, the flash error would correctly show. Once the name is added and it is saved, the same flash error would show on next page. Kind of a non-error error message, erroneously displayed. It’s fixed.


v1.5.23 - 5/25/2016

* Fixed: UDFs By Contact report only offered “contains” or “like” search operand. Now, users can also choose from “Equal To” or “Not Equal To” as available operands:


v1.5.22 - 5/23/2016

* Fixed: Clicking details on Contact Timeline entries was sometimes producing error messages:

* Updated: Physical Address details to show old address when clicking link from contact Timeline for an updated physical address. Out with the old, sure, but let’s keep a record of the change handy.


v1.5.21 - 5/20/2016

* Fixed: some issues that arose with syncing contacts after previous update to Retriever for Tailwag. All better now.

* Fixed: Contacts by Keyword report showing contacts that used to have a Keyword that has since been deleted. We have firmly but humanely taught this report to respect your deletions as absolute.

* Added: Cities Digital (LaserFiche) to Document Views area of Contact Record (for users of that integration:


v1.5.20 - 5/18/2016

* Added: the correct sorting/filtering to Accounts by Contact csv export. Excel export columns now match user-selected filters. This addition designed to meet, rather than confound, your expectations.

* Increased: Mailchimp list count from 25 (default) to 100. Previously, if you had more than 25 Mailchimp lists, only the first 25 would show up as options for Send to Mailchimp. That’s FOUR TIMES the Mailchimp list visibility/accessibility now available from Redtail!! Break out the champagne and party hats . . . . wait, what, you have 101 Mailchimp lists? Doh!!

* Updated: Retriever for Tailwag version to 1.3.7. Important Information data now synced to Outlook contacts again, in plain text format, since Outlook doesn’t support HTML here. So, if you want your Important Info to look IMPORTANT (bold, italic, etc.), look at it in Redtail!


v1.5.19 - 5/16/2016

* Fixed: Users sometimes unable to download documents from doc storage. Best case scenario: if you previously encountered this now defunct issue, it allowed you to exercise your patience muscles.

* Fixed: Accounts by Contact Report exporting Name as "firstname lastname" rather than “lastname firstname”. This made sorting somewhat forename-centric, i.e., a rarely desired sorting method.


v1.5.17 - 5/11/2016

* Fixed: Activity Save & Clone 404 error when Linked Account present:


* Fixed: Timeline from the left menu in contact record not displaying items present on Overview Timeline. This was a recent and short-lived issue that popped up and was summarily dismissed!

*Fixed: Outlook CSV Export - Not exporting Email Addresses in order of importance, i.e., the export includes three columns for email addresses, so if a contact had their Primary or Preferred Email Address farther down than third on their Contact Card, that address would not be included. Now, Preferred and/or Primary Email Addresses pull first for this Export:

* Fixed: Delete Linked Note from Activity not deleting the linkage. This kinda defeated the purpose of the delete option there.

* Fixed: Activity Edit Modal – Couldn’t remove Linked contact using the red “x” icon:

* Fixed: Rescheduling Activities - End date should change to be equal to start date. This didn’t always happen, so sometimes things were over before they’d even begun.

* Fixed: Repeating Activity Rollover sometimes removed Linked Contact. Odd behavior, addressed as such.

* Fixed: Complete from My Workflow Tasks was not consistently completing the Task. This was confusing at best. But now it’s fixed.

* Updated: Remove right justification from Completed Activity Note. Also removed the top border from the table columns. This also applies to Workflow Summary Notes. Layout for these will now look perfectly normal to anyone familiar with how things should normally look.

* Fixed:_Workflow Checklist Report Step Order didn’t reflect any changes made to that order, but rather only the original order in which Steps were created:

* Fixed: in Automations, attaching a workflow to an activity type was failing when an activity had greater or less than one linked contact. One is the loneliest number. It was also apparently a saboteur in this instance when offered company.


v1.5.16 - 4/26/2016

*Fixed: bug where activities that were permissioned to a team were not appearing on the Dashboard for those team members. If you are included in permissions, you shouldn’t have to look to see what's peeking out from behind the Dashboard's curtains.

* Updated: Retriever for Tailwag to version 1.3.6, which includes bug fixes involving syncing employer to Outlook, syncing activity location to Redtail and other fixes involving multi-day, all day activities:


v1.5.15 - 4/25/2016

* Fixed: sort by priority and importance in Activities by Contact Report. Which makes it easier to, like, sort by priority and importance in the Activities by Contact Report.

*Updated: use new "prettier" multi select for adding team members to Database Team. A cosmetic, but satisfying, update.

* Fixed: Repeating Yearly Activity - Change to Series Dates from Today’s Overview not saving. Or they weren’t. This is fixed now. So they are.


v1.5.14 - 4/24/2016

* Added: Next 6 Months and Next 12 Months filters to Contact Activities page. We also corrected the issue with the filter “reverting” to past due, so that clicking on the past due number from the contact overview stats bar doesn’t change the cookie set on the contact’s activities page:


v1.5.13 - 4/21/2016

* Added: Zapier integration. Boom! Start zapping!:


* Fixed: issue with ampersand in Broadcast Email template subject line. And and & (or and & &) – either should work fine now.

* Fixed: blank export on Opportunity Tracker when 'Closed Lost' or 'Closed Won' is selected from Filter. Export what you want!


v1.5.12 - 4/20/16

* Fixed: Complete repeating activity from bulk action on dashboard wasn’t working. It now has a “gung-ho, let’s DO this” attitude, i.e., it’s working well now:

* Fixed: Completing or updating future occurrences of a repeating activity with no end date sometimes threw a 500 error. This could have created problems for you in the future, which we will have solved in the past by the time you get there. It’s all very flux capacitory.

* Updated: now show repeating icon on Contact Record’s completed activities view where activity series is completed. Will NOT show individual instances when user has used the ‘complete series’ or ‘complete this and future occurrences' option, but WILL show individual instances if completed from bulk action on Dashboard. This is because when using the bulk action, each instance is broken out of the series into its own individual activity, but completing the whole series only completes the ‘base’ activity:

* Updated: Contact Overview shows Past Due & Next 30 Days’ Open Activities, rather than just Next 30 Days. Because the past isn’t going anywhere, even if you can’t see it.


v1.5.09 - 4/17/2016

* Updated: Contact Overview Activity List previously displayed 6 months past due and 6 months upcoming activities. It now displays Past Due & Next 30 Days' Open Activities. That one-year time frame previously used was kind of arbitrary (though it conferred some performance benefits) – this should prove much more useful (without sacrificing those benefits):


v1.5.08 - 4/15/2016

* Added: support for Team-based activity privacy. Previously, you could permission based upon all database users, yourself only or activity attendees. You still have those three options, but this gives you one more:

* Updated: Contact Activities page. Removed the “Hide Recurring” option and some other non-essential filters that will speed load times up tremendously.

* Updated: the Go To > Activities link from Search results will now direct you to that contact’s Open Activities page:

* Updated: major improvements to the way we handle activity loads to improve speed and performance. This will make Today’s Overview, Calendar, Contact Overview and Contact Activities speeeeedier!

* Updated: Dashboard filter list to match what is available on Contact Overview. This offers a performance improvement as well as updating “Past Due & Next 7 Days” to include ALL the past dues activities (rather than the 50 most recent).


v1.5.07 - 4/13/2016

* Fixed: 500 error that sometimes occurred when selecting Account Balance as a Custom Export field. That, uh, wasn’t intended behavior.

* Updated: Automation Email Notification enhancements, including affected contacts, address, activity and account changes. And, generally better readability. In short, these notifications are now more notificatory (though not in a declaratory sense).

* Fixed: Broadcast email spouse merge fields causing errors. This turned out to be a case issue (lower vs. upper). We don’t care about the case, and Broadcast Emails now share our case apathy.

* Fixed: Personal Profile Form formatting of Gender/DOB/Age/SSN had gotten a little wonky. We unwonked it!


v1.5.04 - 4/6/2016

* Added: BICE (Best Interest Contract Exemption) date field to existing Written Agreements Review area. Added to help advisors track their adherence to this component of the new DOL fiduciary rule:

* Added: WAR to advanced search. To clarify, that’s Written Agreements Review dates (which includes the new BICE date field). You can search for them, in other words. No need to fight:

* Fixed: all Advanced Search values related to a date now allow you to choose from a date-picker, rather than having to format the date value just so. Because determining how to format dates just so could be just so annoying:

* Fixed: issue where users sometimes got 500 error when trying to update Account Owner.

* Updated: verbiage and cases for many of the Advanced Search fields. In short, the verbiage is better and the cases are proper.


v1.5.01 - 4/4/2016

* Fixed: the 404 error that sometimes occurred when deleting single or recurring activities. If you had previously submitted a ticket on this issue, you should have received a notification last night that we resolved this. If you’ve experienced the issue, but haven’t submitted a ticket, we’ve fixed the problem for you as well. If you’ve never experienced this issue, carry on, nothing to see here.

* Fixed: Contacts NOT Permissioned report should now run consistently, rather than sometimes throwing 500 errors when taking longer. Running consistently, each and every day, even if for only five minutes, can help keep your doctor away (it’s true, look it up).

* Updated: Memberships table now a sortable data table. Sort smarter where you want:

* Fixed: a fix we implemented last week sometimes resulted in 500 errors when editing a manually entered asset. The fix is fixed.

* Fixed: When choosing different options in report filters, the screen might jump around and move you back up to the top of the report if you weren’t already there. No more!


v1.4.99 - 4/1/2016

* Changed: ordered Workflow Templates for Automation Action Item selection. That sounds fancy, but really just represents a little alphanumericazation (which also sounds fancy, and probably should since I made it up) of those Workflow Templates to improve ease-of-use:

* Fixed: 500 errors that were sometimes occurring when trying to access Account Activities, Notes or Documents from inside the account or when trying to manually add account assets:

* Fixed: Asset advanced search now returns results for both manually entered and fed-in asset data:

* Updated: new UI elements and look for the contact Timeline, including color coding indicators (blue for updated data, green for new data, red for deleted data):


v1.4.98 - 3/30/16

* Performance improvements for Account Details page and the following reports: UDF Reports, Note Reports, Top-N Reports, Transaction Reports, Account Renewal Reminder Report, Wedding Anniversary Reminders Report, Seminar Workflow Task Reminders Report, Permissions Reports, Contacts by Important Info Report and Bulk Reports available from Search page. That’s a lot of performance improvements packed into one release note, an economical, and thus performance improved, release note, if you will.


v1.4.97 - 3/28/2016

* Added: Seminar ID, Attendee Count, Guest Count, Start Time and End Time columns to Seminar Export. (All of which is great seminarish data for a Seminar Export). Also improved performance of running the export and of the Seminar index page itself.

* Added (or changed): multiple items on Opportunity Tracker, including: 1) LAST ADDED and CLOSING NEXT buttons on Opportunity Dashboard are now links to those opportunities, 2) COMPLETED button is now CLOSED button, 3) Projected Revenue, Actual Revenue and Probability fields added to Opportunities by Stage export and Opportunities Dashboard export, and 4) performance improvements and field reordering of those exports as well:


v1.4.96 - 3/25/2016

* Fixed: Multi-day activity not displaying on Calendar properly in some cases when it extends into following month. Issue with the view range name passed into controller. This is so fixed it’s not even funny.

* Fixed: Workflow dates were shifting due to time zone preference, but they are not timed items. Time is now stripped to ensure display as intended. It’s a good thing Time isn’t really that bashful.

* Fixed: Broadcast email history page excluded Failed Count from Total Count, including Processed Count only. That was pretty fuzzy math.

* Changed: Manage Integrations area now separated into Enabled and Disabled tabs, meaning active and inactive integrations within your database are more readily distinguishable. The big green On and red Off toggle indicators are still there, but they don’t mingle on the same tab.

