How do I add a contact's Physical Address to their record?

Contact physical addresses are stored within Redtail on their Contact Card, which is accessible for viewing as a popup from the Top Right Menu Bar or for viewing and editing on their Contact Overview page:

To view a contact's Contact Card popup from anywhere in their record, click the Contact Card icon in the Top Right Menu Bar: 

If you are on a Contact's Overview page, you can view and edit their Contact Card on the page itself: 


In our example above, this contact already has two physical addresses added to their record. Let's take a look at adding a new one.

To add a new physical address, click the Add button in the top right corner of the Contact Card and select "Address": 


You'll then see an Add Address modal: 


Address Type: click inside this box to select from available address Types.

Country: leave at the default (United States) or choose from menu of available countries.

Address line 1: enter the Street Address, P.O. box, company name, c/o, etc.

Address line 2: enter the apartment, suite, unit, building, floor, etc.

City:  enter the city

State/Province/Region: choose from available choices here, which will update based upon your choice of Country

Zip: enter the zip code

Custom Title: you can provide a custom title for the address here. Your custom title will show up on the Contact Card in place of the Address Type you selected. As an example of how you might use this, you might enter the name of your contact's place of employment as a custom title for a work address.

Long Description: use this to track more detailed information about the address, if desired. 

You can also check off here to indicate if an address is the contact's Primary and/or Preferred address. A completed version of this dialog might look like the below: 


When finished entering your information, just click "Add Address". If you then look at the Contact Card, it might look like the below: 


It's easy to pick out the addresses on the Contact Card because of the location icon to their left. But, note that, with Custom Types, it's also easy to see at a glance which address might be appropriate for the topic you are sending correspondence about or trying to map directions for. Note: you can see the Long Description you provided by clicking on the Type (or Custom Title) to bring up the Update Address modal.

Now, let's take a quick look at what Actions are available for an existing address from the Actions menu at the end of their row: 


In this case, we've clicked the Actions menu for the Address listed as "Queens Symphony Orchestra" for the (Custom) Type.

  • Edit — this brings up the same dialog you see when adding an Address, allowing you to make edits to any of those fields you previously entered for this address.
  • Make primary — clicking this will mark the address as the contact's Primary address.
  • Map — provides quick access to location and routing information through Google Maps.
  • Weather — provides access to current/future weather conditions through Weather Underground.
  • View on Zillow — See property value approximations for the address via Zillow.
  • Timeline — displays a history of changes to the address within your database.
  • Delete — removes the address from your database. 
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