Contact Overview Menu: Seminars

When you access a contact record in Redtail, you'll notice new menu items in your Left Menu Bar underneath Contacts (these menu items only appear when within a contact record): 


Here we'll take a look at Seminars. If you click that option from this menu, you'll see the Seminars area for the Contact: 


Clicking the Actions icon to the left of any listed Seminars gives you several options: 


  • Edit takes you to the Seminar Details, where you can make any desired changes.
  • Guest List displays any guests for the contact and allows you to add additional guests.
  • Manage Attendees allows you to make any updates to the Attendees list for the Seminar.
  • Send to Search sends any contacts linked to the Seminar as Attendees to your Advanced Search page.
  • Labels allows you to run Labels / Envelopes for the Attendees list for the Seminar.
  • Mail Merge allows you to run a Mail Merge for the Attendees list for the Seminar with any Mail Merge Templates you've uploaded to your database.
  • Reports allows you to print out a Sign-in Sheet or Check-in List, run a Seminar Attendees Report and/or run a Seminar Workflow Report.
  • Clone Seminar allows you to clone an exact copy of the Seminar, minus Attendee Guests and Seminar Attendee Statuses. You'll be on the main page for that cloned version of the Seminar, where you can update dates, times, etc.
  • Timeline displays a history of changes to the Seminar.
  • Delete removes the Seminar from your database.

You have additional options above the list of Seminars: 


  • The active, prior and all buttons allow you to filter the seminars on display by Active, Prior or All.
  • The attendee options dropdown menu allows you to update the Seminar Attendee Status for the contact for any of the Seminars that you've selected.
  • The pdf icon opens the seminar in a pdf suitable for printing.
  • The export button allows you to export the seminars to Excel.
  • Add will allow you to create a new Seminar within your database with the contact attached as an attendee or to link the contact to an existing Seminar. 
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