* Fixed: bug in combine notification email handling where it tries to get a contact which was already deleted so it can print the name when the combine succeeded, i.e., the actual combine was working but the combine contacts success notification was unsuccessful, which would have been ironic had anyone actually been able to see the unsuccessful success notification.


v1.4.91 - 3/18/2016

* Fixed: On the calendar page the popovers for activities were sticking and not going away randomly. We believe this is resolved, but it was random so certainly want to hear from you if you experience the issue going forward, whether it be randomly, every time or in some kind of suspicious pattern.

* Changed: default Opportunities view to ACTIVE and added ALL button so you can toggle between Active, Complete and All views. Or you can stay on the Active view. No one will force you to toggle, ever!

* Added: Support for shared home address and phone in custom exports. Because sharing is caring.


v1.4.89 - 3/17/2016

* Fixed: In new Email Template functionality, you had to log out / log back in to be able to select any new templates after the first one. Now ya don’t!

* Fixed: the 500 error when performing a column sort by Type in the Account by Agent reports. You should be able to do that if you want to.

* Added: Category name on Notes and changed word “Contact” to icon, simultaneously decluttering Note headers while providing more information.

* Fixed: for Team Notify on Activity Notifications, we don't want to send an email to the current user if the current user is a member of the team. We don’t want to and now we won’t (previously we didn’t want to and we were).


v1.4.88 - 3/15/16

* Fixed: Internal email client modal was briefly not appearing for some PC users. It’s baaaack!


v1.4.87 - 3/14/2016

* Fixed: Fine tuning of permissioned contacts in Seminar Management module in regard to report display, send to search, mail merge and label merge.

* Fixed: problem where an account move did not move the documents associated with the account. This left orphan entries that caused a 500 (fixed the 500 earlier). Docs now follow the money.


v1.4.84 - 3/12/2016

*NEW FEATURE: At the bottom of these v1.4.84 release notes, we’ll point out a bunch of updates to Broadcast Emails. But, right up here at the top, we wanted to announce that you can now create Broadcast Email Templates to use over and over again (for individual or bulk emails). Create these under Manage Your Account / Manage Templates and then go relax for a while.


* Fixed: a recent issue resulting from upgrade that when restoring contacts from Recycle Bin, their Notes and Note Permissions were not being restored with the contact. The recycled folk are bringing their notes back with them again now, as they should!

* Updated: joins to not exclude contacts in exports if they do not have certain fields (i.e., next/last activity and/or account information). In other words, contacts selected to be included in your Custom Exports will be included, regardless of whether or not they have next/last activity or account data entered when those fields are a part of the Export template. Because sometimes it’s the data that’s not there that you are searching for.

* Fixed: Marketing Library Integration appeared to have broken, possibly as a result of the recent Rails upgrade.


* Improved: the Combine Contacts notification emails (success and failure) to look better and include more information. Better looking and more informative? That’s right – all that good stuff!

* Added: permissions panel to Opportunity edit (if admin) and the ability to add permissions on the Opportunity add and quick add. The opportunities to increase the privacy of your Opportunities are now, in essence, less hidden themselves.


* Fixed: Workflow Tasks not always showing correctly on Contact Overview, though present on their Contact Workflows screen. These tasks are expected to multitask, at least in terms of where and when they display. Now, they should display everywhere as expected.


* Removed: Last 10 notes option from Dashboard Recently Added Notes, replaced with Last 3 Days option. Also, set maximum height for the Dashboard Notes, meaning Recently Added Notes will scroll within itself, once it reaches a certain height. These changes were put into effect to increase speed of Notes load on Dashboard. And, to keep Recently Added Notes from growing too tall.

*Fixed: a whole bunch of Broadcast Email issues, including 1) Paste from Word issues with Copyright, Trademark, Registered, Bullet and Apostrophe symbols have been resolved, 2) failed count now reflects the name(s) of contacts that didn’t receive the email, 3) Enter key within pasted Word text or typed directly within Body no longer results in alternate characters in text rather than paragraph breaks, and 4) added <spousefirstname> and <spousenicknamefirstname> as available email merge fields. Combine these fixes with the new Email Templates and you can repeatedly use an email addressed to as many spouses as you would like, call them by their nicknames and include as many Copyright symbols as you deem necessary. There’s a song in there somewhere – not necessarily a good one, but a song nonetheless.


v1.4.82 - 3/8/2016

* Fixed: problem where Seminar Attendees Report was not printing the full address if there was a secondary address (e.g. Suite), i.e., When a contact record had an apartment or suite in their address the city, state and zip were not exporting to the Seminar Attendees Report from the Seminars page. It’s ok to have a lengthy address and there was no need for us to get snippy.

* Fixed: problem where Combine Contacts did not work at all for a very brief period. Caused by upgrading Rails version (we were using a feature of Rails which was deprecated). Same day report of and resolution for the issue – let the combinations continue!


v1.4.79 - 3/1/2016

* Added: fast Make Primary option to phone and email in the Contact Card from their respective Actions menus. Faster is gooder.

*Added: repeating icon on calendar to indicate recurring activities. Conveys important information in an aesthetically pleasing and non-clutterish way.


v1.4.74 - 2/29/2016 *Changed: NOT excluding permissioned Contact names from Opportunities anymore — Users should use Opportunity Permissions to prevent access completely to the Opportunity in those cases where it is needed. This speeds things up significantly on the Opportunities page for those databases with a lot of advisors and opportunities. Note: if an opportunity doesn’t have any permission settings, and a user who is not permissioned to see the contact sees their name displayed there, they will be taken to the Dashboard with no access to that record. Try as they might!


v1.4.70 - 2/17/2016

* Fixed: various issues with Timeline Note display and behavior. They look and act better now. Shoot, they say it’s the best they’ve felt in ages.

* Fixed: 500 error that could occur when clicking Activity that had a Linked Contact that was deleted from database without being unlinked from Activity. An obscurish bug, first reported on Tuesday, fixed on Wednesday and subsequently returned to obscurity.

* Fixed: Image Properties Link URL text box not allowing copy/paste or direct text entry from ckeditor in Broadcast Email modal. Modals were stacking up and not playing nicely together. They’ve worked things out.


v1.4.69 – 2/16/16

* Fixed: user/team list not showing in some cases when trying to add a note with permissions. Meaning, in those cases, you couldn’t assign permissions. Obviously unacceptable and now resolved.


v1.4.67 – 2/13/16

* Added: columns to Market News Indices to show symbol value change and colored them green/red (up/down) and sorted the Watchlist by symbol. A Christmasy change, year-round.


v1.4.66 - 2/12/16

* Added: Activity Permissions, allowing you to set privacy options for an Activity to all database users, yourself only or activity attendees only. Shhh, don’t tell anybody.

* Fixed: Seminar Attendees not showing phone number if the Type isn’t Home. Now pulls Primary, or Home, or first number listed or none, dependent upon what is present in the contact record, i.e., the blatantly home-based bias has been removed.

* Fixed: Activities Reports not showing the correct number of Activity Types and Categories in Filters section. Actually, the error was parenthetical rather than actual, in that the number in parenthesis for Types and Categories didn’t always match the actual number of Types and Categories when one expanded the sections. It’s now actually (and parenthetically) correct.

* Fixed: Category Type on Completed Activities in Notes Report in some cases wasn’t matching the user-designated Activity Category. The Notes Report seemed to want all Category Types to boil down to “General Information” – not cool, Notes Report, not cool.

* Added: Error message letting users know they must uncomplete a Completed Activity prior to making any updates to it. Hey, it’s better than a message stating “You Complete Me” every time you complete an activity.

* Fixed: Seminars weren’t validating time format, which could allow for an end time earlier than the start time. While for some meetings this might actually be a feature rather than a bug, you’ll now have to enter valid time formats.

* Fixed: when adding a contact, Non-admin users were not able to permission contacts to teams they are a part of (teams they are a part of didn’t load in selection box). They can now see/select teams for permissioning here if they are a part of the team and aren’t left shuffling their feet on the playground.


v1.4.65 - 2/2/2016

* Added: fix to wrap linked contacts on Activity Reports pdf. They were unwrapped before which, counterintuitively, meant you couldn’t see them on these pdfs if an activity had a long subject line. We’ve wrapped ‘em up (but you can see them now).


v1.4.60 - 1/28/2016

* Added: birthday banner back to top of contact pages on their birthday. They’re green. They are festive. Green, festive birthday banners!

* Updated: Retriever for Tailwag download link to point to newest version. Kind of a minor thing, as Retriever for Tailwag itself will prompt you to update when you open it after a new version is released. Still, the showroom model shouldn’t be last month’s model when this month's is oh-so-much-shinier.

* Fixed: issue where Imaging subfolders were sometimes disappearing temporarily within Documents section of contact record after you clicked on them to view files contained within them. A not-so-fun game of hide-and-seek that is no longer allowed on premises.

* Fixed: Extra space was added after Last Name when Suffix added to record. This could cause issues with mail merges, labels, etc. It made the comma between Last Name and Suffix awfully lonely as well.

* Fixed: Assigned To list on Edit Opportunity is now sorted and only contains Active users in the list. This ensures not only that you can’t assign opportunities to Disabled users who couldn’t see them anyway, but also that your Active database users look all sorted and dapper in that list. You can’t overestimate the value of dapper (and active) when it comes to dealing with opportunities.

* Changed: Checkbox list to the better-looking one for adding attendees to Activity. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but, c’mon, it just looks better!

* Fixed: issue where reassigning a due date on a workflow task sometimes produced an error, even though the change was still made. Have you ever had a friend whose overabundance of caution kept them from having any fun in life at all? That was this error. It’s going skydiving this weekend!


v1.4.58 - 1/25/2016

* Fixed: Orion integration overhaul. Plus, credentials now required to enable Orion Connect. Overhaul performed to address issues with using the Household portion of the integration. If you’re an Orion user, everything will look the same to you – the overhaul was under the hood. So, what’s different? It works much, much better!

* Added: Linked Contact column to Opportunity exports/reports. The column was already present onscreen but had begun to complain loudly about not being featured in Excel and Adobe versions of the data.


v1.4.56 1/21/2016

* Added: fix for denoting symbol linking shared addresses on contact view, changes linked address map symbol to red. In other (clearer) words, for shared addresses their map icon is now red on the Contact Card, where on the original record where the address was actually entered, the map icon on the Contact Card is black.


v1.4.55 - 1/20/2016

* Fixed: assign keyword bulk action and background job. In some instances, this modal remained open and if you closed it you’d get a “we’re sorry but something went wrong” message and the bulk assignment hadn’t occurred. A polite message, sure, but not that helpful. The issue is now resolved.


v1.4.53 1/14/2016

* Fixed: Laserapp Anywhere beneficiary section, as beneficiaries weren’t being passed over to LA. Also, corrected malformed xml in desktop. We couldn’t verify that the latter was actually causing any issues, but we fixed it anyway. That’s how we do.

* Changed: the bulk Add to Tag Group job modal to make it pretty too. Pretty too? That’s right, we made the individual Add to Tag Group modal pretty earlier in the week and forgot to include that in the release notes.

* Fixed: bug where Activity reports and exports (not the Activities themselves) were displaying the wrong date (for evening activities) as user time zone wasn’t (always) being taken into (careful) consideration. Note: all parentheses included to qualify rather than obfuscate a nasty bug, whose previous existence we abhor with the heat of one thousand suns.


v1.4.50 - 1/7/2016

* Added: column sorting to Birthday Reminders report, Contacts by RMD report and Contacts by Keyword report. Ongoing adventures in sorting capabilities.

* Fixed: Dashboard Workflow Tasks bug where tasks assigned to a team current user was not a member of were showing up. If your database has a lot of teams, and your office makes good use of Redtail Workflows, this fix should make you happy with your Workflow Tasks number. Unless you’re on every team. And responsible for every Workflow Task. In which case the number of tasks will remain the same.


v1.4.49 - 1/6/2016

* Added: some column sorting to the Notes by Contact report. We know you’ve been busy sorting all your newly sortable reports and hope you can make time to sort this one as well.

