How do I add new Personal Interests to my database?

Personal Interests provide you another method for segmenting your database into useful groups of contacts.  

To add a new Personal Interest to your database, first go to Manage Your Account


 Then, select Manage Database Lists


The body of the Manage Database Lists page is controlled by which List you have selected in the Manage Lists column on the right:   


After you've clicked Interests, your page will display this list.  Below is an example Personal Interests list: 


You can add new Interests by clicking the add button in the top right corner.  You'll then see the below modal: 


Just type in the name for your new Interest and click Add Interest.  

Personal Interests have both Edit and Delete options available from their Actions menu, meaning you can edit their name or delete them entirely.

After adding your Personal Interest, it will then be available to add to your contacts from the Know Your Client section of their records.

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