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Your contact's Overview screen contains an Important Information section within the Know Your Client area for the contact. Below is an example of this section: 

The Important Information section, which is accessible by clicking "Important Information" (as highlighted above), provides you with an area on each contact's Overview page to enter information about the contact that you want to be quickly accessible, i.e. you can take a quick glance at it whenever the contact calls. The type of information you track here is up to you, as it is a freeform field.  

You can click the Edit button in the top right corner to add or remove information here. When editing or adding, you have formatting tools available as well, in case you want to format the important information to make certain items stand out. 

You should note that you also have quick access to a client's Important Information from the Important Info menu icon within their Basic Information section:

Note: if this icon isn't red, that means no Important Info has been entered for the client.

Clicking that would display the above client's Important Information in a pop-up modal where you can also edit or add to that information, as in the below example:


This provides you with one-click access to a contact's Important Information when you need it in a hurry!

One more note about editing a contact's Important Information: 

You can insert images into a record's Important Information section, as long as the image is available on the web somewhere which will allow you to link to it.  To include an image:

  • Locate the image on the web, wherever you have it stored.  Right-click on the image and select the option that allows you to copy the URL for the image itself.  Depending upon where the image is, this might be accessible by selecting Properties after right-clicking.  Once you've located the URL for the image, copy that URL.
  • Then, after clicking the Edit option within the contact's Important Information section, click the Insert Image button in the toolbar:  


    This will open up an Insert Image modal, where you can then copy the URL for the image you want to include:

  • Enter the URL for the image in the highlighted area above - you should then see a preview of it in the Preview area above. Then click the OK button.  
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