* Fixed: 500 error occurring with birthday reminders if the birthday falls on the exact day of the start of the range being filtered for. If that day happened to be today, this was bad. Especially if the birthday belonged to your spouse. It’s fixed.


v1.4.48 - 1/5/2016

* Added: column sorting to Activity Reports (Activities by Contacts, Activities Assigned By You To Others, Activities Assigned To You By Others) and Opportunities by Stage Report. If you’ve been following release notes as of late, you’ll know this has been a "sort of" trend.

* Updated: the Contacts by Status and Source charts to remove the 'Not Specified' counts. That data is still accessible via Advanced Search, but its removal from your Dashboard improves load times.

* Updated: a ton of internal changes that should result in optimal speed and performance, particularly on the Dashboard page.


v1.4.47 - 1/4/2016

* Added: column sorting to Transaction reports (Transactions by Account, Transactions by Contact) and to Contacts by Important Information report. Added datatables sorting to Account Assets. An assortment of sorting additions for you to sort through.


v1.4.46 - 12/30/2015

* Added: tons of additional report column sorting, including to Account Reports (Accounts by Agent Name, Accounts by Agent Number, Accounts by Company, Accounts by Contact, Accounts by Manager, Accounts by Model, Accounts by Status, Accounts by Tax Qualified Type, Accounts by Type, Accounts by RMD) and Contact Reports (Contacts by Referred By, Contacts by Source, Contacts by Status, Contacts by Servicing Advisor, Contacts by Writing Advisor, Contacts by Category). That’s a lot of sorting capability packed into one release note.

* Changed: The Contacts by Category chart on Today’s Overview no longer displays the number of “Not Specified” (or blank) contact categories. This removes the NULL (Blank) counts and speeds up the query by 50%. Basically, it’s a tradeoff between essentially empty information and improved load times. And, you can still easily determine which of your Contacts have not been assigned a Category via Advanced Search.

* Updated: Opportunities on Today’s Overview page between a specified range so that not all past due opportunities are displayed. This will significantly improve load times in many databases, and all opportunities are still accessible via the “View All” button.

* Fixed: issue where Contact popover gets stuck, staying displayed on screen. It was whack-a-mole for you and whack-a-mole for us but we believe it’s now resolved.


v1.4.45 - 12/29/2015

* Modified: the query for Timeline Updates count used on the dashboard controller to speed it up. Faster, faster!


v1.4.44 - 12/28/2015

* Changed: remote technical support link from gotoassist to Not only did we change the link, but we will also actually use rather than gotoassist to provide remote technical support. No bait-and-switch here.

* Added: alphabetical sorting to Personal Interests. This list has the potential to grow unwieldy, as personal interests are so, well, personal. Alphabetizing the list makes it easier to scan for what you’re looking for.


v1.4.43 - 12/23/2015

* Added: minor performance tweaks to Top Accounts by Company report and Top Contacts by AUM report. This should prevent timeouts that were occurring in some cases. No one likes timeouts.


v1.4.42 - 12/22/2015

* Added: failure handling and sending of email notification for csv export and csv custom export bulk operations, pdf contact bulk reports and bulk Send to Constant Contact operations in the case that they fail for some reason. Guesswork removed!

* Fixed: 500 error in Documents by Contact report that occurred if you selected both contact filter and date filters.


v1.4.41 - 12/21/2015

* Added: failure handling and email to labelmerge and mailmerge bulk operations in the case that they fail for some reason. In other words, for Label or Mail Merge jobs processed in background as a job, if there is for some reason a failure of the job to process, you now receive an email notification to let you know. Efficient, and saves a lot of wear and tear on your Refresh button, looking for a job that just isn’t there.


v1.4.40 - 12/18/2015

* Added: Notice messaging to CRM. This will allow us to communicate changes, system updates, or scheduled maintenance to you with a message box at the top of your CRM (you can dismiss the message after reading). We like to remain as unobtrusive as possible, but this allows us to make sure that you’ll see any messages we need everyone to see.


v1.4.39 - 12/16/2015

* Fixed: Note with team permissions didn’t display when it should on contact timeline as permission type naming had changed. These did show up as expected for those with permissions to view on the Today’s Overview as well as in the Notes section of the contact – now, they are on the contact timeline as well, trying to look as conspicuous as possible, as if to say, “yeah, we were always here, you must have just overlooked us.”

* Fixed: Guest Notification Email not sending in cases where Attendee User Email is blank and Guest Email is not. This was a bug, no denying that, but, making lemonade out of lemons here, it probably triggered some users’ realizations that they were missing email addresses for some attendees.

* Fixed: When submitting a bulk operation that is going to a job, modal wasn’t closing after “Submitting a job… ‘ message was sent. This irksome irritant of a bug has now been slammed closed with great force. Quietly, of course.

* Fixed: editing of a membership so that dropdowns are always populated with the possible existing values for “linked contact” and “linked contact is.” Because you kind of need those options.

* Changed: COMBINE CONTACTS bulk operation so that it sends an email to the user with a list of errors if the combine fails. Previously, only sent email on success. I’m of the school that says you learn more from your failures than your successes and give this change two thumbs up.

* Fixed: bug where really long contact name, contact company or family name throws off basic info header formatting. Now truncates name with a "..." instead of garbling the output. Note: people, companies or families with names long enough to prompt this truncation should consider a name change anyway. Because ain’t nobody got time for that.


v1.4.38 12/9/2015

* Added: servicing and writing advisor column to contact list and search results list. Defaults to these columns being off unless you turn on columns (like the reports). In other words, that info is there when you need it, but hidden when you don’t.

* Added: new report, "Notes NOT Permissioned". Also added "Note Excerpt" checkbox to "Notes permissioned" report, and added servicing advisor/filter to Contact Permissions reports. So, that’s kind of a hodgepodge of permission reports additions, with the biggie being a new permissions report that, ironically, reflects the absence of permissioning.

* Fixed: bug with infinite scroll with UDFs by Account report, where it would hang when trying to scroll. It’s unhung.

* Fixed: Multi Tier search was dropping middle tier. If you’re a middle child you understand how common this is. That didn’t make it any less frustrating though.

* Added: new Linked Accounts report along with the ability to delete the linked accounts in bulk (making the old linked assets show up in the UNLINKED list now). More reporting, more bulk actions – it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


v1.4.36 - 12/2/2015

* Added: feature to activities by contact report to allow users to filter by activities with no assigned contacts. Perfect for when you want to get some open activities done, but you don’t want to deal with people.

* Fixed: various spots (reports, etc.) where CRM should display contact’s full name, including suffixes. Suffixes matter!

* Added: support throughout for 2 new preferences to configure bulk size (i.e. when to submit to background for all bulk operations and a separate one for contact combine/delete). In other words, you have greater control over what threshold number triggers one of these jobs being sent to background operation.

* Fixed: problem with activity row displaying the day of the week in some cases when it should be a date. For specificities’ sake.


v1.4.35 - 11/23/2015

* Added: option in activities_by_contact report to just see the repeating activities. Also added one to see only non-repeating. So, filter filter. Or filter. As you wish.

* Fixed: the edit of client review date (was incorrectly being reset to repeats yearly even if user originally set it to NEVER). Then gave errors when trying to save. Client review when you want!

* Fixed: removed uniqueness validation from account udfs. Caused contact combines to fail since imports are bringing in duplicate udfs per account id. Bonus: you can now add the same account UDF more than once in the UI!

* Added: Bulk MarketingLibrary Document option from Advanced Search Contact Options. A sensible, if somewhat belated, reintroduction of a legacy Redtail CRM function.


v1.4.33 - 11/18/2015

* Fixed: validation on addresses so that it does not require presence of city, state, zip if a NON US country is selected. Now you can really enter international addresses!

* Fixed: Rollover of Activities was not implemented for repeating activities. Created and updated this implementation to properly rollover recurring activities. Previously they were kinda just rolling back and forth.

* Fixed: recent bug where user cannot re-add a contact to a tag group once removed from the tag group. Because your CRM shouldn’t restrict your contact labeling, regardless of how willy-nillily you go about said labeling.

* Fixed: bug that caused "Something went wrong" message when trying to delete an opportunity permission. Opportunity permissioning is a new functionality and had to be whipped into shape.

* Added: enhancement from RTU feedback where we set important info icon a different color if there is content. If you remove content, goes back to normal color. It’s important, doggone it – make it stand out!

* Changed: Activity Attendees – Prevented same Attendee from being added more than once. Nobody wants to attend a meeting one time, much less to attend the same meeting more than once.

* Added: Riskalyze bulk Send to option. All. The. Risk. Scores.


v1.4.32 - 11/12/2015

* Fixed: bulk notes to log timeline event for each contact. Also added display of contact name for the note timeline entry on the dashboard. Also did some cleanup of duplicate code. Triple also, bulk notes just function better now.

* Added: "Family" flag to the flags displayed for an account if it is owned by a different family member and "Show Family Accounts" is selected. Tooltip shows who the family member is. This particular release note makes me want to fire up the grill, with all this talk of flags and family.

* Fixed: When unchecking all day on an all day event, the time defaulted to 12am instead of nearest interval. This resolves the concern you had expressed about all those midnight lunch meetings.

* Fixed: Move end time when start time for activity changes. Fix based upon Newton’s Third Law of Meeting Planning.

* Added: detailed information popup for a single contact linked to an activity in the dashboard list of activities (mirrors calendar and contact index page popup). Just place your cursor over the contact’s name and watch the magic happen!

* Fixed: bug where "Create follow-up activity" checkbox on a note add did nothing at all if the note was for an account or opportunity. All Notes are now treated with the same degree of respect and consideration.

* Fixed: usability of the Know Your Client Estimated Net Worth (changed UI layout and some wording). Calculations were correct but presentation benefitted from some housekeeping.

* Added: support for opportunity permissions including all UI work and filtering of opportunities by permissions in various places (reports, csv, index, etc). Opportunity knocks – you decide who can open the door.

* Enabled: the paste a link functionality for the activity description as the wysiwyg 5 html editor can't paste links in activity description. I.E., pasting hyperlinks directly within an activity’s Description field could produce wonky results. This new button at the end of the toolbar for Descriptions removes the potential for wonkiness.


V1.4.31 – 11/4/2015

* Added: category filters to notes and resolved some issues with infinite scroll, which didn't work when filters were turned on. Added a feature, ran into a problem, fixed the problem and then we scroooooolled.

* Fixed: incorrect spelling of Quik preventing Quik export from being imported. Spelling matters, even if you’re supposed to be spelling something incorrectly.

* Fixed: several issues that could occur when manually linking accounts to feeds (allowed multiple accounts to link to the same feed, was not showing the UI to unlink an account in some cases). Resulting fixes represent both addition by subtraction and addition by addition.


v1.4.30 - 10/28/2015

* Added: descending sort order to activity note associations so the oldest notes show last. Reverse chronological order is where it’s at.

* Reconciled: the different naming of Source/Destination vs Contact/Linked Contact for membership UI. Reconciliation is also where it’s at. Or, at where it is, for the grammarians.


v1.4.29 - 10/27/2015

* Added: Memberships/Relationship report that displays Family and Membership relationships. Can be run individually or in bulk. Potentially helpful when playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon as well.


1.4.28 - 10/26/2015

* Fixed: contacts sometimes getting duplicated when updating a recurring activity instance and linked notes not being applied to an updated recurring activity instance. Two different issues, each of which center on recurring activity edits, one resulting in repetitive data and one resulting in not-repetitive-enough data, have both been resolved.

* Added: support to the Notes Report from the Contact->Reports selection to Show Family Notes if you have checked this as an option from the Notes page (saved as a cookie). A family matter, all straightened out.


v1.4.27 - 10/21/2015

* Fixed: bug where accounts from a family member that is no longer linked still showing up when clicking "Show Family Accounts.” A similar issue was resolved for Family Notes. We’ve ingested our coffee and cleared these up for good.

