Optional rights for database users

Rights Only Available to Admin Users of your CRM

There are some database user rights that can be controlled within the CRM itself, dependent upon whether or not a database user is set up as an admin user of the database. You can learn more about those rights here.

Rights Available to All Database Users at the Discretion of the Database Owner

There are a handful of other database rights, however, that are available to all database users by default, but can be revoked by the database owner should the need arise.  In order to revoke any or all of the below rights for an individual or multiple database users, the database owner would need to go Manage Your Account —> Manage Database Users & Teams. From there, they can click the Actions menu for the database user in question and select Edit User Rights


After clicking Edit User Rights, the database owner would see the below: 


They would then just need to uncheck any of these rights that they don't want to grant to that particular database user and click "update user rights". 

The rights that can be revoked are:

  • the rights to change servicing advisors
  • the rights to change writing advisors
  • the rights to combine records
  • the rights to delete notes
  • the rights to delete contact records
  • the rights to export CSV files
  • the rights to export PDF files

Note: changes made to user restrictions will not take effect until the affected user's next login, so if you as the database owner want them to be in place immediately you will need to instruct those database users to log out and log back in after you have set up the restrictions.

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