Recommendations for segmenting your contacts using Status and Category

Contact Status and Contact Category are two fields that are available within all of your Contacts' records. You can add or edit what options are available for these two fields under Manage Your Account —> Manage Database Lists.

Contact Status

The purpose of the Contact Status designation is to classify your Contacts at a HIGH LEVEL: 


Contact Category

The purpose of the Contact Category designation is to classify your Contacts at a more DETAILED LEVEL



Benefits of Specifying both a Contact Status and Category for each Contact

  • The ability to get clean data when using an Advanced Search to filter Contact data.
  • New staff can quickly identify what tier a Contact is at in the organization.
  • Easily find like Contacts — and market to them in the same way(s).
  • Changing the specified fields is easy if a Contact's, or group of Contacts', situation changes.

How do I specify a Status or Category for a Contact?

Both Status and Category can be indicated for a Contact when initially adding them to your database. If, however, you want to add these (or edit these) later, you can do so by going to the contact's Overview page. Both Status and Category are tracked in a Contact's Details area: 


In the example above, we've highlighted the Status and Category fields for this contact. Clicking the edit button will allow you to edit either of these fields (as well as any of the other fields within this section). In the example below, you can see the Update Contact Details modal: 


Status and Category both offer pull down menus, where you can select any of the Statuses or Categories that have been added to your database to apply to this contact. NOTE: only one Status and one Category can be applied to each contact. After making your selections, click Update Contact Details and you'll see your updates within the Contact Details for the record.

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