* Fixed: multiple issues that had arisen with Activity Descriptions saving correctly after recent update. While the issues were short-lived, they were gnarly and we’re happy to have sent them packing.

* Fixed: workflow task report so that date filters pull the correct results based on calculated date. Date filter wasn’t looking at things correctly but we’ve clarified the situation for it.

* Fixed: custom exports problem that would cause 500 error if selecting account status but no other account fields. If one is only concerned with status, who is the custom export to so pointedly refute your request?

* Fixed: bug where Recently Added Contacts was allowing users to see names of contacts that they did not have permissions to see. They couldn’t access records for these contacts, but they shouldn’t be able to see their name at all. And now they can’t.

* Added: dropdown to select existing account model/strategy or add on the fly when adding or editing an account. More time-saving, data-entry-error-preventing goodness at your disposal.

* Changed: workflow notification preferences to include the preferences for receiving created/updated/completed notifications as both a workflow owner AND an assignee of a workflow. Notify Team and Notify User options removed from Workflow Complete Steps area. Because, hey, it’s your inbox, after all.


v1.4.26 - 10/15/2015

* Added: client_termination_date field to contact record, custom export available fields and advanced search fields. Because “save the date” doesn’t apply to just the beginning of relationships.


v1.4.25 - 10/14/2015

* Added: ability to change an Individual contact type to a Business, Association, Trust or Union Type. Previously, this had to be submitted as a request to be processed by one of our techs. Now, it’s a quick change on your end.

* Added: ability to add more than one attendee at once to an activity (can check multiple checkboxes from list of users). Previous method for adding multiple attendees was a bit, ahem, cumbersome.

* Fixed: issue with the add for all the contact types and the list of teams would not show up when selecting "Team" for permissions, i.e., when adding a new contact, adding multiple addresses/emails/phone numbers caused ‘Selected Team’ permissions not to load. Hide what you want!


v1.4.24 - 10/8/2015

* Added: feature to move notes in bulk (types selectable) from one contact to another (won't move where permissions don't allow). This heavily requested functionality is now available (and there was rejoicing in the streets!)

* Added: Sorting to Today’s Overview Dashboard's Pending Activities. Everybody dreams of growing up and having alphanumeric and/or chronological sorting control based upon their favorite column header and now they’ve got it!

* Added: code to save and restore the list of users for notes on the dashboard (will remember user selections). This means you can set your default to always filter out his notes. You know who I’m talking about.

* Fixed: issue where notes associated with an account are not restored on a contact delete/restore. We had the option to fix this or change the button to read “Partially Restore.” That, we felt, sounded like a very sad button so we just fixed the issue.

* Added: list of linked contacts to workflow checklist report. For your cross referencing pleasure.


v1.4.23 - 10/1/2015

* Added: Contacts By Duplicate Name report along with Send to Search. A handy report for cleaning up your database, whether you have duplicated, triplicated or quadruplicated, etc. certain contact records.

* Fixed: problem in custom exports where employment Gross Annual Income was not being exported. How did we fix it? We made it so GAI is being exported in custom exports that include that field, of course.

* Added: code to default Date of Birth reminder to true when adding the spouse. Safeguards for remembering a spousal birthday are always a good thing.


v1.4.22 - 9/24/2015

* Added: ability to hide/show non-primary joint accounts (i.e. when contact is non-primary owner) on accounts page. Remembers with a cookie. This was previously impossible if joint ownership wasn’t for a Family Account. We’ve made the impossible possible!

* Added: tooltips to "Joint Account" and "Insured" flags on the accounts index page so that you can see the actual names of the joint owners or the insured contacts. Without clicking. Less clickey = more better!

* Fixed: contact method report and send_out_cards csv to use the client_since date (previously using created_at date which is wrong). A wrong righted!

* More fixes: on Activity Notifications to reflect user preferences. These have proved tricky but refinement continues.

* Added: option from a note (if note_type = note) to allow you to COPY the note (and associated permissions) to a new contact. Also, added option from a note to allow you to MOVE the note to a different contact. Much requested and now available.

* Added: change to remember the "Show Family Notes" checkbox in a cookie so user doesn't have to re-select it each time. Family Notes are now sticky notes, if that’s the view you want!

* Fixed: guests on activities weren't getting email notifications, after our recent updates to Notifications. After an update to those updates, now they do.

* Added: filter to Notes by Contact report options to only show the note excerpt. See more, see less, more or less.


v1.4.21 - 9/16/2015

* Changed: An Activity’s Linked Notes now display in Linked Contact’s Notes as well as on their Timeline. Another popular request from Redtail users put into place! Huzzah!

* Added: Ownership information to the Portfolio Summary Report. This was present in Legacy versions of Redtail CRM but had been left off in Tailwag inadvertently. The Summary now does a better job of summarization.

* Fixed: Account Ownership modal where the 4 contact fields (owners and insureds) were displaying blank when clicking edit even if they had values. Annoying at worst, confusing at best, it’s no longer an issue either way.

* Changed: account ownership panel to display the 2 owners and 2 insureds as links back to the associated contacts (if set). A minor improvement, destined to go largely unnoticed, except perhaps when you are viewing ownership information for an account and want to access the record of an owner or insured that is not the contact record you’re currently viewing. Then, oh then, the magic of the interwebs is at your fingertips.


v1.4.20 - 9/11/2015

* Added: Custom Type Title as a searchable field in advanced search for Phone Numbers, Email Addresses and Physical Addresses. Very handy if you want to set up a QuickList for the purpose of cultivating closer relationships with all of your contacts that have a “Vacation Home.”

* Added: support to remember the option to hide or show family accounts, i.e., client Accounts page will always remember your previous setting when visiting Accounts page. Just one more instance where the default setting has been converted from system to user preference.

* Added: support to all reports from account dropdown to look at "Show family accounts" cookie (beneficiaries report, portfolio detail, portfolio summary, withdrawals). That this wasn’t already in place was wrongish – it is now extremely rightish.


v1.4.19 - 9/9/2014

* Fixed the 500s that are occurring in birthday reminders when dob=1 and there is a non-individual (query needs to restrict to just individuals). In other words, if Businesses, Trusts, Unions or Associations had a DOB entered, it could cause 500 errors when viewing Birthday Reminders containing one of those records. We removed an unnecessary field in order to remove an unnecessary annoyance.

* Added: "Contacts by Important Information" report along with content search filter. Also added send to search. All your important information in one place? That’s a pretty important report!

* Added: marital anniversary reminders to the calendar (configurable by preference). Can you feel the love?


v1.4.18 - 9/4/2015

* Fixed: 500 errors sometimes occurring when using Send to Search option on Client Review Reminders report. Send to Search now always sends to search (like, of course, it should).

* Added: Send to Search option for an individual Workflow's linked contacts from a Workflow’s Actions menu on the main active Workflows page. If part of your Workflow involves performing any of the bulk actions available on Advanced Search page with linked contacts, this marks a drastic decrease in the energy required to do so.

* Added: contact birthdays option to calendar and UI to configure preference. If you missed the birthday reminder that gave you plenty of advance notice, you’ll still have time to scramble together an e-card after seeing the birthday on your main Calendar.

* Added: an Accounts by RMD report with filters. Similar to the recently added Contacts by RMD report (but different).


v1.4.17 - 9/2/2015

* Changed: Emails on Activity Notifications. We changed too much with these to break it all down here. The lowdown’s available over here. Suffice it to say for now that the updates are magically delicious.

* Added: Site Preference to elect to receive or not receive updated activity email notifications. Power to the people!

* Changed: Team Notify’s "You Have Been Assigned A New Activity" message relabeled "An activity has been assigned" as team notify shouldn't have the word “you” in it since it may not actually be assigned to you. “You,” of course, can be used in the plural form — “ye” can as well but we’re not using that either.

* Added: requested filters to the client review reminder report (status, category, servicing advisor, writing advisor). More filters = more fun!

* Added: Contact by RMD report, csv export, and send to search. A long requested report now available to you with a click. So as not to be agist, we’ve set it up so you can filter this report by ages 59 ½ and up or 65 and up as well.

* Added: UDFs by Account report and csv export. Not sure if you’ve noticed, but the new standard reports are flying fast and furious.


v1.4.16 - 8/28/2015

* Fixed: cancel button not showing for some in broadcast email history if the status was "Sending". This made it rather difficult to cancel pending broadcast emails.

* Added: new report to list contacts that are NOT permissioned along with csv export and send to search. For the permission-conscious, this will probably be a habitual destination.

* Added: back in the salutation in the contact masthead. This had inadvertently become available only when looking at Basic Information in edit mode, which could have led to some awkward moments of frantically searching for the appropriate way to address visiting royalty.


v1.4.15 - 8/26/2015

* Fixed: 500 error occurring when the only account field included in custom export is portfolio_value. If that’s all you want, you can now get it.

* Added: some additional stuff to print stylesheet to not display buttons, sidebar, and filters when printing reports. You didn’t wanna see that stuff and now you won’t.

* Fixed :the wiring up of workflows to a seminar/opportunity. It not only didn't allow you to pick a user/team but it didn't merge in all the various workflow fields. This was maddening. We’re sorry but happy to say it has been addressed.

* Fixed: bug in advanced search by keyword where it was incorrectly including contacts when a keyword was deleted from their record using bulk keyword deletion. This ghostly bug has been busted.

* Changed: default "past days" filter to 90 on No Contact report. Default was 15 days, which seemed a bit extreme and stalkerish.

* Fixed: Last Note field included in Custom Exports was exporting blank field. This would only have been appropriate had you used invisible ink for your last note.


v1.4.14 - 8/21/2015

* Fixed: Quicklist clone so that the created_at and updated_at dates are for the clone date and not the dates from the Quicklist being cloned. Clones deserve their own birthday too!

* Added: export to csv for "Emails by Contact" report. It’s earlier omission was an egregious oversight.


v1.4.13 - 8/20/2015

* Fixed: Advanced Search now includes linked accounts when searching family portfolio balance. As it should have all along.

* Added: You can now select an attendee from the Add Activity modal on the Calendar (rather than having to change attendee on Activity Details page). Adding multiple attendees still requires a visit to the Details page, but you can now rock-paper-scissors on the modal itself to select an attendee for the activity.

* Added: Estimated Tax Information fields to Advanced Search capability, which means Quicklists can also be built based upon searches that include these fields. Your data just got more queryable, even if that’s not a word.

* Fixed: when you hit the 'More Details' button on the quick add modal for activities, it should update the activity to save the data that was entered into the modal before going to the details screen, so that the activity details page correctly reflects the changes added to the modal. And now it does.

* Fixed: On the quick add activity modal from the calendar, the default add attendee should be set to current logged in user. Overturning the tyranny of the alphabetical list here.

* Added: bulk keyword delete option. Very helpful, for instance, after a news story breaks revealing the latest hot diet trend causes one to grow gills. Removing the keyword you created for that trend from those contacts who may or may not have begun exhibiting amphibious features is now a breeze.

* Fixed: when updating the start and end dates for the entire series of a recurring activity, the dates were not getting set on the base activity correctly causing the start and end dates to not move correctly upon being updated. They are now moving as they are told to move.

* Added: support to clone a Quicklist and all its criteria. You can then edit the criteria and name of the cloned Quicklist. How awesome is this? If your office needs to create a lot of Quicklists, many of which are very similar in nature, this is very, very awesome indeed!

* Added: select2 typeahead support when selecting a job title or employer for an individual contact. Meaning you’ll see a dropdown list of all occupations/employers used thus far in the database to choose from that match what you’ve typed, a helpful option to prevent duplicated/bad/varying data for the same info, e.g. ATT versus AT&T.

* Added: additional fields (Category, Status, Phone) to the Birthday Reminders Report and its csv export. More fields = more fun!

* Added: the "no contact" report to get a list of contacts with no notes or completed activities within a selected timeframe filter. You wanna see who you’ve been neglecting? Here’s your report!


v1.4.12 - 8/12/15

* Fixed: report footers to have the date be in the correct format (month/day/year). “Correct,” though, may be too strong a word. “Preferred,” perhaps, is better.

