How do I set up Tag Groups in Redtail?

Tag Groups offer an alternative method of putting your contacts into easily accessible groupings that you can return to as needed.  What distinguishes Tag Groups from QuickLists is that the process of adding contacts to or removing contacts from a Tag Group is manual.  Contacts in your Tag Groups, in other words, are handpicked by you to be in that particular group.

The primary reason for handpicking a group would be that there isn’t a search you can run that will pull up that particular group only, i.e. they don’t share a commonality that is only shared among them.  The advantage that Tag Groups offer over QuickLists in some situations is that they are static.  As dynamic as QuickLists may be, sometimes you want particular contacts to remain in a particular group, no matter what other changes you may make to their record.  Tag Groups offer you a way of accomplishing this.

Tag Groups are static groups of clients which you can create within Redtail CRM in order that you might pull up a list of individuals quickly in order to work with them as a group. You can apply a Tag to an individual record or apply a Tag to a group.

Apply Tag to individual:

From your contact's Overview page, scroll down to the Tag Groups area and click Add


You’ll then see Available Tag Groups (previously created) which you can add the client to, those Tag Groups they are already a part of (highlighted and checked) and a box where you can search existing Tag Groups to which to add them: 


Just click the radio button(s) next to the Tag Group(s) where you want to add the Contact and click save.  If you selected "Need Phone Number" from the Tag Groups above, you could then go to the Contact's Overview and you'd see the following: 


The contact is now in the "Need Phone Number" Tag Group.

Apply Tag to group:

From your Advanced Search page, place checks to the left of the names of the clients that you want to add to your Tag Group: 


Then, click Contact Options —> Bulk Actions to the right of your search results: 


Next, click Add to Tag Group


You'd then use the same method you used above for adding a single individual to a Tag Group.

Accessing your Tag Groups:

Your Tag Groups are easily accessible under your Contacts --> Lists menu: 


From that page, you can see all of your existing Tag Groups and how many contact records have been tagged for each group: 


If you click the Add button, you can create a new Tag Group to add contacts to: 


Just give your new Tag Group a name and description and click Create Tag Group.

From your main Tag Groups page, you have several options from the Actions menu to the left of your Tag Groups: 


  • Clicking Send To Search will allow you to send all of the Tag Group's members to Advanced Search.
  • Clicking View Members (or clicking the Tag Group's name) will display a popup with the Tag Group's members: 


              Clicking a member of the Tag Group here will take you to their record.  Clicking their Actions icon will allow you to remove them from the Tag Group. Clicking the Add Member button above the list of contacts will allow you to search for other database records to add to the Tag Group.

  • Clicking Edit will allow you to change the Tag Group's Name or Description.
  • Clicking Delete will remove the Tag Group from your database and the Tag from those contacts (but won't remove the contacts contained in that Tag Group from your database).
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