I am locked out of my Redtail account. How can I get back in?

If you incorrectly enter your Redtail account credentials three times, your account will lock you out. There are four options to get you back in:

  • waiting 15 minutes
  • having another database user unlock you
  • resetting the password
  • or calling Redtail Technology Support.

Option 1

The account is only temporarily locked after three failed login attempts. There is a 15-minute delay before your account will automatically unlock and you can try to log in again. During peak support times it may take more time to reach an agent who can unlock your account.  In the meantime, try some of the other methods listed below.

Option 2

If you get locked out of your Redtail account, your database owner or an admin user of your database has the ability to unlock your username by going within the CRM to Manage Your Account —> Manage Database Users and Teams, selecting the Actions menu next to your username, and then clicking Unlock Account in the resulting menu: 


Full details of managing database users and teams can be found here. 

Option 3

If your database owner or an admin user is not available, successfully changing your password will also unlock your account.

  1. Click the link titled “Forgot Your Password?” on the login page or visit https://smf.accounts.redtailtechnology.com/forgotpassword

  2. It will direct you to a new page where you will enter the username for the account you need to access

  3. Click “Send Verification Email”

    An email with a reset link attached will come from accounts.notifications@redtail.tech and will arrive at the email address on file with the username you provided.


Keep in mind that these links do expire 30 minutes after they are generated. You will know it has expired if you see the error message “Tokens do not match”. To resolve the error, go back to the login page and select “Forgot Your Password” again to start over. Your account will only unlock if you successfully change the password.




Option 4

If you are still having issues, our support team is here to help!

  • Call 800.206.5030
    • Select option 3 for support
    • Select option 1 for the CRM

Our Support Team can unlock your account manually. Please be advised that if a basic unlock doesn’t work, further troubleshooting steps may require a security check.









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