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When logging into your database, the default login page is your Today page (which is otherwise accessible by clicking Today on your Left Menu Bar): 


There are several components to this page.  Here we'll take a look at the Team Notices widget on this page: 

Team Notices can be particularly useful if you have multiple database users.  You can choose to display whatever type of information you would like within the Team Notices section on your Today page.  You can add as many of these as you would like and they will display here in a scrolling fashion that refreshes every few seconds.

To add a Team Notice, go to Manage Your Account: 


Then, click Manage Team Notices in the Preferences section: 


On the resulting page, you will see any existing Team Notices that have been added to your database: 


Click new team notice to add a new one.  You'll then see the below modal: 

I've already given this Team Notice a Title and Message, for demonstration purposes. You can place whatever types of information you would like in this section.  Note as well that you have formatting options for the Notice itself, should you want to format the text. Then click add team notice.  You'll then see a list of all of the Team Notices within your database, with your new one reflected there as well: 


To edit or delete an existing Team Notice, just click the Actions icon for the Team Notice in question from this page and you'll see those options: 


If you return to your Today page, you'll see the Team Notice you've just added is now a part of the scrolling messages within that area: 


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