Webmail: Adding Signature

If using Redtail Webmail as your email client, you'll want to set up your signature file for your email account within the webmail client. To create your signature:

Select the Preferences tab then select Signatures within the navigation pane on the left.


Within the Signature section, you will want to take the following steps

Type the name for your signature in the Signature Name: field.  In our example here, we're calling this signature "Default Signature."  This will be a useful distinction if you're adding multiple email accounts to your Zimbra mail client.

Click Format as HTML to customize your signature if you want to apply any formatting to your signature. 

Selecting this option will trigger the formatting toolbar to appear:


In the Signature text box, type the signature information exactly as you want it to appear in your messages. If you use HTML, you can select from fonts, size and color for text and add links and images to your signature.

Note: When inserting an image into your signature, please resize the image beforehand. We do not recommend resizing the image after inserting. Please use image files that are smaller than 1MB. You can see more information about inserting images into your signature at the bottom of this post.
After creating your signature, you will select when the signature should be placed in your messages. Next to Primary Account:, click the dropdown boxes under New Messages and Replies & Forwards and select the name of the signature you wish to use for each of these type of messages. 

Once you have selected when your signature should be placed in messages, you will want to select where it should placed within your message. Within the Signature Placement: section, you can select Above included messages if you wish to have the signature display below your composed message or you can select Below included messages to place the email at the very bottom of the email chain. We suggest Above included messages.  

Once you have completed your signature setup, you will click Save in the upper-left to preserve your changes.


Finally, if you did use HTML formatting in your signature, you'll need to make one more change under Mail preferences within the Composing Messages options. You will have to scroll down within the Preferences pane to see the Composing Messages section. Here, you will want to ensure that the Compose: preference is set to As HTML and not As Text. 

After enabling HTML composition, you will want to click Save once again to preserve your changes.

Adding an Image to a signature in webmail

To add a signature to webmail you must first have the image saved onto your computer’s desktop.

Following the steps in the .gif below, while logged into webmail, click on Preferences, then select Signatures from the left hand preferences pane. In the signature box, make sure the drop down above the upper right hand corner is set to “Format as HTML”. To add an image, click in the editing box where you want the image to appear. Then, click on the image of the tree. The computer will ask you to upload the image to webmail.


Once the image is uploaded to webmail, highlight the image and click on the picture icon again. You should see that the image can be linked to by URL. You will need to take the image that you would like to use for the signature and upload to an image hosting service. Once it’s been uploaded grab the direct link (the link should include the filename and file extension). You will paste the link into the URL box and click update. The image in your signature should now be viewable by those that receive your email.


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