How do I remove contacts from a Tag Group?

We looked at creating Tag Groups here.  But, since Tag Groups, unlike Quicklists, require manual updating, the question sometimes arises of how you go about removing a contact from a Tag Group.  There are two ways to go about this.

If you are within an individual contact's record and just want to remove them from a Tag Group, go to the Tag Groups section of their Overview page and select Remove from Tag Group from the Options menu for the Tag Group you would like to remove them from: 


After clicking Remove from Tag Group here, this contact would no longer be in the "401(k) Clients" Tag Group.

If you want to remove multiple clients from one particular Tag Group, you can send that Tag Group to Advanced Search, select the clients you want to remove from the group, select Bulk Actions from your Contact Options, select "Remove from Tag Group" and then indicate the Tag Group to remove those contacts from.

Alternatively, you can go to your Tag Group Manager (Contacts —> Lists —> Tag Groups): 


From that page, click the Actions menu for the Tag Group from which you want to remove members and then select "View Members":


 In this case, we'll select "View Members" for our Tag Group "401(k) Clients."  The members of that Tag Group will then appear in a modal: 


You can then click the Actions menu for any contact you want to remove from your Tag Group and select Remove

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