* Fixed: Albridge reports date was formatted in a way that was resulting in errors for some Albridge Reports for some users from client Accounts page. We believed we had this issue resolved previously, but we believe it even more strongly now.

* Changed: Added Paging to Alerts modal (50 per page). 50 alerts is a lot – more than 50 is pagination worthy.

* Fixed: custom exports to export review frequency and the next review date. Custom Exports geared toward Client Review information were sorely lacking prior to this fix. Now they are unsorely complete.


v1.4.11 - 8/10/15

* Fixed: Contact Card Modal menus visible without scroll. These modal menus having nothing to hide and now they act that way.

* Added: select2 selection of company name and product to account add/edit. Meaning you can select from previously entered account companies and/or products to speed up data entry.

* Added: select2 autocomplete to activity location. A huge data entry time-saver if the majority of your meetings are held at the Howard A. Wilson Jr. Chicken and Waffles Majestic Diner.


v1.4.09 - 8/6/2015

* Fixed: Seminars Header was slightly wider than rest of page and masthead not always responsive. Seminars Header is now exactly as wide as the rest of the page and extremely responsive.

* Fixed: Seminar Attendees - After adding Seminar Attendee, message that “No Available Attendees to Display” remained. This was irksome and has been obliterated.

* Added: Calendar event popovers with Notes, Attendees and Linked Contacts when hovering over the subject. That’s a lot of bang for your popover buck.


v1.4.08 - 8/5/2015

* Added: ability to remove Contact Photo entirely. Previously, you could replace with another photo but there wasn’t an option to remove an existing photo without replacing. This seemed an arbitrary restriction and we’ve removed it.

* Added: holdings (assets) for an account linked to a feed to Portfolio Detail report, making the Detail report a great deal more detailed.

* Added: total balance to portfolio detail report. Also added separate report to include only non-closed accounts in this report. They say mathematicians do their best work in their 20s – in light of that we thought it best to provide a total balance figure for you in this report. If you’re still in your 20s, feel free to add the individual accounts in your head prior to looking at a total.

* Added: an 'Add Note' link to the timeline widget on contact overview to provide another option for quick addition of note. Commonly requested and available now in a database near you!

* Fixed: email history - display correct time for time zone (was displaying all in Pacific time). Time may be a river but if you’re on the East Coast you’re three hours closer to the headwaters than those on the West Coast.

* Changed: Contact Note - Prevent 'Copy To' self when in the context of a contact, i.e., if you’re creating a note in a contact record, you can’t also select that contact from the Copy To option. While perhaps a security blanket for those like me who triple check the doors to make sure they are locked every night, that option was totally unnecessary and, if selected, would duplicate the note.

* FinaMetrica integration now available. More info here.


v1.4.07 - 7/29/2015

* Added: Select All message after running an Advanced Search will now work with all bulk operations. It was working only for Reports, Exports and Custom Exports. While there was a workaround for selecting all for the other bulk operations previously, it involved waiting for all search results to load. That could be a lengthy wait time if the search results included a ton of contacts. Now, no wait is required. And, for those of you that find the waiting is the hardest part, this should be a most welcome addition.

* Fixed: When sending a 'Completed Activity' Notification, the email should also be sent to the user who created the activity (if their preferences dictate this), unless that user is the one who just completed the activity. There was a hitch in this if said user was not also an activity attendee. Delegators will no longer be left in the dark.

* Changed: more friendly alert sounds. You still have two different barking dog options from which to choose, but neither is likely to send you cowering under your desk.

* Changed: all permission modal selects (including bulk and job) for users and teams so that they would be in alphabetical order. Another small change in our ongoing efforts to make your working life easier.

* Fixed: wrong behavior in Accounts by Status report where a filter is selected that would return no results. Now, in those cases, that filter returns no results, which is the exact correct behavior. Good filter.

* Changed: the text to read "Copy to" instead of "Link to" when adding a Note. Because words matter.

* Changed: aligned checkbox header with select row in Seminars. It was just slightly off. Just enough to drive someone who pays attention to those types of things absolutely bonkers if left that way.

* Added: header to Notes page for Opportunities and Seminars to indicate clearly which Opportunity or Seminar you are viewing Notes for. We all get distracted – this helps keep a confused look off our faces during those post-distraction moments though.


v1.4.03 - 7/22/2015

* Fixed: workflow task report to scroll (previously only showed the first page and then stopped). Infinite scroll was perplexingly finite. Will now scroll to infinity . . . and beyond!

* Changed: In top navigation, notifications showed Dismiss All button, even after no notifications displayed. No more. Bye Felicia!

* Fixed: Activity Update, Complete, and New button now continues to associate with the attached contact. Associations now properly associated.

* Fixed: Delete professional contact redirect should update dynamically, rather than redirecting to client review area. Now update is taken, but you stay in professional contacts area. Sometimes the unexpected is good – here that wasn’t the case and we fixed it.

* Fixed: CopyTalk and Mobile Assistant (Today’s Overview page) should remove messages dynamically after deletion instead of redirecting. Similar to above resolved issue with professional contacts – now you can delete messages from these partners without being rudely sent elsewhere.

* Fixed: notification time is displaying in UTC, it should be converted to the correct time zone, based upon user preferences. Universal Coordinated Time, while it sounds AWESOME, was probably not useful for scheduling.

* Fixed: exception that was occurring when trying to add in an external user and there was a space in their username. This was clearly, if unintentionally, spacist and we have resolved the issue.


v1.4.02 - 7/17/2015

* Changed: Contact Activities - Pending and Completed Filter buttons. Prettying things up.

* Fixed: query and scope in transaction class because Transactions by Contact report was not showing all relevant transactions, which tended to make it somewhat irrelevant.

* Added: Contact Card items are now bolded in two ways, dependent upon whether they are marked Primary or Preferred. Primary items Type column is bolded, Preferred items actual data column (i.e., phone number, address, etc.) is bolded. Previously, you could click a Type or select Edit for the item to see if it was marked Primary or Preferred. One you internalize the meaning for bold in each column, a glance now suffices.

* Added: Activity Attendees - Differentiate between User Attendee and Guest Attendee. Guests are now indicated clearly with the word “Guest” after their name. Treat them accordingly.

* Fixed: problem where not all activities were returned when specifying date filters (returned NOTHING when start and end date were the same). Previously, dates were set for 12 am on a given date, so choosing the same date for Start and End date would only include an activity if set for 12 am on that date. This proved useful for X% of our users, where X=0.

* Changed: birthday report pdf to print the full name for the contact, which includes nickname. Quite handy if you’re using this pdf for a birthday call-sheet, sport!


v1.4.01 - 7/16/2015

* Fixed: bug where Manage Integrations showed Constant Contact as unlinked even if it was linked. This could cause frustration, leading to possibly destructive behavior. We are happy to report it resolved!

* Changed: Link Contact to Workflow modal functionality. No more disappearing acts on the part of the modal when you’re adding to or removing contacts from Workflow.


v1.4.00 - 7/15/2015

* Changed: Manage Database Lists Action buttons to carets. They were cogs. Usage is the same, but they are easier on the eye.

* Fixed: ability to remove permissions in bulk and link workflows in bulk from Contact Options on Advanced Search page for entire result set, regardless of paging. Not necessarily the most commonly performed processes, but they should now work uncommonly well.

* Fixed: past due activities to show recurring activities for past due and next 7 days activities view for the dashboard. Recurring activities were being left out of this particular view. There wasn’t a legitimate reason for their exclusion in this view and they are now included and welcomed.

* Fixed: styling for Linked Contacts modal for Upcoming Opportunities. Previously you didn’t receive an indication when linking a new contact to an opportunity that your link had been successful. It’s now readily apparent when doing so.


v1.3.99 - 7/10/2015

* Fixed: Pending Activites path in contact dashboard navigation link. Destination was correct for the URL assigned – unfortunately, that URL didn’t take you to Pending Activities for the contact. It now does.

* Added: new category field to workflows, workflow templates, workflow report, add/edit modals, etc. Note: these are the same categories you can assign to Notes, Activities or Documents, and categorically not the ones you can assign to contacts.


v1.3.98 - 7/9/2015

* Fixed: Box borders disappearing on modals. Boxes without Borders does some fine work, don’t get us wrong, but we need those borders in our UI.

* Changed: When filtering pending activities by custom range, calendars were side-by-side. Now they are stacked. Like pancakes. Yum.


v1.3.97 - 7/8/2015

* Fixed: Birthday Report available from Advanced Search Contact Options to pull Family Head’s primary home address if the contact does not have a home address set. Also updated to pull Address Line 2 when present. Apartments and suites – feel neglected no more!

* Fixed: padding which was causing links under contact masthead to not be clickable except in a very small area. Items in this area were clickable – now they are just more clickable.


v1.3.96 - 7/7/2015

* Fixed: when users clear their cookies, the cookies check for activity params could still return positive leading to a possible 500 on the dashboard. Resolved, so you can go all Cookie Monster whenever you’d like.

* Added: date filters to Client Review Reminders report/csv and fixed issue with sorting reminders on the dashboard page (and some other tweaks). This allows you to temporarily override your Site Preferences in regard to the date range of client review reminders you’re viewing. Also added date filter support to Send to Search from this report. Both customization and flexibility, representin’!

* Added: column sorting to Workflow Report. You couldn’t sort before, and that was ungood.

* Added: date of death as a field available in custom exports. We would have done this much earlier but Date of Death was only added as a field to databases a couple of days ago.


v1.3.95 - 7/6/2015

* Added: Date of Death field for Individual Type contacts (available when clicking Edit in their Contact Details section). If Date of Death set, DOB Reminders disabled for the contact. This common feature request has now met its demise.

* Fixed: scrollbar for recently viewed quick lists and tag groups off top navigation. Moved inside modal rather than allowing it to continue competing for your attention with the side scrollbar.

* Fixed: Client Review Reminders report, csv, and dashboard to include any reviews where start date falls into preference range. Also added reminder review date column header for clarity.

* Fixed: Opportunity Tracker - Data Tables Sorting not working for 'Stage' column. Now it works just fine.


v1.3.93 - 7/3/2015

* Changed: Contacts Bulk Actions Link Contacts to Workflow now presents Workflow templates in alphabetical order. Your Workflows may offer multiple paths for processing based upon their complexity – the selection process though is now alphabetically straightforward.

* Changed: contact User Defined Fields so you can have multiple values for the same udf for one contact (previously, only allowed 1). The same great UDFs, defined by you – now, with more values.

* Added: Designation (e.g., M.D.) field to advanced search. Very helpful when looking for a second (or a third, or fourth, or fifth) opinion.

* Added: Pagination for Mobile Assistant and CopyTalk integration sections on Dashboard. Dictate as many notes as you want using your chosen integration partner without slowing load times until you can get in there and take further action with those notes.

* Changed: Sort keywords alphabetically in Know Your Client section and no longer require typing a character to see matching Keywords. Instead, when you click in selection box, all Keyword options on view. Very helpful for those who can’t remember exactly what Keywords are available (and for those who don’t spell well).

*Fixed: nested scrollbar on Activity Details modal page. Two scrollbars were appearing on right. Now, there is only one, preventing willy-nilly scrolling.


v1.3.90 - 6/30/2015

* Fixed: On Unlinked Accounts Autolink feature, fixed "like" query to only match if ssn ends in last 5 digits (when a number like xxxx99999 is passed in). Also adjusted to be feed-specific. Details are a little more complex than this, but gist is that feeds that don’t send full TIN will still allow for accurate autolinking.

* Fixed: Chrome line break fix for wisywig editor. Previously, couldn’t create double line breaks in Notes when using Chrome browser. Now, you can be as feng shui as you would like with your Notes.

* Added: the missing dependent/destroys on the Contact bank address and phones. Deleting a bank was leaving behind its address and phone info in the contact record’s banking info section. This dangling and useless information now disappears when you delete a bank.

