Note Permissions

While you may not want to make a contact record completely off limits to all of your database users through permissioning, you may want to make certain Notes you enter within that record restricted to certain database users or database user teams. To do so, when entering the Note, click inside the Permission Type box and select either User or Team: 


For this example, let's say we want to restrict access to the Note to only our "Marketing" team within our database. We'd select "Team" from the Permission Type box and we'd then see the below: 


You can see there is now a new field on the right side of this box, labeled Team, and I've already clicked inside the selection box. I could then click Marketing, and once I've saved the Note, the only database users who could view the Note would be those a part of the "Marketing" Team. 

Restricting access to an individual database user works the same way — just select "User" from the Permission Type box and then the individual database user from the User box that appears on the right side of this box.

If you need to delete Permissions from a Note, go to the Notes page for that contact record, click Actions under the Note and then click "Permissions":


You'll then see a Note Permissions modal for the Note. Click the Actions icon and then click Delete:


That Permissioning will then be removed from the Note.

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