I have a Quicklist that won't load. What could be causing this?

In instances where you attempt to access one of your Quicklists but the Quicklist won't load, the most likely culprit to cause this is a special character in one of the Field's criteria used as a parameter in the search used to establish the Quicklist. 

As this can be a little difficult to understand, let's demonstrate here to clarify.

Say that you wanted to set up a Quicklist in your database for clients over 50 who were brought into the firm by John Smith.  Further, let's pretend that to note where these contacts came from that you created a Contact Source within your database of "John Smith's Book of Clients" and assigned that source to each of them as they were added to your database.

To create a Quicklist for these records, you would run the following search:




Your search would run successfully and you could then click the Save as QuickList button.  What you would find when you went to access this QuickList later, however, is that the results would hang on loading, as in the example below:




The reason this occurs is highlighted in the graphic above showing the parameters used to establish the search, i.e., the Contact Source of clients in this Quicklist contains a special character, in this case an apostrophe.

To resolve you would first need to go to Manage Your Database —> Manage Database Lists.  Then, you would go to the Contact Source List area and edit "John Smith's Book of Clients" to remove the apostrophe, i.e., "John Smiths Book of Clients".  Once you saved that change, it would update all records who previously had that Source to your new Source name.  You would, however, still need to run your Advanced Search again, using the newly named Contact Source as the Criteria, and then save as a new Quicklist (and delete the other one).  Your Quicklist should then load with no issues.

While the apostrophe is one special character that can cause this issue, there are others including the below:

and/or |

The best policy is to avoid using any of these characters within your database as values for any of the available fields.

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