Admin vs. non-admin database users

Admin users within your database have the ability to do many things which non-admin users do not.  You can learn more about adding database users and granting admin rights here.  Bear in mind that only the owner of your database or another user with admin rights can grant admin rights to or remove admin rights from a database user.

Below is a list of the options that are not available to non-admin users:

Dependent upon your job function, you may want to contact your database owner or another admin user of your database to grant you admin rights if you do not currently have them.  Redtail cannot grant these rights as this is at the discretion of your database owner or other designated admin users.  The quickest way to see if you have admin rights is to click on one of the links above within your database.  If you do not have admin rights, you'll see the following message:  "You must be a database administrator to access this section."

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