How can I add database users?

Your Redtail subscription allows you to add up to 15 database users to your account. To add a new database user:

  • Go to Manage Your Account:


  • Select Manage Database Users & Teams in the Admin section:


  • The resulting page will display  your Current Database Users.  Click Add in this section:


  • After clicking Add, you'll see that you have the option to add a New User or an Existing User:


     If you click Existing User, you'll be adding a switch-in database user, which you can read about here

  • If you click New User, you'll then see the following modal:


  • You'll just want to create a Username and Password for them, enter the individual's name and email address and indicate whether or not they should be an Admin User of your database.  You can then click Add User and they will be able to begin using your database.
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