* Added: Wealth Access integration.

* Fixed: personal profile form to pull home address. If there isn't one, gets the home address of the HOH (if there is one). Sometimes, work address was being pulled if at top of contact card. Perhaps appropriate for those who basically live in the office, but, as a general rule, home address should pull home address.

* Added: a Contacts by Keyword report along with infinite scroll, keyword filter, and send to search. Quicker than setting up an advanced search for this data, plus you can send filtered results to advanced search. Win-win.

* Changed: “Excel” button to “Export” on Top-N Reports, Reminder Reports. Button nomenclature now more helpfully reflects function rather than form.

* Fixed: the intermittent problem causing 500s on the dashboard Market Watch page. Market Watch apparently had its own ideas about which stock symbols merited display – its judgments have been taken out of the equation.

* Fixed: capitalization on Update FINRA history button and Written Agreements Review bulk action modal. Because acronyms don’t typically assign a weight to their individual, abbreviated components.


v1.3.89 - 6/26/2015

* Fixed: issue where when combining business records, contacts listed as employees records were duplicated. Sometimes addition by subtraction is a good thing – in this case it was not and we’ve cleared up the math.

* Added: default dates to filters for email by contact report. You can still filter for the dates you would like to view, but the default filter ensures you start out with manageable results as opposed to, say, a 500 error.

* Added: Show contact name when viewing family notes. Previously, it was impossible to distinguish between the Notes of various family members when selecting the “Show family notes” option. Now, the individual’s name to who the Note was added is displayed, as a hyperlink to their own Notes section. Now you can view family notes in the aggregate without losing sight of the individual.


v1.3.88 - 6/23/3015

* Added: bulk remove contact permissions option (supports removing all or a specific user or team). Now, in bulk, you can remove all permissions, a team’s permissions or just that guy’s permissions. You know the one.


v1.3.87 - 6/22/2015

* Added: when editing a recurring activity, the ability to add a contact wasn't available. Well, actually, it just wasn’t available easily from the edit modal, only from the activity details screen. Now the option is on the modal – BOOM!

* Fixed: Copytalk and Mobile Assistant message date ordering. They were displaying in reverse chronological order. We flipped the script.

* Fixed: Copytalk and Mobile Assistant 500 errors when clicking on subject. Subject line was hyperlink, going nowhere. Well, going to a 500 error. No more!

* Fixed: Show Copytalk messages in user time zone. Time zone was actually correct, just displaying in military time.


v1.3.86 - 6/19/2015

* Fixed: Send To Morningstar Workstation. Now works with Morningstar Office as well. Export specs were outdated — they are now shiny and new!

* Fixed: the recently broken hover colors on the contact icons (adding opaque to the css for the contact picture broke the icons). Actually, it didn’t break the icons, just made them pink. Pink’s a perfectly fine and acceptable color, but red just works better in our UI.

* Changed: Hide Laser App Anywhere credentials fields when Laser App Enterprise selected. Only show when Anywhere set as version. Those credentials not required for Enterprise, so having the fields visible caused confusion. Now it is so, so unconfusing.


v1.3.85 - 6/18/2015

* Added: hover effect and title over contact photos to make it more obvious that this is how upload a new photo will now work since camera icon will go away. This is a cosmetic change to make way for the more important change coming in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .

* Added: important information icon and modal to the masthead (top right menu bar) for each contact type to easily display important information (removed camera). To sum up this and previous note, we removed option to upload contact photo from top right menu bar (this action now accessible by clicking a contact photo or photo placeholder) and replaced it with Important Info icon, which, upon click, will display Important Info entered for contact. A picture may be worth a thousand words but sometimes you just need to cut to the important ones.

* Changed: Contact Record - Primary Contacts - Change to Primary Contact. This area is for tracking one primary contact. Removing the “s” now makes that clear.


v1.3.84 - 6/17/2015

* Fixed: point Suggest a Feature or Enhancement link in Help & Resources menu to correct UserVoice URL for Tailwag forum. It had been pointed at Leapfrog forum, which was creating confusion and preventing both frogs from leaping and tails from wagging.

* Fixed: bug in dashboard with clicking in Contacts by Source pie chart (was generating javascript error). Click now redirects to correctly filtered Contacts by Source standard report. Clicking a piece of pie is still not as satisfying as eating a piece of pie and never will be.

* Fixed: bug causing duplicating account rows in the csv if Premium is selected as field in custom exports. Nobody wants to pay premiums multiple times – you don’t want to see them in your custom exports multiple times either.


v1.3.82 - 6/16/2015

* Enabled: Pocket Risk integration for production release. You can read about the integration here.

* Fixed: bulk permission problem where any database user could set permissions in bulk. This ability should be limited to your database owner or admin database users only – and now it is!

* Fixed: 500s in custom exports that can occur if you don't save sort order of fields and there is no string alias for the fields (e.g. know your client fields). Confusing? The good thing is you don’t have to worry about it anymore, if you ever did.

* Fixed: Workflow description popover links are now wrapped. They weren’t wrapped previously, making them difficult, nay near impossible, to read.

* Fixed: quick add workflow now links contact if selected from within a contact record. This was intended behavior all along. Intention and action are now in accordance.

* Added: 4 more web servers to improve overall performance. More to come!


v1.3.81 - 6/12/2015

* Fixed: Prevent page refresh when completing an activity from the dashboard. Now, the completed activity row just disappears. Like magic!

* Changed: top margin on default photos for all contact types. Issue was preventing users from being able to check off “Show Family Notes” and “Show Family Accounts” button, unless they clicked in just the right place. Now, click anywhere inside those boxes to show data you’re after – no guesswork involved.


v1.3.78 - 6/6/2015

* Fixed: column chooser in Unlinked Accounts report (columns were missing). All columns are now in place.

* Fixed: Albridge reports date formatting incorrect, which produced processing errors. Formatting has been updated and now produces processing magic.


v1.3.77 - 6/4/2015 * Fixed: problem in custom exports of accounts so that the tax qualified type now displays the type name rather than an internal number (which is meaningless to users). Brief, ill-advised consideration was given to just changing the name of the field to Tax Qualified Internal Number, but not by anyone authorized to enter our Dev Cave.

* Fixed: bug where newly added teams were not showing up in many UI screens where you can select a team. New teams now not only show up, but they do so in an orderly fashion.

* Fixed: 'Update and Complete' functionality for series and future occurrences of an activity. Selecting this option wasn’t consistently producing the expected result. We’ve updated and completed the issue created to address this bug, with testing indicating your expected results will now prove consistent.

* Changed: take out the logic for always adding the email of the user who completed the activity, i.e., user who completes the activity will no longer receive an email notification, regardless of their Site Preferences. New logic: automated emails to tell you what you just did are overkill.

* Fixed: bug in custom exports that included accounts where there could be many, many duplicate accounts (was aggregating incorrectly with account details). This was not an appropriate place for cloning. Or quadruplicating.

* Fixed: activities creation redirect fix, i.e. modal was not closing on calendar after saving activity in some cases. It now closes with a satisfying thwack. Well, that’s how we imagine it closing anyway.

* Fixed: problem with trailing blanks in last name used to build url in Advicent integration which resulted in creating a bad URL (caused multiple errors in appsignal). The bad URLs have seen the error of their ways and are now behaving like good URLs.

* Fixed: Know Your Client Professional Contact UI so that clicking professional goes to the contact record and changed the UI to match the current styling. Previously, clicking a professional opened an edit modal. That was superfluous since edit mode is available from the professional contact’s actions menu – all superfluousness has been removed.


v1.3.76 - 5/28/2015

* Added: Linked Contact(s) column to Opportunities overview page. If more than one contact is linked, you can click for a modal with the contact list. It’s good to know Opportunity’s name when they are knocking on your door.


v1.3.75 - 5/27/3015

* Added: When adding a new note to an Opportunity, the opportunity name now shows up at the top of that note modal. When you’re closing opportunities left and right, this addition will help ensure you don’t over-enthusiastically add a note to an incorrect opportunity.

* Added: When adding a new note to a Seminar, the seminar name now shows up at the top of that note modal. As with the above and opportunity notes, this can reduce the risk of putting a note where it doesn’t go (and potentially save you the embarrassment of showing up in golf attire for a more formal type event you’re holding).

* Changed: Contact By Status report to better handle statuses that are deleted so that all contacts are ordered correctly (deleted status is treated as NO status and they are grouped together now). Just because those contacts have no status listed though, doesn’t mean they aren’t visible – in fact, since this report is grouped alphabetically by status, they’ll show up at the very top, providing you with a reminder that you have the power to confer status upon them.

* Added: clickable areas to all the pie charts on the dashboard so that they redirect to the appropriate report with a filter set based upon where you click in the pie chart. As promised in release notes v1.3.73.

* Fixed: Dashboard notes no longer lose formatting when sorting. Because, well, that was a silly thing for them to do in the first place.

* Added: performance improvements to Notes by Contact report and csv, Seminar Workflow Tasks Reminders report and csv and Opportunities export to prevent time outs and subsequent 500 errors. Those were simply no fun and we’re all about the fun.

* Added: Option when running Beneficiary Report or Portfolio Summary Report to run for all accounts or all non-closed accounts). Previously these reports simply pulled all accounts. Those days are over.

* Added: Timeline index page for contacts, accessible under their name in the menu bar to the left. While their Timeline is already present on their overview page, this allows you to see all of their Timeline events on one page, rather than having to click through pages to view all of these. This will save a lot of wear on your clicking finger.


v1.3.73 - 5/20/2015

* Added: Face Value column to Accounts page, with total, in contact records. Just showing some love to the sum assured on insurance policies.

* Fixed: Issue where combine contacts fails with an "only one spouse is allowed" error. Because who are we to judge.

* Added: first pass of feature where clicking a status in the dashboard status pie chart goes to the contacts by status report for the selected status. Whetting our appetites – all of the pie charts on the dashboard will soon offer clickable reporting.

* Added: indicator of your current database within the "Switch Database" dialog. Incorporated to suppress vertigo when rapidly moving from one database to another.

* Fixed: bug in Custom Exports where Next_Activity was always returned as blank. If a next activity is present for a contact, it should now fill up that empty space in your Custom Export’s heart.


v1.3.72 - 5/16/2015

* Changed: Manage Your Integrations – removed “Save” option from integration setups that don’t require it. While it didn’t hurt anything to click Save for those setups, it didn’t help anything either.

* Added: button to delete a primary contact. Previously this was buried beneath the Edit button for Primary Contacts. Now, no digging is required for deletion.


v1.3.71 - 5/14/2015

* Fixed: Immediate 500 error that occurred when choosing SendOutCard Bulk Export option when an involved record had family membership pointing to deleted contact. Same bad data issue caused issue with contact popup. Both of these errors have been consigned to the dustbin of history.


v1.3.69 - 5/13/2015

* Fixed: "Search Notes" feature so that it clears notes container before displaying notes results. Previously just appended results to the end of the notes list and it wasn't obvious anything was happening. Also, added workaround to contact notes so that when you click family notes checkbox, it clears out the notes container before appending. In both cases, we’ve lopped off the appendage to improve the user experience.

* Fixed: 500 errors that occur when selecting all keywords in custom exports (previously would do a join on each keyword which resulted in "Too many tables" sql error). If you read v1.3.68 release notes below, you’ll see we fixed this same issue with UDFs a few days ago. We’re rapidly approaching the glorious day where we can say, “Hey, looks like we have the perfect number of tables!”

* Fixed: problem in Workflow Task Report where assigned owner name does not display if that step is assigned to a team. Also, added ability to filter by teams and/or multiple users for both Workflow Reports. Also (again), fixed Workflow PDF to print team name if task is assigned to a team. These Reports now fully display our appreciation of both a) rugged individualism and b) community.

* Changed: sort calendar users by last name and display users by last name. Because ABC – it’s easy as 1 2 3.

