How do I check Redtail status and statistics?

Because Redtail is a web-based application, there may be those rare occasions where a small amount of downtime occurs. Regardless of the cause, we always make every effort to tackle the issue quickly and find the solution.

Redtail provides you with a web address you can always visit to see the status of our services.  If we have determined that there is an issue on our end or a problem with a provider of internet bandwidth, we will post an applicable message at  Over 99% of the time, that message looks like this: 


Just to provide a little more peace of mind, all of our data, which means your data as well, is backed up nightly in two geographically distinct locations simultaneously.  This means the risk to you of actually “losing” data while using our services is near zero. We can also perform full backup recovery in the event of a system-wide emergency. Our platform is fully redundant and we utilize mirrored drives for all data storage. So, if a piece of hardware were to fail on our side, your data will not be lost and the platform will not go down. We stand behind our promise of 99% uptime.


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