How do I terminate an employee's access to my database?

When an employee leaves your office, there are a couple of things you’ll want to consider in regards to your Redtail account.  Deleting them entirely as a database user will prevent their ability to log in to your Redtail database using their login and password, but, if the former employee has outstanding Activities within your database, you’ll probably want to reassign those prior to deleting the database user (which would result in deletion of their open Activities).  So, let’s take a look at how you can give yourself a little time to go through and reassign their activities without having to worry about them having continued access to your data. The two things you'll need to do are to change their Redtail password and change the email address associated with their Redtail password.  So, how do you go about doing this? First, go to Manage Your Account: 


Then, select Manage Database Users & Teams in the Admin section (you must be a database administrator to access this section)


You will then see a list of your current database users, as in the example below: 


If you click the Actions menu for the database user for whom you want to change this information, you'll see the options highlighted above.

Clicking Change Password will provide you with a modal where you can update the user's password.  You can then click the Edit User Info option to change the email address associated with the user (this will prevent them from being able to retrieve password reset instructions using their Redtail username).  You can change it to your own or another database user's email address.

This now gives you the time to reassign any open activities for the user prior to deleting or disabling them as a database user altogether, which you can accomplish by using those options from this menu above.  

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