Contact Overview Menu: Permissions / Roles

When you access a contact record in Redtail, you'll notice new menu items in your Left Menu Bar underneath Contacts (these menu items only appear when within a contact record): 


Here we'll take a look at Permissions / Roles. If you click that option from this menu, you'll see the Permissions / Roles area for the Contact: 

In the above example, you can see that no permissions or roles have been applied to the contact. If you click the Add button here in the Contact Permissions widget, you'll see that you can restrict viewing permissions to an individual database user or to a database user team: 


Within the type box, select "User" or "Team". You'll then see a Database User or a Database User Teams menu from which to select who should have Permissions to view the contact. Database users excluded when setting permissions will no longer have access to the contact record within your database.

In the Contact Roles widget, if you click the "add roles" button you'll see this modal:

Clicking inside any of these boxes will allow you to assign the role of Advisor, Associate Advisor or CSA to your database users for this contact.

Learn more about Roles here.

NOTE: Only Admin users of a database can set permissions for the database.

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