Managing Your Subscription

If you are the database owner for your subscription, when logged into Redtail CRM you will see a "Manage Your Subscription" option available beneath your name in your Top Right Menu bar: 


After clicking this link, you will be prompted to login again as an added security measure. This will be on a new tab, so that you don't have to leave where you were in the CRM to make these updates.

You'll then be presented with your Subscription Management page: 


Subscription Management is divided into eight different areas. We'll consider each of these below.

  • In the Active Subscriptions section (pictured above), you can activate your subscription, if you have not already done so, or you can cancel your subscription (this option is available by clicking the "Cancel" button and following prompts). You can also see when your subscription began, the date your subscription is currently paid up through, and the amount you pay.

  • If you click Personal Information, you can update your First and Last Name, your Company Name, your Address, your Phone Number, your Email Address, and/or your Database Name.

  • If you click Billing Information, you can update your Credit Card Information and your Billing Information:


  • Clicking Receipts will allow you to download any of your Receipts.

  • If you click Broker Dealer Settings, you can update your Broker/Dealer Name and/or your BD Rep or License Number:


  • If you click Subscription MFA Settings, you can enable Multi Factor Authentication on your database. This will require that all end users enable and configure 2 Step Authentication to successfully login. After enabling Multi Factor Authentication on your database, the next time that each of your database users logs in, they will be required to set up their phone for 2 Step Authentication. You can learn more about this here.

  • If you click Access Logs, your database's login history for the last 4 weeks is available for you to download, filterable by Start/End Date and database username. Note: if you do not select a username, the export will include logins for all database users.


  • Finally, if you click 2 Step Authentication, you can set that up for your username when attempting to login into your Redtail account on computers that you have not registered as trusted computers. You can learn more about this here.
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