Manage Your Account: Database Backups

To access this area, click Manage Your Account:


Underneath your Admins Only menu, you'll find a Database Backups link:


This link is restricted to the database owner and database users with administrative rights.

If you have requested a backup of your database, this is where you'll go to "pick up" the file after we've notified you that it's available via email:


Clicking the backup's file name will begin the download process for the zipped backup file.

If you want to delete any files here, check off the box next to their name(s) and you can then click the "backup options" button above the files and select "Delete".

The "filter" button will allow you to filter what's on display here by database user, Start Date and End Date.

Clicking request database backup will initiate the process of a database backup and you will receive an email when it is ready for download here. Backups are provided in MySQL format.

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