Change Site Preferences: Contact Record Options

You can access and modify your Site Preferences from the menu available underneath your Name in the upper right corner: 


After clicking Preferences, the Preferences which you can manage are divided into several categories.  

Here we'll take a quick look at Contact Record Options


Your Client Record Options allow you to set several of your preferences in regards to client privacy and notes. Your options here are:

  • Hide Client SSN/TaxID - this option controls whether or not all digits of the contact's SSN or TaxID# display by default.  When set to "Yes", only the last four digits are displayed by default.  Note: either setting can be temporarily changed when actually within a contact record with one click.
  • Client Notes Per Page - this option controls how many Notes are displayed by default on a contact's Notes page, without requiring moving between pages of Notes.
  • Default Client Notes View determines which of the six Types of Notes are displayed by default when visiting a client's Notes page. You can choose any combination of these.
After making any changes to these options, click Save Preferences in the upper right corner of the Contact Record Options widget and your preferences will be saved.
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