* Changed: roll back of email archive modal view (see first note in v1.3.68 Release Notes). Some types of emails returned error messages in modal. We’ll stick with the full-page view until we’ve resolved the issue, i.e., until the Hare has all his ducks in a row.

* Changed: how Notes are retrieved for display in Contact Record. Previously, multiple calls required to check on permissions – now only one call required. Previous method was kinda like realizing, after you checked out and got in your car, that you’d neglected to get an item you really needed on your grocery list and would have to go back in. Annoying and inconvenient. Now everything will be retrieved on the first trek through the aisles.


v1.3.68 – 5/9/2015

* Changed: email archive show to a modal. Clicking an email now opens it in a popup rather than on a new page. Why? Because it’s a quicker load and we think it looks better as well. Aesop’s The Tortoise and the Hare offers a valuable lesson, but a diligent bunny will still beat a soberly plodding tortoise every time.

* Added: band-aid for bad data on exports/reports to check if spouse contact record exists. This should resolve errors that arose for those pesky deleted/non-existent spouse records, aka zombie exes!

* Fixed: bad api response with Orion integration. This should now provoke a good api response. Bad, now good – we’re stopping there. We admire Sergio Leone, but “ugly” is not an api response we’re shooting toward.

* Fixed: 500s in Custom Exports when selecting a large set of UDFs (previously would create a join for each UDF resulting in a "too many tables" mysql error). You’ve probably heard the phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen”. This “too many tables” error produced equally unappetizing results. We’ve now made it scrumptious.

* Changed: Combine Contacts option so that the contact name in the selection area has the Contact Status appended to distinguish between duplicate names. We had previously published suggestions about how to handle this act of distinguishing between contacts. That suggestion has been nullified by the crystal clear simplicity of this update.

* Fixed: Combine Contacts so that it copies over the email addresses from the combined contacts that are being deleted. This was an oversight and present in legacy versions of Redtail CRM. Just because you’re turning three contacts into one doesn’t mean there is a corresponding decline in the need for points of client contact.

*Fixed: Broadcast email modal crash that sometimes occurred when trying to insert hyperlink. Now, links can be inserted without crashing the modal. No crash test dummy links were harmed during the troubleshooting of this issue.

* Fixed: MoneyGuidePro Reports appeared to be hard coded, i.e., they weren’t reflective of individual user-created reports from within MGP. They will now be well reflected indeed.

*Fixed: Mail Merge NickName issues. Now, both NicknameFirstName and SpouseNicknameFirstName pull nicknames if present, where this behavior was not previously consistent. A rose by any other name may smell just as sweet, but nicknames are a bit more sensitive.


v1.3.67 - 5/6/2015

* Added: cash value to the Portfolio Summary pdf — “We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.” ~ Winston Churchill. Adding a surrender value to the Portfolio Summary pdf though – yeah, we can do that.

* Changed: Custom Exports so that UDFs and Keywords appear with their names rather than numeric representation. We enjoy riddles as much as the next guy, but you shouldn’t have to be Alan Turing to understand your Custom Exports.

* Fixed: Workflow Action Menus, so that they open upward if you are toward the bottom of a page when clicking the menu. The need for this became apparent after we astutely recognized that when you drag your cursor off the bottom of the monitor, further clicks have zero effect.

* Changed: how bad contact ids are handled for many of our reports and csv exports to eliminate some of the random 500 errors experienced by users. We still recognize them as bad apples – we’ve just changed our approach toward handling them.

* Fixed: 500 errors that occurred when user submitted form for linking an unlinked account without selecting a contact during the manual linking process. Now, rather than a 500 error, users receive a message on a pink background at the top of their Unlinked Accounts Report stating, “You must select a contact”, because our market research suggests Helpful Messages on a Pink Background Are the New Black.

* Added: new way to include all contacts from a search in Custom Exports, Exports and Reports. Details are here. The same functionality is in the works for other bulk options available from Advanced Search. The old way worked, but it involved a lot more waiting, which everyone knows is the hardest part.


v1.3.66 - 5/4/2015

* Changed: when selecting from account feed to manually link an account, all feed accounts showed up in menu. Now, only those accounts where the tax id matches the contact are displayed in this menu. Not only do we want you to be able to link up manually entered accounts with their counterparts in an aggregation feed – we want you to be able to do so while maintaining a sunny disposition.

* Added: check to prevent display within UI of manual account linking option if the contact’s tax id is blank. (*See previous note). A blank selection menu is no menu at all.

* Fixed: Update and Complete option from Activity Edit modal for recurring activities was incorrectly routed, so Notes weren't being saved when one chose this option. This, of course, was a bug that defeated the purpose of the Update and Complete option with recurring activities. The option now performs as intended, with vigor.

* Added: option to send contacts in bulk to Constant Contact. This is X times better than the ability to send contacts individually to Constant Contact, where X equals whatever you need it to be at any given time. It may be five tomorrow, it may be 500 next week. When it’s 500, X is a whole lot better.

* Fixed: 500 errors that occurred when pulling Driver’s License Numbers in Custom Exports. Now, it’s not nearly as painful as actually having one’s license pulled.


v1.3.65 - 5/3/2015

* Changed: Four lists (Activity Notify Teams, Opportunity Source, Workflow Team selection and Notes User & Team Permission selection) now sorted alphabetically. Nothing earthshattering here (unless perhaps you’re on a team called “Z Team”. In that case, you might want to lobby other team members for a name change more alphabetically favorable).


v1.3.64 - 5/2/2015

* Added: Send to MailChimp will now update any existing list subscribers; additionally if the user creates a NICKNAME merge field in MailChimp we will populate it. The combination of these two additions should prove quite useful for the Richard Laymer (Richmeister the copy machine guy) types among you.

* Changed: Cleaned up some text on Common Tasks modal. To clarify: these changes were not attempts at sanitization, but rather of better organization.

* Added: As we did with Activity Types in v1.3.61, Activity Categories are now grouped by System and Custom Types during selection process. You read that right – Activity Category selection has now achieved parity with Activity Type selection in regard to its awesomeness!

* Fixed: Paste from Word into Broadcast Email. Results heretofore when attempting this sometimes displayed a veritable word salad. Now, when pasting, some of the more dubious Word formatting is stripped, providing you with a cleaner work surface from which to prepare your Broadcast Emails.

* Fixed: Broadcast Email Display Name (From field) issues. Symbols, or punctuation such as commas within the Display Name, could produce a “Bad Sender Address Syntax” error. Note: Oxford commas may still be frowned upon in some quarters.

* Changed: Custom Export updates. When selecting UDFs or Keywords to include in Custom Exports, you can now select multiple fields from either of these with check boxes rather than having to use the Ctrl key on your keyboard. Also, at the ordering phase of Custom Export building, UDFs and Keywords now display by their name rather than a numeric value. Let’s just say previously the experience when performing these aspects of Custom Export building may have been less than optimal. They have been optimized accordingly.


v1.3.62 - 4/30/2015

* Changed: Google piechart sliceVisibilityThreshold on all dashboard pie charts (Contacts by Status, Accounts by Type, etc.) now includes small slices — default setting was to group numbers below a certain threshold into “Other” category. Here at Redtail, we believe even a small piece of pie is worthy of your consideration.

* Added: option when editing activities to “Update, Complete and New”. This gives you the ability with one click to save your changes to an activity, complete it and bring up a new Activity Details page to add to your Calendar. You can forgo this option if you want the experience of seeing the items on your Calendar diminish in number for one brief, shining moment.

* Added: perf improvement to calendar (previously was getting all users from redis for EACH activity on calendar.) Now gets users_redis once and passes as an arg. — Let us rephrase that: your Calendar should now load faster!

* Changed: Institutional integrations now show up at the top of your integrations menu. Unless you don’t have any institutional integrations, in which case you can order from our strictly alphabetical menu.

* Fixed: Added the filters back to our Activity Reports that inadvertently got left out recently during some bug fixes. Our best guess is that they slipped quietly through some more porous filters while our backs were turned. They have been duly chastised.


v1.3.61 - 4/28/2015

* Added: Team filtering to Contact Permissions Report (can specify multiple teams and/or users) — in other words, this report is not only shiny and new, but now offers a level of control that makes it useful.

* Fixed (partially): files in CRM Document Storage can now be sorted by Date Added but not yet by File Size (we’ll get that resolved as well, if for no reason other than the sheer symmetry of it).

* Added: when creating an Activity and selecting its Type, System and Custom Activity Types are now grouped separately. This is not, we repeat, NOT because they didn’t play well together. We just know some of you prefer your own naming conventions within your database lists and wanted to make the selection process easier for you.

* Added: Notes Permission Report. Still need to add .csv Export option for the report, but we won’t leave you hanging — just walking before we run.

* Fixed: Contact Card now displays linked address for Family members that are not Head of Household, as we believe it a reasonable expectation that your CRM display pertinent contact information.

* Fixed: issue where City/State were not displaying in tooltip for non-HOH Family Member in Advanced Search. Also, fixed so that only address pulled from HOH is one marked Primary. The tooltip label says “Primary Address” — we thought it best we honor both parts of the expectation therein created.

* Fixed: 500 error that arose when attempting to access a Workflow that has a Team that has since been deleted associated with it (Teams may come and go, but a Workflow is forever unless, um, you delete it as well).

* Added: extension to string class to truncate html so that it is well-formed with matching tags. You’ll have to trust us on this one — it will make your CRM experience more aesthetically pleasing.

* Added: ability to send contact to Constant Contact from your Integrations Menu, when within a Contact Record. You could already do so from their Common Tasks menu, but this gives you options. Options are a good thing.

* Added: html_excerpt method to note (this version returns well-formed html when displaying the note as truncated...) Again, you may not even be consciously aware that what you’re now seeing is better than what you were seeing previously. Sidenote: our work thus far on a Hindsight/Foresight switching app has thus far yielded less than visionary results. We’ll keep eyeballin’ it.

* Changed: unicorn timeout to 45 seconds (from 30) for those pesky 502 unicorns. As magnificent a creature as the Rainbow Unicorn of Death may be, we don’t want to see it often as we are sure neither do you. As these types of errors usually represent a network error between servers, we’ve reset the timeout period to give the errors a bit more time to resolve themselves.


v1.3.59 - 4/22/2015

* Added Contact Permissions Report (Database owner and admin users only)

* Added Delivery Date field to Account Dates section for Variable Annuities.

* Added link to Release Notes to User dropdown and Help Menu


v1.3.58 - 4/21/2015

* Updates to Activity Reports to correctly display Begin and End Times. Also added data to the .csv versions of these reports.


v1.3.54 - 4/19/2015

* Bug fixes on Constant Contact integration.

* Mail merges and Labels are now pulling spouse's appropriate address if they have address marked as Primary. Otherwise, the Head of Household's Primary address will be merged.


v1.3.51 - 4/16/2015

* Retriever for Tailwag updated to version 1.3.1 


v1.3.46 - 4/11/2015

* Retriever for Tailwag updated to version 1.3 


v1.3.43 - 4/07/2015

* Updates to "Submit a Help Ticket" functionality available from within Tailwag, which will provide support with additional information and should make routing and processing time on tickets a bit shorter on the front end of the request.


v1.3.40 - 4/03/2015

* Linked contacts now display on contact's Pending Activities.


v1.3.39 - 4/02/2015

* Resolved issue with combining contacts when there is a contact photo on record.

* Resolved issue with page redirects after running a bulk action from Advanced Search.


v1.3.38 - 4/01/2015

* Added option to view feed details from an account that is linked to a feed.


v1.3.37 - 3/31/2015

*Updates to Print Calendar formatting.

*Added option for bulk marital status change.  


v1.3.35 - 3/27/2015

* eMoney Spotlight UI enhancements. 


v1.3.34 - 3/26/2015

* Added attendees to email sent when notify is set for an assigned or completed activity.

* Added Workflow Task Description tooltip on Calendar, Contact Overview, Workflow Tasks on Dashboard and Workflows page.


v1.3.33 - 3/25/2015

* Retriever for Tailwag updated to version 1.2.

