How do I create saved searches (QuickLists) for repeated use in Redtail?

Redtail provides this capability through the use of Quicklists.  Quicklists are dynamic groups of contacts pulled from your database based upon search criteria you have previously defined.  If you anticipate one of your searches will be a common one, the use of Quicklists will allow you to keep updated results for a standing search query at your fingertips.

Here's an example:  Say that you wanted to to be able to quickly access all A Clients with a Servicing Advisor of James Hendrix within your database.  To initially locate these contact records, you would need to go to your Advanced Search page: 


You'll then see the below: 


Set up your Type, Field, Operand and Value boxes to reflect the search parameters you're seeking, in this instance AAA Clients serviced by Tucker McLaughlin. Then, click run


After clicking run, your search will run and display any contacts that meet the criteria you provided. Click Save.  You'll then see a modal pop up like the below: 


For our example here, I've gone ahead and given the Quicklist a Name (Tucker McLaughlin's AAA Clients) and a Description (AAA Clients serviced by Tucker McLaughlin).  After you've done this, just click Save.

Going forward, you will never have to manually set up and run this search again.  It will be accessible under Contacts —> Lists —> Quicklists


After clicking QuickLists, you'll see a list of all your QuickLists: 


You can then just click the name of any Quicklist on this page and it will run your query from the Advanced Search page without having to ever set it up again. 

Note as well the "add quicklist" button in the top right corner of your QuickLists page. Clicking that will take you to your Advanced Search page. From there you can set up your search criteria, click save and then name and save your new QuickList (without having to run an actual search to do so).

One other thing to note: after running an Advanced Search, if you click the down arrow next to the Save button, you have an option to "Update Existing" Quicklist. If you click that, instead of just clicking "Save", you'll be prompted to indicate which Quicklist you want to update. This may be necessary if you realize you didn't include all of the necessary parameters when initially establishing your QuickList: 


Bear in mind though that you would need to include all of the parameters you wanted for the QuickList, i.e. just running a search on the new parameter(s) and choosing Update Existing would replace the parameters of the original QuickList, rather than simply adding the new parameter(s) to the Quicklist.

Also, please note that you can clone Quicklists, which can be a huge timesaver if you are setting up multiple Quicklists that vary little from one to the next. Instructions are here

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