Contact Overview Menu: Opportunities

When you access a contact record in Redtail, you'll notice new menu items in your Left Menu Bar underneath Contacts (these menu items only appear when within a contact record): 


Here we'll take a look at Opportunities. If you click that option from this menu, you'll see the Opportunities area for the Contact: 


Clicking the Actions icon to the left of any listed Opportunities gives you several options: 


  • Edit allows you to make any desired changes to the Opportunity.
  • Send to Search sends any contacts linked to the Opportunity to your Advanced Search page.
  • Timeline displays a history of changes to the Opportunity.
  • Permissions opens a modal that will allow you to assign user or team permissions to the opportunity.
  • Delete removes the Opportunity from your database.
  • Unlink from contact removes the Opportunity from this contact's record.

You have additional options above the list of Opportunities: 


  • Active displays all Active opportunities for the contact.
  • Closed displays all Closed opportunities for the contact.
  • All displays all opportunities for the contact.
  • Filter allows you to display only those Opportunities for the contact that are at a specific Opportunity Stage, from a specific Source, assigned to a specific database user or users and/or within a specific Close Date range.
  • Export will download the data into an Excel file.
  • The PDF icon will open the data in a PDF, suitable for printing.
  • Add will allow you to add a new opportunity to your database or to link an existing opportunity to this contact. 
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