Know Your Client: Written Agreements Review

One of the sections within the Know Your Client area of contact records is the Written Agreements Review section. Note: unlike much of the Know Your Client information, Written Agreements Review info is not accessible from a contact's Overview page. You would need to first click Know Your Client from your Left Menu Bar:


Then, the Written Agreements Review area is accessible within the Client Review area of this section. This area might look like the below: 


To add or edit data, just click the Edit button in the top right corner of this section.  You'll then see the below:


There are several Written Agreements you can track dates for here:

  • Signed Fee Agreement
  • Signed IPS Agreement
  • Last ADV Offering
  • Last Privacy Offering
  • IMA/WMA (Investment Management Agreement/Wealth Management Agreement) Date
You can manually enter dates for any of these agreements or you can use the calendar icon that pops up when you click inside one of these fields to select a date.  

Note that you can apply Written Agreements Review Dates in bulk, should you need to do so.  

Note as well that you can create Custom Exports that include any or all of these fields.

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