How do I preserve archived emails for email addresses no longer in use?

If you subscribe to Redtail's Email Archiving service, at some point you're probably going to have a situation where one of your clients changes their email address. Then, the question will arise of whether you need to keep their old email address in Redtail in order for older archived emails to remain in their record.  The answer is yes.

There are three Type designations you can give an Email Address within a client record: Home, Other or Work.  After clicking Add—>Email in a record's Contact Card, you can click in the Email Type box to see those options:



But, you should also note above the "Custom Title" field for email addresses. While the Type of address can be any of the three, if the email address in question is no longer in use, you can clearly indicate as much using the Custom Title. For instance, for a Work Email Address no longer in use, you might change the Custom Title to Old Work Email Address, or something similar. This is important because whatever information you type in the Custom Title field is what appears in the area for the Email Address' Type on the Contact Card.

Note: to edit an existing address' Custom Title within the Contact Card, just click its Type designation, and you'll see an "Update Email Address" dialog where you can then easily change the Custom Title.


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