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When logging into your database, the default login page is your Today page (which is otherwise accessible from your Left Menu Bar):  

From your Today page, you'll see a menu running along the top of your screen that allows you to easily access important data that's not on the main Today page:


Here, we'll take a look at what you'll see when clicking "Opportunities" from that menu. There are several components to this page: 


First, you should note the Upcoming Opportunities area.

Clicking any of the Opportunities here takes you to the Details page for the opportunity, where you can make any necessary edits.

You can also use the buttons above the opportunities to go to your main Opportunities page, create a new Opportunity or change the timeframe of the Upcoming Opportunities you are viewing.

Clicking the Actions menu for upcoming opportunities provides you with other methods of working with / viewing the Opportunity:

You'll also see the Opportunties by Stage chart here on this page:

Each colored area here represents the number of Opportunities that are currently at a certain Stage within your database, with your color Key on the right. If you hover your cursor over one of the colored areas of the graph, you'll see the Stage and the total number and percentage of your database opportunities currently at that stage: 


Note: The threshold for a Stage to receive its own slice in this pie chart is set to 2%. Any Stages that don't account for at least 2% of the total within your database are lumped into a slice labeled "Other."

You can also use the two icons in the top right corner here to change between a graph and text view: 


As a final note, you can add, edit or delete your available Opportunity Stages under Manage Your Account —> Manage Database Lists.

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