Manage Your Account: Membership Options

Memberships provide you with a method for linking one database contact to another, outside of the familial links you establish for Family Heads, Spouses and their Dependents. If you need to add, edit or delete Membership Options, you can do so under Manage Your Account: 


On the resulting page, click Membership Options in the Admins Only area: 


You'll then see a display of the current Membership Types within your database (a sample portion of which is provided below): 


To add a new Membership Code, click add in the upper right corner here. You'll then see the below: 


Then, you can just type the new Membership Name in the appropriate box and choose the contact types for the two types of records you'd use when adding this Membership Code.  Then, click Add Membership Type.  As an example, if you were adding the Membership Code "Board Member," you'd set "Contact (source) Type" to Individual and "Linked Contact (destination) Type" to Association, as when utilizing this Membership Type you'd be linking an Individual contact record to an Association contact record:


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