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When logging into your database, the default login page is your Today page (which is otherwise accessible by clicking Today from your Left Menu Bar: 


From your Today page, you'll see a menu running along the top of your screen that allows you to easily access important data that's not on the main Today page: 


Here, we'll take a look at what you'll see when clicking "Notes" from that menu:  


As you can see, this displays Recently Added Notes within your database. Note that above these Recently Added Notes you have several filter options to control the recent notes that are displayed:


 Let's take a look now at a Note here to explore in a little more detail what is displayed: 


First, you'll see which database user added the note (Tucker McLaughlin) and when the Note was added (Today at 6:53 AM).

Next you'll see the content of the Note itself, followed by an area where you can comment on the Note. If the note is longer than space allows in this view, you'll see an ellipsis at its end. You can just click the note to view the full text.

Next you'll see the Note Category (in this case Client Update). Then, you can add or view any existing comments on the note by clicking "Comment."

Next to the Comment link is an Actions link. Clicking that link provides you with a method to print or delete a Note.

Finally, if the Note is linked to an account, contact, workflow or activity, you'll see that information listed as well.

To the right of your Recently Added Notes, you'll see see two charts:

The Notes By User - All Time chart displays the number of Notes entered by all of your database users.

The Notes By Year chart displays the number of notes entered in your database each year. You can use the Chart/List buttons in the top right corner of each of these to switch between a graph and a text view of this data. You can also hover over any of the colored pieces in the chart to view a total number and percentage that the piece represents:


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