How to use the Family Name field in Redtail

What individual should have the Family Name listed?
You should establish the Family Name from the record that you want to serve as the Head of Household. It will show up on all contact records linked to that Family Head as a Spouse or Dependent.

What happens if BOTH spouses have the same Family Name listed?
In Redtail all linked Family members will have the Family Name listed in their records. 

Can a mail merge be run off of the Family Name?
It can but in Tailwag it won't serve the same purpose as it did in previous versions of Redtail CRM. When looking to run a mail merge so that you only send a piece of correspondence one time to a household, i.e., to the Family Head, you can set up your search in the following manner to pull only Heads of Household in your search results:

If Family Names are not being utilized, how can they be added?
By clicking the Create a new family link under the Contact's name within their record: 


You'll then see the below modal, ready for you to enter your desired Family Name: 


Just type the Family Name you want to use for that family in the Name field above and then click Create Family.  

Some examples of Family Names you might use for the Family Head of a married couple or partners are:

John and Jane Doe
Mr. and Mrs. John Doe
Mr. and Mrs. Doe
Mr. Dan Brown and Mr. John Smith
Ms. Martha Adams-Cohen and Ms. Jane Adams-Cohen

For a single Family Head, some examples include:

John Doe
Mr. John Doe

We just recommend using the convention for your Family Names that you would want to appear on an Address Label or in a Salutation for a merged document.

Also, you can enter a Family Name for a contact when initially adding them to your database.

Should Family Names be used with contacts that are single?
Redtail recommends that a Family Name be used with EACH head of household, including those that are single, to ensure that no Contacts are missed when generating a mail merge from the Head of Household field.

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