Switching Broker Dealers? A few items to take care of in regard to your Redtail account

When switching Broker Dealers, there are a few items you'll want to handle as quickly as possible in regard to your Redtail subscription.

  • Billing information will need to be updated on our end.  This is particularly important if your Broker Dealer has been covering the subscription fee on your database.  You can contact our Billing Department at 800.206.5030 option 4.

  • If you have an Albridge feed into your database, we will need to remove this.  Prior to the removal on our end, however, you will need to make sure that your old Broker Dealer / Albridge stop sending us the feed file for your data.  Unfortunately, we cannot make this request on our end.  You can begin this process by contacting your old Broker Dealer and they will handle for you or direct you to Albridge.  After you have received word that your feed has been cancelled, you can contact our support team at 800.206.5030 opt. 3 or via email at support@redtailtechnology.com to let us know to remove the previously fed data.  

    If you elect to establish an Albridge feed through your new Broker Dealer, you can follow these instructions for establishing that feed.

  • If you use Redtail's Email service, you'll need to let us know if your Broker Dealer affiliation has changed for any connected hosted email service in case any third party compliance archiving or reporting needs to change. Also, for email archiving subscribers, you'll need to let us know in case your new or previous Broker Dealer has a unique archive feed into your database that will need reconfiguring. Just reach out to our support team to find out if your specific email subscription has any Broker Dealer affiliation that needs updating. 
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