Manage Your Account: Manage Integrations

From your Top Right Menu Bar, one of the options available to you under your Name's menu is Manage Your Integrations


Note: This link allows database users to enable or disable certain integrations for their database, though some other steps may be required elsewhere as well to initially set up the integrations - those other steps are outlined in the posts on those particular integrations. Below is a glance at what this area looks like (note, there are other integrations that can be enabled or disabled from this page): Below is a partial view of that page: 


Note that above and to the right of all of the integrations listed here is a "Filter integrations" box that will allow you to search the Integration descriptions on this page.

Within each of the integration partner's widgets, you'll see a brief description of the solutions that partner offers: 


Above each partner's description, you'll see a button indicating whether or not the integration is enabled within your database, as well as an Actions menu. While the Actions for each partner vary from partner to partner, many of the Actions are similar. You can read about the individual choices within the documentation for each integration partner.

For our purposes here, let's take a look at the Actions available for MarketingPro: 


The first thing you should note is that this integration is currently enabled ("On") within the database. What does that mean? It means this database's users will have access to MarketingPro's integration features. If it weren't enabled, you would need to click the button to the On position to enable it. 

Some integrations, such as MarketingPro, require further settings changes in order to actually make use of the integration after it is enabled. At this point, if you hovered over your Integrations icon from your Top Right Menu Bar: 


you would see MarketingPro available as an enabled integration partner: 


But, if you click MarketingPro here, you'll then see the below: 


In other words, though this integration is enabled within the database, allowing you to see it here, you can't use it until you've entered your necessary information, which can be accomplished by clicking Settings under the Actions menu for MarketingPro on your Manage Integrations page: 


After clicking Settings for MarketingPro, you'll see the below: 


Here, just enter the Authentication Code you obtained from MarketingPro and click Save. The next time you access Integrations from your Top Right Menu Bar and click MarketingPro, you'll see the below: 


Since you've now enabled the integration partner and entered the required settings for that particular integration, you can take advantage of the available features of the integration.

The final Action you'll see available for the partners on your Manage Integrations page is Support: 


Clicking that option will take you to the relevant help documentation in Redtail's Helpdesk dealing with that particular integration partner.

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