How do I add new Account User Defined Fields to my database?

User Defined Fields (UDFs) can be set up for use with contacts in your database.  Here we'll show you how to add UDFs to your database that can be applied to Accounts.

To add new User Defined Fields to your database, first go to Manage Your Account


 Then, select Manage Database Lists


The body of the Manage Database Lists page is controlled by which List you have selected in the Manage Lists column on the right:   


After you've clicked User Defined Fields under the Accounts heading, your page will display your current list.  Below is an example Account User Defined Fields list: 


You can add new UDFs by clicking the add button in the top right corner.  You'll then see the below modal: 


UDFs can be set up in six different ways, where the value you enter for them is either text, a list of predefined values, True/False, Yes/No, a Number or a Date. You can see a full explanation for each of these methods in this post.

After setting up your field, click the "Add Account UDF" button and this UDF is then available to assign to your accounts.

To add a UDF to an account, go to the Account Details page for an account and scroll to the Account User Defined Fields section: 


Click the Add button and you'll see the below: 


Click inside the highlighted area indicated above and you will see all of the Account UDFs you've added to your database. Select the one you want to use, indicate the appropriate UDF Value and then click Add Account UDF. The Account User Defined Fields area on the Account Details page will then update accordingly: 


If you need to edit or remove the UDF from the account at a later time, you can do so by coming back to this area and selecting either of those from the UDF's Options menu at the beginning of its row.

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