Contacts A-Z

After clicking Contacts from your Left Menu Bar . . . 


. . . one of the contact page view options you'll see at the top of your screen is Contacts A-Z:


This provides you a way of viewing your contacts by the first letter of their last name or, in the case of contacts with a Type of Association, Business, Trust or Union, by the first letter of their name: 


Above you can see an example of this.  

To view results for another letter (or for a number), it's simply a matter of clicking on that letter in the alphabet above your results.

Additionally, you have all of the options available with these contacts that are typically available after running an Advanced Search by placing checks next to your desired contact(s) and then clicking the Contact Options button above the list of contacts.

Also, when clicking a contact's Actions button, you'll be presented with further possible actions: 


  • Go to provides you with quick access to different areas of the contact's record:
  • Send to allows you to send contact data from Redtail to some of our different integration partners.
  • Add new allows you to add a new Activity or Note for the contact.
  • Send email pops up a "Compose Email Message" modal to allow you to send an email to the client (if you are a Redtail email subscriber and have your email preferences set to use the internal email client). Note: the "Send email" option will not appear here for clients that don't have an email address marked as Primary on their record.
  • Delete allows you to send the contact to your Recycle Bin.

Finally, note that there is a button next to your Contact Options button that will allow you to control which columns are displayed here:



Those currently checked off in the example above are the default columns, but you can check off "Servicing Advisor" and/or "Writing Advisor" to make columns for that data display as well.

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