Recommended Internet Explorer settings for Redtail

If you're new to Redtail CRM or you've recently updated Internet Explorer, you may need to adjust some of your browser settings for optimal performance with Redtail.

One of the most common questions we get from new subscribers goes something like this:

We are doing searches and they are working great but one of the admin assistants in the office then goes to try and print a report and it won’t come up. We see that it is working but then it just bleeps and doesn’t come up. It is almost like popups are not allowed but I made sure that we are allowing popups so if you have any other suggestions that would be great.

This is almost always an issue with Internet Explorer's Security Settings (that will affect exports and mail merges as well) and it's easy to adjust your settings in just a couple of moments. We'll address Pop-up Blocker, Trusted Sites Settings and Compatibility Mode below.

Pop-up Blocker Settings

You can access this setting under your Tools menu within Internet Explorer. For versions of Internet Explorer prior to Internet Explorer 9, you'll see Pop-up Blocker as a main menu item in the Tools menu. When you hover over that Pop-up Blocker item, just make sure that it says "Turn On Pop-Up Blocker." If it currently says "Turn Off Pop-Up Blocker," you'll want to click that to turn your pop-up blocker off.

For Internet Explorer 9, your Pop-Up Blocker settings can be accessed under Tools —> Internet Options. In the resulting dialog, you can go to the Privacytab and adjust your Pop-Up Blocker settings so that pop ups are allowed within Redtail.

Trusted Sites

You should next check your Trusted Sites settings. You will again go to the Tools menu in your browser and select Internet Options. Then, go to the Security Tab:

Click the Trusted sites icon and then click the Sites button beneath that area. You'll then see the below dialog - Redtail's address should already be populated in the "Add this website to the zone" box, if you accessed your Internet Options while on the Redtail website:

Click the Add button and then click Close.

You'll then be back on your Security tab. Look in the bottom section headed “Security level for this zone” to see if you see a slider for adjusting your level of Security between High, Medium and Low:

If you see the slider, position it to Low. This setting only applies to websites which you have indicated are trusted sites. If the slider is not displaying, click on the Default Level button. You should then see your slider and be able to move it into the Low position. After moving the slider to the Low position, click the Apply button and then the OK button to save your Trusted Sites settings.

If making the above changes still doesn't allow you to run merges, exports or reports, you may want to see if you have any toolbars added to your browser (e.g.s Google or Yahoo toolbars) and make sure that the pop-up blocker settings for those add-ons are turned off.

Compatibility Mode

If working in Internet Explorer 9, you may encounter some functionalities that do not appear to respond correctly, e.g. selections not appearing in Redtail pulldown menus. You can generally resolve these issues by setting Redtail to work in Compatibility Mode in Internet Explorer 9. To do so, just click the Compatibility View button in your address bar while logged into your Redtail CRM:

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