* Updates to Email History display for databases archiving multiple domains.


v1.3.31 - 3/23/2015

* Added Start and End Times to Activities by Contact exports.

* Users can now link contacts to activities from the Quick Add Activity modal.

* Resolved bug that in some cases was allowing client reviews to show up twice on calendar.


v1.3.29 - 3/20/2015

* Resolved issue with attaching attendees when creating bulk activities.

* Added ability to filter Recently Viewed Contacts, QuickLists and/or Tag Groups

* UI update on Manage Integrations - Enable/Disable now handled with On/Off toggle.


v1.3.22 - 3/16/2015

* Calendar and dashboard performance improvements. 


v1.3.20 - 3/15/2015

* Resolved some issues with Finance Logix integration.

* Multiple updates to improve dashboard performance. 


v1.3.19 - 3/13/2015

* Resolved bug with Constant Contact integration.

* Calendar preference storage updates. 


v1.3.18 - 3/12/2015

* Addition of eight web servers to improve overall performance.

* Updates that should improve dashboard performance in terms of load times.


v1.3.17 - 3/11/2015

* Nickname added to Advanced Search fields.

* Added UI display of errors during contact combine to assist with debugging.


v1.3.15 - 3/10/2015

* Resolved issue where professional contacts weren't transferring when combining contacts.

* Multiple updates to address how pending activities are handled on dashboard.

* Resolved issues that in some cases caused failure when attempting to add contact with Type of Individual.


v1.3.14 - 3/9/2015

* Many speed and performance improvements made on dashboard.

* Linked addresses now show on contact tooltip on search page.


v1.3.12 - 3/6/2015

* Resolved issue that was preventing activities from moving over when combining records.


v1.3.11 - 3/5/2015

* Resolved issue that was preventing notes from moving over when combining records.

* Resolved issue that was producing "Attendees User Has Already been Taken" error when attempting to reassign activities.


v1.3.10 - 3/4/2015

* Resolved issue where certain account types were missing coverage information.

* Implemented auto complete for employers on the Contact creation and Basic Information update screens.

* Resolved issue causing "business taken" errors when trying to add an employer.


v1.3.09 - 3/2/2015

* Resolved an issue with DOB searches.

* Added Print button to activity details edit screen.

* Assigned To field now displays in Contact Overview Pending Activities.


v1.3.05 - 2/27/2015

* Resolved issue with Calendar Preferences.

* Calendar filters alphabetized (Users, Types, Categories).

* Resolved issue with running AdvisoryWorld reports. 


v1.3.04 - 2/26/2015

* Dashboard and Contact Activities now display "Assigned To" field.

* Enabled feature for Broadcast Emails - Send Test Email.

* Resolved issue where not all Personal Interests would show up in selection menu.

* Resolved issue where Send To option for SmartWorks not visible for all Cetera users.

v1.3.02 - 2/25/3015

* Multiple fixes for items that were causing 500 and 404 errors.


v1.3.01 - 2/24/2014

* Resolved issue with contact display on Activity Edit screen.

* Resolved 500 errors sometimes occurring when creating CopyTalk notes.

* Fixed edit account dialog to allow user to select NONE instead of forcing them to link to a feed account. Also added sorting and other cleanup.

* Resolved issue with adding yearly repeating activities.

* Resolved issue with completed activity notifications.

* Resolved a filtering issue with Transactions by Account report.

* Resolved timeline issues where user id rather than username was being displayed.


v.1.3.00 2/23/2015

* Resolved 500 error sometimes occurring when opening pending activities from Today's Overview screen.


v1.2.9 - 2/23/2015

* Resolved issue causing completed activities to show up as pending in some instances.

* Added pagination to contact Activities page.

* Added pagination to Web Links modal.

* Recycle Bin now ordered by date contact was deleted. 


v1.2.8 - 2/20/2015

* Fixed issue where users could only see/access 30 seminars on Seminar Management page.

* Updated Note filtering process to improve speeds.

* Added "Replace existing permission" option to bulk permissions for both users and teams.

* Updates to Custom Exports to address the 500 errors reported by some users.


v1.2.7 - 2/19/2015

* Added infinite scroll pagination to recycle bin.  

* Updates to Today's Overview to speed load times for activities.

* Doubled number of web servers to increase speed and improve performance.

* Updates to improve how Calendar resizes when necessary.


v1.2.6 - 2/18/2015

* Rewrote code to speed up account dashboard.

* Updated Contact tooltip on search to display Primary Address, Home Phone, Work Phone, Mobile Phone and Primary Email.

* Updated AUM calculation to improve speed.

* Resolved issue with Broadcast Emails where they sometimes continued to display "Pending".

* Resolved issue with Riskalyze integration, where some users were getting error stating "the request could not be completed".

* Resolved issue with MoneyGuidePro Reports integration. 


v1.2.5 - 2/17/2015

* Updated Alert notifications to display by date.

* Resolved issue causing 500 errors when parts of contact address blank.

* Resolved issue causing 500 errors with All-Day repeating activities without an end date.

* Removed Workflows and Workflow preference option from Calendar (Workflow Tasks and Workflow Task Preference remains).

* Enhancements to Contact tooltip.

* Multiple updates to Advanced Search to resolve issues with results count, scrolling, Quicklists, Return to Search. Also incorporated Next and Previous functionality for all results using "Send to Search" functionality (Reports, Seminars, and Opportunities).

* Performance improvements for dashboard opportunities.

* Performance updates to dashboard notes.

* Resolved issue causing 500 errors when bad data entered in Contact Details.

* Resolved issue causing 500 errors when trying to bulk edit written accounts agreement.

* Custom export sorting and field order updates. 

*  Added Actions menu to each row in Unlinked Accounts report with option to "Link to Contact" and another to display feed details.

* Laser App desktop integration updates. 

* QuickForms integration updates. 

* Updates to how colors are loaded on Calendar to speed load times.


v1.2.4 - 2/12/2015

* Code optimization that should improve load times for some pages.

* Resolved issue with completing Workflow Steps from Workflows that have been migrated.

* Resolved a 500 error issue.

* Resolved a 500 error issue that sometimes arose when attempting to send to QuikForms.

* Resolved issue caused by apostrophes in client address when using contact tooltip on Advanced Search results.

* Updates to MoneyGuidePro integration.

* Name is now a required field for Departments added to records.

* The Email field for Departments is now a freeform field.

* Departments can now be deleted from records. 


v1.2.3 - 2/11/2015

* Cleaned up display of Notes on Timeline.

* Resolved issue that sometimes arose when running large mail or label merges.

* Quick Add of Activity from Calendar now includes Type field.


v1.2.2 - 2/11/2015

* Resolved issue with Past Due and Next 7 Days filter on Dashboard.


v1.2.1 - 2/10/2015

* Tag group modals now list tag groups in alphabetical order.

* Activities with multiple assignees no longer show duplicates on the Calendar when viewing Calendar of multiple database users.

* Added opportunity tracker table column sorting, available by clicking up/down arrows at far right of each column header.

* Checks established to ensure permissions apply to Timeline in regard to contacts and notes.

* Riskalyze menu added to contacts' Accounts page (next to Account Options button).

Filter option added back to Contact Timeline.

Advanced Search Run button now displays "Processing" to let you know your search is in progress.


v1.2.0 - 2/6/2015

* Memberships now won't allow edit/delete when the membership is implied by the employer relationship.


v1.1.9 - 2/6/2015

* Seminar Attendees now ordered by name (Last Name, First Name)

* Fixed Send to Quikforms bug that occurred when attempting to send non-Individual Contact Type.

* Tag Group members now ordered by name (Last Name, First Name)


v1.1.8 - 2/5/2015

* Bug fix for those using Send To option with Laser App Anywhere.

* Resolved column headers issue for contact Open Activities.

* Calendar users, types, and categories selections are now saved and remembered when you move between different areas of Tailwag (meaning those selections will stay in place until you change them).

* Resolved issue where activity creation was not defaulting to user's indicated default activity type.

* Rewired cancel, delete and complete actions from the activity details page to redirect user to the last page they were working on prior to entering the activity's details.

* Activity modal is now closed after you confirm your selection for the activity.


v1.1.7 - 2/4/2015

* Addressed errors that sometimes occurred when using the Previous button within a contact record returned in search results.

* Resolved issue where contact notes were showing up on Today's Overview Timeline but not on Contact Overview Timeline.

* Resolved issue that was not allowing Orion integration options to display.

* Resolved issue where imaging documents were not showing up under folders.

* Resolved issue where activity deletions were showing up on Today's Overview Timeline but not on Contact Overview Timeline.

* Clicking on a contact photo now displays the original uncropped version.

* Changes to Alerts so that they disappear when date is moved forward or activity is completed.

* Today's Overview Pending Activities now set to remember your previous Filter Dates.


v1.1.5 - 1/31/2015

* Users can now add Keywords to contact records (either individually or in bulk) that were not previously added as Keyword options under Manage Lists.

* Removed disabled users from available list when adding Team members to a Team.

* Non-US Zip code formatting now allowed.

* Resolved issue with Pending / Completed Activity display on Today's Overview.

* Added ability to clone Workflow Template (from existing template's Actions menu).

* Added tooltips to Top Right Menu Bar options (Quick Add, Integrations, Recently Viewed, Alerts and Help).

* Added Previous / Next options when navigating contact records from Advanced Search.

* Text color on activities on Calendar now adjusts based upon user's chosen background color for activities.

* Added Head of Household indicator (with Tooltip) for Advanced Search results.

* Resolved issue with export of Labels so that they sort alphabetically.

* Fixed hide/show ssn option in Contact Details so that user preference is honored.

* Contact Timeline now displays username rather than user ID.

* Draft Notes no longer display on Timeline. 


v1.1.4 - 1/26/2014

* Updates to the SEI workflows integration.

* Address modal now displays when clicked from Timeline.

* Resolved issue that prevented users from scrolling past page 3 of search results.


v1.1.3 - 1/23/2014

* Added pagination to the search results page for all reports that support send to search.

* Updates to eMoney integration.

* Quicklists now sorted by name and paginated.

* Can now click a Quicklist name to run it. 

* Updates to Workflow Diagram display.

* Major updates to contact Timeline to improve load time.

* Alphabetization of Bulk Action options available on Advanced Search.

* Resolved issue with setting User Rights under Manage Database Users and Teams.

* Disabled database users removed from list of Users for Note permissions.

* Linked Account's Account Assets area now displays "as-of" date and provides menu options.

* Major cleanup and enhancements to Timeline. 


v1.1.2 - 1/15/2015

* Record count for bulk actions now displayed. 


v1.1.1 - 1/14/2015

* Improved formatting / cleanup of Notes created when completing an activity.

* AZ timezone option added to General Options.

* Added ability to associate an account with a Note during Note creation.


v1.1.0 - 1/13/2014

* Added additional search options for Professional Contacts.

* Restoration of completed activity notes and link to contact.



* Updates to ShareFile integration.

* Account UDFs now sorted by UDF name.

* When deleting instance of a repeating activity, user now redirected back to calendar.

* Last IP and Last Pass Change now displayed for each user on Manage Database Users and Teams page.

* Fixed issue where Calendar was not automatically refreshing color coding for completed activities.

* Major Calendar performance updates. 



* Fixed issue where "Add New Stuff" modal did not close after selecting new Seminar, Opportunity or Workflow.

* Rewired contact us link to point to our new helpdesk. 



* Resolved Runtime Errors when using Riskalyze integration.

* Fixed filter options in Note, Activity and Workflow Reminder reports so that disabled users no longer display.



* Updates to completed activity notification template.

* Pending Account Activities screen added. 



* Resolved issue with Calendar's Color Coding functionality.



* Changed default Filter on Contact Activities page to all open Activities.



* Aesthetic changes to Reports toolbar.

* Resolved issue with Make Primary button on Contact Address.


v1.0.0 - Release Day! :)


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