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When you access a contact record in Redtail, you'll notice new menu items in your Left Menu Bar underneath Contacts (these menu items only appear when within a contact record): 


Here we'll take a look at Notes. After clicking Notes from the menu, you will see your contact's Notes history (below is a partial sample from a contact record): 


Here you can see all historical Notes entered on your contact's record, along with any Comments that may have been entered about the Note. (If there are any Comments, you'll see a number in parenthesis next to the Comments link - you can click that link to add new Comments or view existing ones.)

The Actions menu next to "Comments" provides you with some further options in regard to the Note: 


  • Clicking Pin Note places the Note at the top of the Contact's Notes, regardless of when it was entered. You can select the UnPin option to move it back to its historical spot within Notes.
  • Clicking Print downloads the Note to a pdf, suitable for printing.
  • Clicking Change category allows you to change the Note's Category.
  • Clicking Link to an account allows you to tie the Note to one of the contact's Accounts, so that it also shows up in the Notes section for that Account.
  • Clicking Permissions brings up a Note Permissions modal where you can restrict access to this Note to a database user or database user team.
  • Clicking Timeline displays history for the Note.
  • Clicking Create Follow-up Activity brings up a new Activity Details page for you to tie a follow-up activity to the note.
  • Copy to a contact allows you to copy the note to another record within your database. The original note remains in this record. This option is only available for Notes whose type is "Note".
  • Move to a contact allows you to move the note to another record within your database. The original note is removed from this record. This option is only available for Notes whose type is "Note".
  • Clicking Delete allows you to delete the Note. 

Directly above the contact's Notes you'll see two buttons:


Clicking "options" provides you with a "Move Notes" option. Selecting that then displays the below modal:


Begin typing the contact name in the "Contact" box to locate the record that you want to move the Notes to - once you see the name, click to select it (or add a new contact to whom you'll be moving the Notes). Then, choose which of the available Note types you want to move to the other record. After making those selections, click Move. After confirming you want to move the Notes, they will be removed from the current record and placed in the other record.

The Add Note button allows you to add a new note for the contact.

You can see this post for information on working with Notes, including how to add a Note.

There is also a Note Filters widget on this page to allow you to customize the data you're seeing:


The Types box will allow you to filter the Notes on display by Note Type(s). 

The Categories box will allow you to choose between the Category(ies) of Notes that you want to display.

The search text box allows you to search for words or phrases within the Note body of Notes for the contact in order to retrieve those Notes.

Placing a check next to "Show family notes" allows you to view the notes for any database contacts linked to the contact as a Family member. 

Note Preferences

Within your Manage Your Account —> Change Site Preferences area, you can go to the Contact Record options section to change the Default Client Notes View:


Click change here to control what types of Notes you see by default when you visit a contact's Notes page.  Your options are to set the default to any combination of Activity Notes, Emails Sent (using Redtail's internal email client), Mail Merges, Notes, Workflow Steps and/or Workflow Summaries.

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