Manage Your Account: Manage Broadcast Emails

In this post we'll look at the options available to you under Manage Your Account —> Manage Broadcast Emails.

To access, select Manage Your Account:  


Then, select Manage Broadcast Emails from the Email Management area: 


If you use Redtail's Broadcast Email functionality, you can check the status of both pending and completed Broadcast Emails sent from your database here. After clicking Manage Broadcast Emails, you'll first see any pending Broadcast Emails (meaning those which have been queued for delivery, but have not yet completed): 


In this case, there is one Broadcast Email job pending. If you want to see Completed jobs, simply click the Completed option next to Pending, at which point you'll see any Broadcast Emails sent over the past 30 days.

What you'll see for both Pending and Completed jobs are eight columns:

  • Sent On — displays the date and time the Broadcast Email was sent.
  • Subject — displays the Subject Line of the Broadcast Email.
  • Processed — displays the number of emails that have been processed in the job to that point.
  • Succeeded — displays the number of emails that were successfully delivered.
  • Failed — displays the number of recipients whose Broadcast Emails were not delivered successfully. 
  • Total — displays the number of all intended recipients (Succeeded number plus Failed number).
  • Status — displays the status of the job, followed by the Processed Count number over the Total Count number).
  • Updated At — displays the date and time of last update for the job. On the Completed page, it will likely be the same as the Date Sent column, though it may not always be the same for larger jobs. 

The Actions Menu to the left of each Pending Broadcast Email provides you with an option to view details for the email or Cancel the email:


The Actions Menu to the left of each Completed Broadcast Email provides you with an option to view details for the email, retry a send if the previous attempt failed, or delete the email:


If you click the Details option for one of your completed emails, below is an example of what you might see:


First, you'll see the Subject and Body of the email itself. To the right of that, you'll see:

  • Processed Contacts - in the example above, that number is 0. If any of the emails had been successfully sent, you'd see that number here, with those contacts listed below (as they are in the Failed Contacts section beneath). Clicking the "search" button next to Processed Contacts would send any contacts from the Processed Contacts to your Advanced Search page.
  • Failed Contacts - in the example above, that number is 10. You can send those contacts to your Advanced Search page by clicking the "search" button next to Failed Contacts. Clicking a contact's name in either of these two areas will take you to their Overview page. Hovering over the red information icon in the Failed Contacts area will display a tooltip as to why the email failed to send to them.


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