Your Social link in Redtail's Left Menu Bar provides you with a way to access your Twitter stream from within Redtail: 


If you haven't previously set this up, after clicking the Social link you'll initially land on a page where you can provide your Twitter credentials and then authorize Redtail to access your streams. After doing so, going forward you will see Tweets and Mentions from your Twitter feed when you click this Social link:


You will need to make sure you have enabled the integration from your Manage Integrations page.

Let's take a quick look at both enabling and disabling your Twitter integration from that page. In the screenshot below of the Twitter widget from your Manage Integrations page, you'll see that Twitter is currently disabled:



Click the "Off" toggle to change it to "ON" (enabling the integration). With your credentials entered and the integration enabled, you can then access the streams referenced above within Redtail.

To disable the integration, you can come back to this page and click the toggle to "OFF". Those streams will no longer be accessible unless you enable the integration again.

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