How do I add a photo for a Contact?

After creating a record for a contact, you can then add a photo for the contact if you would like.

To do so:

  • Click the contact's photo placeholder to the left of their name in the Basic Information section for the contact:

  • Click Choose File, then browse and select the image you would like to use (note that the maximum file size is 4MB) and then click Upload Photo:

  • You'll then see your selected image, available for cropping to fit in the Contact Photo spot. Begin to crop the photo for a thumbnail by dragging the crop area to fit the desired portion of the image you selected:


    You can see below I've adjusted the cropped area:


  • You can then click Crop to finish the process:


  • If at a later date you want to replace the photo, repeat the process from above with your new image.

    You'll also have an option there, after clicking their photo, to remove the photo entirely without replacing. Just click the trash can icon in the upper right corner of your screen after clicking on their photo:


    The contact photo will be removed from their record.


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